"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
BJP welcomes disheartened Hindus from Congress and CPM
04/07/2012 14:05:31  HK

According to reports, the Bharatiya Janata Party is aiming to garner those Hindu party members who have been disheartened with the Congress and CPM parties. The party is stated to have issued directives to its workers to capitalize the current scenario existing in the state and bring the dejected people closer to the BJP. The party has reiterated that the denial of rights being faced by the Hindu society and marginalisation is because of the insensitive attitude of the Congress and CPM alone.

“With the Congress Party looking for ways to split the Hindu society and the Communist party trying to challenge its very existence, the ultimate aim has been to destroy the Hindu society. Right from 1957, every political decision taken, even financial policy chartered has all been framed, taking into consideration, the sole aim of minority appeasement and segregation of the majority community,” stated the party.

The BJP has alleged that the Hindu community of Kerala has gone backward in areas of finance, education, health and landed property from 1957. “The stand taken by both parties that has come to power in Kerala is inhuman. They have resorted to all means to make members of the majority community become menials of those who belong to the minority community. Such is the discriminative political moves they have made so far!” said BJP in  a statement.
 “The ground workers of both Congress and Communist party are totally opposed to the minority appeasement tactics resorted to by party bigwigs. Even as a stand of no compromise is taken, care should be taken to take into consideration, the feelings of party-workers. Friendly and gentle interactions should be encouraged. This attitude will undoubtedly draw people from the other party towards the BJP,” the party announced.

The BJP state unit, on its part, is conducting numerous meetings at district levels. Many discussions related to political developments and further plan of action will be discussed at these meetings. The BJP has also issued strict directions: when the Marxist party is being opposed vehemently, caution should be taken so that Congress does not benefit in any way from the same. The BJP has always been in the forefront of the tirade against CPM. However, it is always the Congress that has reaped its benefits.

With the realization of this bitter truth, as BJP started questioning the Congress, they retaliated with a weird statement that BJP has paired with the CPM for selfish motives. However, the party has amply clarified that its ideologies stand starkly in contrast with the CPM and that the Congress party is nothing but an arch rival.

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05/07/2012 23:48:41
too naive?
Continueing on Ramesh Chennithala's reply to the media query on green blouse circular,he tells asinine hindus that wearing any color blouse is not a communal issue.Does he really think that Hindus in kerala eat rice meal or sh$$?May be he eats the excreta of the muslim league. Why do we blame the minorities when we have leaders like Ramesh,shivadasan nair or vayalar ravis.Do hindus of this state have any self esteem after hearing these so called leaders elected by them.Learn from muslims how to keep their leaders on their toes after electing them.
MNS Nampoothiripad
05/07/2012 03:25:12
BJP must act with firmness
Note the statement issued by Ramesh Chennithala today asking people not to communalise the muslim league unnecessarily. What a depth to which this moron has fallen in to. Where is the need to communalise the muslim league? League was born in communalism, grew in communalism and in immersed fully in communalism. "Muslim" League is not communal, Bharatheeya Janatha Party is communal! This joke ruling the [politics of the state must change. Chennithala sees a distant possibility of Oomman losing his job when Achuthanandan doubles his efforts in courts. He knows that only the will of the Muslim League is going to decide who will take over from Oomman. So he is pampering the league when it needs it most. BJP leaders must work overtime to bring the majority Keralite to see reason and act for the good of the state.
05/07/2012 01:24:44
Welcome disheartened Hindus from Congress and CPM
We must oppose the policies of Congress and CPM tooth and nail but we should not oppose congressmen and CPM men. There are good people in both the parties. We should attract them to BJP by educating them about the disastrous policies pursued by both Congress and CPM.
04/07/2012 23:46:33
They are our brothers and sisters

They are our brothers and sisters. We have to think of a larger frame work. Ideology can be changed and nobody born as Congress or Marxist.

I know many Congress leaders and Marxist leaders, internally supporting Hindu causes and their deep concern for our culture and values. But they are very few, but we have to care for those innocent supporters, who had been fallen into their trap, expecting revolution and socialism. Marxists and Cong men don't want people to be independent by any means. They don't want their supporters to be financially or socially independent.
04/07/2012 19:19:19
With all the hu ha going on,have you heard any HINDU MPS resigning their post or come out of their Congrss or CPM fold to support the HINDU cause?NO.So,how can the hindus still voting for these MPS whom didn't care an iota for the Hindus.These is What I call STUPID,CHEAP hindus.



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