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Thanks to HJS campaign; ABP News withdraw Ad denigrating Ramayana
01/07/2012 02:05:00  

Here is the apology letter sent by ABP News to a devout Hindu. Whole e-mail conversation also mentions about online protest campaign started by HJS website

E-mail with unconditional apology sent by ABP News to Mr. Sateash Jain, a devout Hindu. He sent his protest to ABP News through HJS website.

On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 1:34 AM, Anand Latwal wrote:

Mananiya Shri Sateashji,

We sincerely acknowledge the receipt of your mail regarding the said 'Namayana' video.  We would like to clarify that the said 'Namayana' video, in any of its form, either full or abridged was not run in any of our channels, nor was it posted in any of our websites.  However, it became viral in the digital platform.  We understand that it has hurt the sentiments of many Hindus.

We would like to humbly explain that ABP News is a responsible and un-biased News Broadcaster and that it was not our intention to hurt the religious sentiments, insult personal faiths and also not to insult or demean Hindu religious and Godly figures.  However, since it has hurt your religious sentiments and can be seen as derogatory to Hindu religion, we offer our sincere and unconditional apology for this.

On the same breadth and towards this, we have withdrawn the said video from the digital platform in totality and are also taking all possible steps and measures within our control, so that its viral spread in the web network is limited and stopped.

Most Sincerely,

Anand Latwal  |  AVP – Admin & Regulatory Affairs | ABP News  |

Read detailed news at : http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/14314.html

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mahadevan menon
04/07/2012 00:02:08
ABP news
even i got a prompt reply from ABP apologising for the same. collective action bears fruit. Hindus should learn this fact.in togetherness our strength
Unni Nair
03/07/2012 15:28:16
ABP apology
Yes I got a mail as well. form abp
03/07/2012 04:01:11
Apology from ABP News
Abp News has sent an apology letter to me also,in response to my protest letter to them.



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