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Kerala Govt. inviting application for the post of 'Minority Promoters'
10/07/2012 23:18:36  HK

Thiruvananthapuram: It’s thanksgiving time for the the controversial 5th Minister of Muslim League, Manjalamkuzhi Ali to his community and other Islamic organisations for standing behind him inspite of the opposition from different quarters.

Ali announced today in Assembly that Government will start a special corporation for the sole benefits of Minorities in the state. Last year 7500 Table and chairs were donated to Minority students. Inorder to keep Minorities aware about the love by his Government to Minorities – they will conduct 1000 awareness campaigns across the state. On top of all these Government will appoint 100 ‘Minority Promoters’ to help Minorities!

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Muhammed nishad
09/09/2013 22:42:11
11/07/2012 06:04:22
See this Video and be aware
11/07/2012 03:57:18
'Minority promoters'
What is the purpose of these 'minority promoters'?What are they expected to do?Somebody please clarify!
APK Nair, Mumbai
11/07/2012 01:01:07
League Asses
Kick these asses off from the political scene of Kerala.



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