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National Integration through Communal Segregation - Now comes 'Christian only' Apartments!
09/07/2012 23:19:06  

"Christians ONLY" apartments - Govt Approved Project in Sunny Enclave, Sector 124 which is Mohali/Kharar (Near Chandigarh)

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True Hindu
15/07/2012 04:08:33
'Christian only' Apartments!
Don't be surprised it they soon start apartments for different Christian sects! This is the beginning of the end of the two intolerent religions - Christianity and Islam.
11/07/2012 20:45:34
Ghettos are bad for society
Ghettos are bad for society. Govt should have a law against establishment of ghettos either by religions denomination. However we already have ghettos by financial ability, slums as well as elite gated communities.

Ghettos will cause an already divided society to fragment even further.
11/07/2012 03:16:01
Let them experiment
Given the rigidity of their religion, I believe these kinds of experiments will only fail. If they want to make it a success, they have to introduce more conditions like, only one particular sect of Christians, and that too god fearing ones etc etc. With the church loosing it's grip on the community, they will end up in ugly situations. Will Orthodox Christians accept Dalit Christians just because they are Christians ? Will they accept Pentacosts, Witnesses of Jehova, Protestants and Baptists? Living in apartments are real test for the tolerance levels of people. They will realize how their neighbors are unable to tolerate them and their habits while Hindus do. Let them experiment it. Many will get the taste of how their fellow sects try to prove the correctness of their own shallow believes and try to impose them on others.
10/07/2012 23:34:55
Such is the intolerance of the Christians that they hate to live along with the members of other
communities. If this is not untouchability, what will we call this mindset?
S C Mitra
10/07/2012 17:47:54
Free for them
Next going to be for :people of Itali & Pakistan origin/linked" only.
10/07/2012 04:43:40
DO the asinine hindus need more open enemies at all
than these followers of the dead jew on a stick? I wonder what will the resident dead jew follower will post to explain away the actions of these enemies of India? But then this exactly what the dead jew taught before he was strung to the pole and left to perish. Wait a minute.We should not post any thing against these people's actions as they are very secular, progressive and forward looking unlike the asinine idiotic hindus! Christians only enclave is a purely secular act? Correct, you dead jew follower?
10/07/2012 02:57:41
Which denomination? There are thousands in world and new denominations and sub denominations are added every year. In many caaes people donot go to prayer halls of others. Every active christian is looking for opportunity to convert other people to their denominations. Anyway I think it is better if these people stay away from our people, atleast conversion 'love cruzade' like efforts can be avoided. More over in northern parts it is difficult for these people to find houses.

“Dharma is generally defined as righteousness or duty. Dharma is the principle of righteousness. It is the principle of holiness. It is also the principle of unity. Bhishma says in his instructions to Yudhishthira that whatever creates conflict is Adharma, and whatever puts an end to conflict and brings about unity and harmony is Dharma. Anything that helps to unite all and develop pure divine love and universal brotherhood is Dharma. Anything that creates discord, split and disharmony and foments hatred is Adharma.”

Swami Sivananda



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