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Tamilnadu Hindus thwart attempt to denigrate revered Hindu Saints
01/07/2012 13:43:39   Courtesy: GP Srinivasan

An attempt to defame one of the most revered Vaishnava saints Thayar Sri Andal, Sri  Periyalwar and the Saintly King and disciple of Sri Periyalwar Sri  Vallabha Deva Pandya by Tirunelveli based Manonmaniam Sundaranar University’s Tamil Department has been thwarted by timely intervention of devout Hindus and Hindu organisations.

After intense opposition from devoted Hindus and asthikas ,to the concerned authorities the university has declared that its has withdrawn the defamatory lesson from the text book.The defamation attempt was exposed by  Tamil Newspaper Dinakaran and Akhil Bharathiya Vidyarthi Parishad by bringing this matter to the public.

The controversial Novel was  withdrawn following intense opposition from various quarters andr the problem was escalated,to the top most levels in the administration and the level of CM. Within 24 hour the university, issued a retraction and made an announcement in the front page of 'The Hindu' on 28th June- the official denial was published by the University.

The content of the topic  a imaginary novel written by a christian Mr. Daniel Selvaraj a card carrying communist. He is also member of the Sahitya academy. The text book commitee memebers recommended this pornographic imaginary novel which defames the characters of the holiest of the holy saints for the consumption of by 65000 students an academic year enraged Hindus across the state.

Andal, a foster child of Vishnuchitta or Periyalwar is one of the twelve Alwars of Vaishavite tradition. Andal also known as Godhai, eventually came to be known as the consort of Vishnu. She is regarded as Goddess.  Her poetic talents were extraordinary and she composed ‘Thiruppavai’ consisting of 30 hymns and Nachiar Thirumozhi in 143 stanzas. The month of ‘Margasiram’ known as ‘Margazhi’ in Tamil is the month of religious austerities and devotional singing.  People of Tamilnadu rise up at dawn; go round the streets singing the bhajans of ‘Thiruppavai’ sung by Andal.

According to this novel Thayar  Sri Andal was born to Sri Periyalwar through extra marital Affairs. It has also mentioned that, our Thayar was a less charactered Temple Dancer.  It seems Sri Vallabha Deva Pandya the saintly king had affairs with  Thayar Sri Andal. Also, they have mentioned that, the Srivilliputtur Temple tower looks  like a women Breast! The Saintly King was a Sexual Abuser and had lot of illegal affairs.

Take home messages from this

1)Hindus in Tamilnadu are becoming more vigilant and the resugence points to the fact that no more Hindus will take such abuses as third class citizens in the state.

2)If Hindus come forward to protest and air their concerns, yes Governmental machinery will be forced to act.

3) Anti Hindu sentiments are still alive and robust within Christians and Communists , no matter whether they are in Kerala or West Bengal or Tamilnadu. 

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Basus Nayar
02/07/2012 08:41:06
Positive Violence Is Essential
This incident conclusively proves that positive vilence against denigration of Hindu Gods, Hindu organizations and Hindu culture will definitekly have positive results. These scoundrels, criminals, vagabonds and miscreants have a field day in insulting our Gods, Acharayas, and deities beacuse Hindus seldom react. The ani Hindus criminals take advantages of Hindu denial, indifference, apathy and zombie like behavior. Hindus have to organize themselves and show their muscle power against media manipulation, crminal assulat on our culture and denigarting or insulting Hindutva.

This incident positively proves that positive violence by Hindus may produce favourbale results.
Basu Nayar
02/07/2012 03:02:53
To Ramanathan
Dear Ramanathan,

It is high time we stop diminishing the great significance of temples , to just Chevvai, Pariharam etc. People like you have made great temples mere astrology centres and business centres.
Go to temples for devotion and heritage sake, not for pariharam deals with planets !

02/07/2012 01:50:01
Why should such a wretched man, a christian, touch a hindu subject for his writing? He has so many themes sitable for this kimd of writing in his so called bible.
01/07/2012 22:40:20
srivilliputtur is the pariharasthalam of chevvai
sri andal temple is the parihara sthalam of chevvai -mars as she is the avatar of bhuma devi, chevvai is the karaghan for bhumi. so i am sure daniel selvaraj will be punished by this ferocious graha chevvai



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