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Modi Vs Manmohan - Difference is clear, the choice is yours!
07/07/2012 14:13:51  

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Time dubs Manmohan ‘underachiever’

Three years after calling Manmohan Singh the man who changed millions of lives for better, the “Time” magazine, featuring him on its cover, termed him “the underachiever”.

The weekly, whose July issue hit the stands on Saturday, has also raised questions on Manmohan Singh’s ability to act in the face of slowing growth, widespread charges of policy inaction and the unpopularity of business reforms.

“India needs a robot. Is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh up to the job?,” asked the magazine, which flays Dr Singh for having “squandered” the last three years, his lack of confidence, inability to rein in his ministers and “unwilling” to carry out reforms that would continue the process of liberalisation he helped start in 1991.

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10/07/2012 20:59:08
We want BJP and Modi to come to power in 2014
No more Khangress, no more MMS, no more Sonia Maino, no more Rahul. We want achievers like Modi to lead India.
APK Nair, Mumbai
08/07/2012 23:26:24
Efficient v/s Robot
Efficient v/s Robot must be the proper caption if these magazines are kept side by side and asked for suggesting proper titles. Sometimes we wonder whether it is a wax statue; second to him must be Kerala's own Anthony.

In this democracy, a shameless fellow chose to become the Prime Minister through back-door. No other Prime Minister of this country ever did such a nonsense. Common man has not elected him; he is not responsible to them. That seems to be the attitude. He is responsible to only those elevated him to this position.
No wonder.

Media was giving greater coverage when Modi was not granted US Visa. When Time cover page had his photo and article, the Indian media vanished from the scene.

Reason is simple, the corrupt regime allows the corrupt media to hide all their black money. In return, just publish everything that will praise the Congress rule.

Nothing is going to happen unless the majority community unites.
Arun Kumar
08/07/2012 21:17:45
BJP won 10 out of 12 Muncipalities in UP
08/07/2012 01:09:04
Nothing is going to happen
Is he our Real Prime Minister with authority ?



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