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Our Temples are not your Business establishment
10/07/2012 13:50:10  HK

Thiruvananthapuram: Temples of Hindus are treated as a business investment by our so called ‘SECULAR’ government.When Minority power groups are making sure busy grabbing incentives from the Government , Government is busy looting Hindu religous institutions.

As part of their Temple looting agenda, Travancore dewasom board has introduced a membership program. From now on devotees have to take a 100 Rupees membership to be part of Temple advisory board.The matter was announced and published in the gazette on 5th June 2012. The form can be purchased from the dewasom board office.

According to Gazzette notification , The duty of this Temple advisory board is to assist temple authorities in looking after the comfort and well being of  devotes., Providing assistance in ensuring that temple practices are done the right and scientific way,ensuring that measures has taken to keep temple premises neat and clean.
On top of all these the members should act as Marketing Executives to canvass devotees to donate huge amount for the temple and to encourage them to do offerings in temple of hefty amount.   

The committee has decided that the advisory boards have a minimum of nine members and a maximum of fifteen. The tenure of each group will be for two years .however this is subject to extension in case of developmental work or unavoidable circumstances, says the notification.

Temples are sacred places for we Hindus, not any Trade union to take membership. Rich or poor both are equal infront of our gods and no government have the right to decide who should administer our temples based on their financial status.

If faith is the only qualification to be part of mosques and churches in our country, why should we Hindus have to take such discriminatory practices devised by those who have Anti Hindu agenda?     

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True Hindu
15/07/2012 04:05:38
Our Temples are not your Business establishment
Shri Aravindakshan Nair has stated what we Hindus believe in. No politician should ever be on the board of any Temple. Stay away!!!
Aravindakshan Nair P S
11/07/2012 23:44:29
The so called minorities to loot the temples further?
Hand over the Devaswam Boards with the entire assets to those who swear to respect the Hindu culture. Keep off others including professional politicians from these sacred places.Science and spirituality are for betterment of society and not for a minority of looters.
11/07/2012 03:38:55
Not even a single paise..
Not even single paise should be put into dewaswom board run temple's fund which will reach the hands of a political leader. It will never be spent in the interest of hindus. If you want to do something donate in kind for making the rituals perfect.



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