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Vision in Action - Cleaning drive by Swayamsevaks at Pathanamthitta Govt.general Hospital
04/07/2012 14:09:54  HK

RSS, Pathanamthitta taluk swayamsevak's had taken up the drive of cleaning of district general hospital Pathanamthitta.As planned on 1st July 2012, over 150 volunteers of various part of Pathanamthitta taluk had assembled in the morning at the hospital premise.

There was a brief inaugural session presided by Sangh jilla karyvahak Adv. Narendranath and Pathanamthitta DYSP Sri. Raghuvaran Nair had lighted the lamp.
Ten groups were formed to clean a huge sumps, Over head tanks, medical wards and open space around the hospital.

Among the other areas planned for cleaning was abandoned godown in the old hospital premises, area which was filled with food packets probably dumped many weeks was also cleared.

This Sewa activity was covered by leading dailies and media. Many patients in the hospital had come forwarded to express their gratitude to swayamsewaks for the noble service.

At the end of the program Jilla Sewa Pramukh K.Venu had briefly spoken appreciating the effort of swayamsewaks and asked them to take the efforts to Shakha level. Sangh district and taluk leaders including Prashanth, Vijayan and Ajayan were guiding the volunteers throughout the program.

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V.Ravindran, Bangalore.
20/09/2012 09:50:51
Sangh Seva Work.
Its a wonderful service to the society. I would suggest to publish the photograph of the hospital premises after the seva work done so that people will know what was before and and what is after the work. Thank you.
13/07/2012 12:05:51
Wonderful service(Seva)!
Great Seva by the selfless swayamsevaks!RSS is like our Defence services. The only difference is that Sangh activities are done totally free.That is true Seva by the great Nationalist organization.Some days back they did similar service in Govt General Hospital,Chennai.Other religious organizations which have done similar seva are Mata Amritanandamayi Mutt devotees and the followers of Ram Rahim Singh 'Insaan',who cleaned Delhi,Jaipur etc.It was telecast on Zee TV throughout the day! Unfortunately, most of the Media are so useless, that they do not highlight these wonderful service to the society, which can serve as inspiration to others. They would merrily publish 'paid news'!
06/07/2012 00:22:53
This is service
This is exactly what Yuvamorcha and BJP let it cadres do. This is something which other parties will never ever do. But we can do. This will bring in the common man to Sangh. They wil realize the need of a nationalist org like Sangh.

I have been telling this to many Yuvamorcha youngsters. Clean up the small rivers etc will help then get closer to the people.
Anil Balakrishnan
05/07/2012 21:14:07
Where is Pathanamthitta taluk?
Dear Nikhil , I understand that there were 30 Sangh Jillas in kerala ( including Mahanagars ) which is gone upto 32 from this year ( Kollam has become a Mahanagar and hence treated as a Jilla ).
05/07/2012 20:17:36
Great deed

Great deed as usual by RSS.
Thanks to HK for bringing out this.

But a humble suggestion - I see poor quality of English in HK's articles. We can improve that.
05/07/2012 13:21:16
sathyasarani MANJERI
No one in the world is yet ready to DEMOLISH "SATHYASARANI" IN MAJERI YET!!!!!!!
05/07/2012 06:44:50
Truly Unselfish Service!
Truly a great and appreciable service to India and its people. We all are proud of RSS. Truly Unselfish Service to the Nation!
05/07/2012 03:38:14
where is Pathanamthitta taluk?
RSS is having different divisions to distribute the work and that may not be matching with Govt. administrative divisions.In sangh perceptive pathanamthitta taluk exists and there are 20 sangh jillas in kerala though 14 in view of Govt. administrative division.
MNS Nampoothiripad
05/07/2012 03:21:09
Excellant seva. This must be one of the most important seva to the samaj and sangh will be doing it with all its energy.
04/07/2012 22:47:28
Good job
Really appreciated to all swayamsewakas,Please continue like this sevas as in our local areas.
04/07/2012 22:41:21
Great job!
No words to appreciate these real service by RSS activists. But unfortunately they are known as communalists or Hindu fundamentalists. The mistake did by Sangh was they never did any publicity like this before. If they would have done similar publicity too along with their sincere work, Sangh name in the general public would have been much much better than now. We must tell the public what we are doing in the society, nothing wrong on that.
04/07/2012 21:59:20
leaning drive
where is Pathanamthitta taluk?
anyhow good work done by Rss .
Unni V
04/07/2012 20:09:12
Needless to mention - Would always be there
Highly appreciate this effort .

RSS leadership should identify this kind of environment related issues [ eg : Sabarimala , Trivandrum etc ..] and take initiative for mass cleaning activities . This should be well organized and would drive the local supporters to join them to do this service .By participating and working together with people would help them understand RSS better and bring them closer to people.This would bring RSS to the forefront and help to attract more people to the organization.




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