"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Wear 'Green Blouse and Set Mundu' to please the eyes of Muslim league Ministers!
02/07/2012 13:28:15  HK

Kochi: In the fast becoming Islamic state of Kerala, here comes a new dress code for women. Wear ‘green blouse and set mundu’on functions attended by Muslim league Ministers .

Muslim league has first made sure all key posts in education are handed over to their followers. One such Islamic fanatic named K M Aliar is now heading Ernakulam Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan.

In a function to hand over funds to these 60 SSA’s 60 teachers were invited from the district. In the invitation send for this function which will be presided by Education Minister Abdu Rabb, Aliar made a compulsory dress code also. All Teachers should wear ‘Green Blouse’ to please the eyes of minister. This is the smae minister who couldn’t sleep in a Bunglow allocated to him as it’s name is ‘Ganga’.

Fearing consequences of disobeying the directive, the hapless lady Teachers have been running around to arrange Green Blouses and matching Set Mundu within a day’s time. In the meantime, TV channels brought out Breaking News about this unusual circular.Sensing protest from Hindu organizations and opposition – Circular was withdrawn by yesterday evening. 

Interesting aspect of this circular is the deliberate attempts by the Muslim League and its Ministers in Islamizing not only their offices and departments falling under their ministries, but functions as well.

It is very clear that the Muslim League ministers are refraining from lighting the `Nilaviakku’ in spite of widespread criticism from all corners has been a part of some plans they are deliberately trying to implement. Their hatred to the name of `Ganga’ and the guts expressed to direct lady teachers to attend an official function in their party colored costume are definitely not the signs of a party claiming to be secular, but a party trying to implement ‘Shariath’ hook or crook.

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Raj Puducode
04/07/2012 10:21:58
Terrorist dress code issued

SRINAGAR: A Kashmiri religious group Jamaat-e-Islami has asked tourists visiting the valley to follow a "proper dress code" and told the tourism department to enforce it.

"Some tourists, mostly foreigners, are seen wandering in short mini-skirts and other objectionable dresses here openly, which is quite against the local ethos and culture and is not acceptable to the civil society at all," Jamaat-e-Islami said in a statement on Tuesday evening.

The group said it was the duty of the tourism department to tell tourists to honour local ethos.

"Kashmiris cannot for the sake of their economy give up their divine values at any cost," it said.

"We need no such guests who can become a cause of derailing the society from the right track and spread immorality and immodesty in the name of tourism."

Zahid Ali, an advocate associated with the group, said: "Jamaat-e-Islami J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) cautions people against the well designed vicious plans of the anti-Islamic forces who are working here tirelessly to deviate the Kashmiri Muslims from their religious ethos which are indispensable for their identity."

He said the group was also impressing upon the tourism department not to encourage "this cultural aggression against Kashmiri Muslims and remain vigilant against elements, who, in the garb of promoting tourism, are promoting vulgarity, alcoholism, drug trafficking and other immoral activities."

The current diktat is reminiscent of the early 1990s when radical groups banned cinema halls, wine shops and beauty parlours, calling these anti-Islamic and against the ethos of the valley.

Kashmir has been witnessing a record number of tourist arrivals this year, both domestic and foreign.

The tourism department says more than 400,000 tourists have visited the valley so far. This excludes the over-130,000 pilgrims who are here for the annual Amarnath Yatra.
04/07/2012 06:31:38
Birthday Suit????
SO.....Jazzy and all,next is the order by "a bloddy programme officer?( who is not a muslim)" to attend the programmes by famous ice cream Parlour Minister...MUST come in their birthday suit to please the Minister...Will you follow or are you a willing partner...Everything is OKAY...as long as you have power and can lick the bones thrown by the Muslim League.
Anil Balakrishnan
04/07/2012 04:00:01
I wonder what happened to the teacher organisations - all the political parties have their teachers union wing . Why didn't these teachers approached their respective unions ? Most probably most of the unions except Congress and Muslim league affiliated ones , would have opposed this move. Hope National Teachers Union will raise to the occassion and create awareness among the teachers community. It is better to die rather than live as animals under the rule of Muslim barbarians.
APK Nair, Mumbai
03/07/2012 23:26:48
Neatness has to be taught to these ...
Frst of all, let these people learn and practice neatneess. Kozhikode Airport Wash Room area probably is the worst at any airports in the world. Reason - they all can't keep anything neat and hygienic. Painting with thick green colour gives an ugly look of Pakistan.
03/07/2012 22:35:33
It may not have been a specific order from that ministet or his party. But the fact remains that an ambience has been created in which authorities thinks that these things will make ministers happy. Congress is primarily responsible for this situation. If these get publicity in North India then their position among hindus will affected more.
03/07/2012 12:32:20
dont be stupid....and dont write shit
Abdurrab dint give instruction to do so...mr Aliar (DPO) is not the one made the dress code...it was sent by a bloddy programme officer?( who is not a muslim) who is not in organizing committee without the permission of dpo...der is a hidden agenda behind all these who is attaching this incedent with unwanted roumers spreading regarding some ministers...and wearing a green blouse doesnt make anyone a muslim...
03/07/2012 09:12:40
When they hoisted the green flag on top of the terminal building of Nedumbassery airport in broad day light and the event was witnessed by millions around the world, the case was dismissed for lack of evidence. They started distributing green laddus in recent times, and without any hesitation our brother-en relished them. They have been tailoring a mini Pakistan in Kerala by name of Malappuram with even a passport office and a good number of universities coming up, we watched as if watching a queue in front of the the Beverages outlet. They have been testing us ever since the prayer time allowed in their schools, special academic calender for schools in their area, special rate of scholarship for their children and the likes. In fact, we glorify our cowardice by naming it tolerance and brought this state to such a situation.
03/07/2012 07:51:21
Why so surprise?
Look around you in kerala, especially in malabar area,you can see every coroner, whenever they get a chance make it green paint.All these days everyone was silent.For Eg:even cricket stadium, nets they colored in green....Now it is blouse, then sari and then school uniform list will go on..They called it as secularism ..(BS)
03/07/2012 06:47:22
I call the Hindus STUPID....prove me wrong.
Try to imagine if Modi instructs all those attending such functions to wear a saffron blouse.All hell will break out.
Then come the jandus...I don't really know the meaning but are Hindu women sooooo cheap???? They can running around to arrange green blouse????I think ,if the husband had asked them to do similar,they will just brush him aside go on with their life BUT this is from THe MUslim Leaque...Do you think any muslim kadies would have attended a modi's function??? NO,NO, NO but Hindus women are more then willing to attend this fucktion by leaving behind their self esteem,intergrity and self value.If they have any.Should I add STUPID AND CHEAP Hindus from now on???????
03/07/2012 01:29:01
real jandus
All those teachers who were reportedly running around to arrange green dress are the examples of real jandus. They must be indentified and given a coaching class on what is their rights in a secular democracy.As far as the minister's aversion for Hindu names, let him have the guts to tell all muslims businessmen to avoid naming their business enterprises on Hindu or english names. Let them show their guts by naming their business on islamic names. This should include real estate,jewellery and textiles. Let him take up this challenge.
APK Nair, Mumbai
02/07/2012 22:00:39
Kuda Sheela will be in demand
The way it goes, soon the black umbrella cloth (kuda sheela) will be in demand. Wear nice cloth and above that put a burkha - that will be the Kerala uniform if Kangress and Pakistan Union Muslim League completes 5 years of mis-rule in Kerala.

The laid down attitude and 'hum nahin suthrenge' (we will never improve in life) or 'aa bail mujhe maar' (come on bull, hit me hard) mentality of Hindus will take them backwards.

Waking up after getting hit hard won't help. It is not too late even now - a Kerala Bachao Aandolan is the necessity of the hour.
02/07/2012 20:15:42
Green an islam
The best way is to boycot all functions of ministers who like the darkness. Those sons and daughters of darkness has to be tought best lessons in the next elections.

Jai Bhavani !

Jai Hinduism !
raj nair
02/07/2012 17:41:26
pacha mundu
When pannithalyan jandus gave vote to chennithalayan
kongrres, expect this and even the worse to come.
raj nair
02/07/2012 17:41:26
pacha mundu
When pannithalyan jandus gave vote to chennithalayna
kongrres, expect this and even the worse to come.
02/07/2012 17:34:58
If he avoids hindu names personaly I have no objection. Because I avoid using anything with muslim name. We all can do that. But as minister itis too much.

"Balagokulam, through its different types of programmes and activities, tries to wake up the divine infant of Nandagokulam, who fills the hearts of the children of Bharath Mata. So, Balagokulam has got a historic mission to accomplish. Let HIM strengthen the children and workers of Balagokulam to march forward with the victory flags of Bharath Mata. Their leader is none other than Sri Krishna, HIMSELF"

Poojaniya H.V. Sheshadriji



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