"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Muslim organisation express their fears about NSS and SNDP unity
29/06/2012 12:55:51  HK Correspondent

Immediately after the announcement from NSS General Secretary Sukumaran Nair and SNDP General Secretary Vellappally Natesan to work together against the blatant minority appeasement  of UDF Government, Muslim League State General Secretary E.T.Basheer came out with the comments that these two organizations cannot  come together because of their differences about reservation.Vellappally Natesan gave a quick reply this time; the reservation is not going to wreck their decision to work together since they have realized the folly of their separation and how the so called minorities have taken advantage of their divisive stance. 

 Muslim organizations could not hide their embarrassment about this sudden happening and Jamayat Council’s State General Secretary Adv.A.Pookunju went a step ahead of E.T.Basheer and made an observation that the SNDP should remain with backward communities and lead them from the front to safeguard the reservation being enjoyed by them.  He added that the decision of NSS and SNDP to work together will be a threat to the religious harmony in the state and could lead to internal altercation.

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01/07/2012 22:36:31
Kumar - Arabs & Indians
You have made a valid point in stating that Arabs need us as much as we need them, if not more.

What I was trying to say was, Pravasis are very as much Keralites as the residents. Its not a good practice to criticize NRIs for earning a living by working in Gulf. Please go though some of the earlier comments by some people whose minds are clouded by Hate.
01/07/2012 20:24:18
Desperate Hindus
If NSS and SNDP leaders are not showing the wisdom to work together for the common Hindu. The desperate Hindus will start moving out of these organizations. Hindu are already crushed to the deep in the state. Hindus must unite and act immediately under VHP or RSS. They should all vote for BJP. All Hindus in communist parties should think whether they wanted to get killed or get curbed their freedom to even think. Communism should be dead in Kerala. 99% of their cadres are Hindus. They should stand for their samskra and fight for it's survival.
Ghatotkacha Nair
01/07/2012 19:15:37
Marxist Party, the evil monster that feeds on the poverty
The Marxist party always needs lots of landless poor to hold their Red flags and go on long marches mouthing meaningless slogans. The Marxist party thrives on poverty. Poverty is the business of the Marxist Party. If poverty levels come down drastically then the Marxist Party base will be wiped out. So it can never allow poverty levels to come down. Where ever possible it tries to destroy agriculture and stall industrialization to create teeming masses of impoverished people to be used a cannon fodder. The Marxist Party is an evil monster that feeds on the poverty of the poor.

The highest per-capita rate of suicide in agrarian areas is in Kerala. Of these suicides vast majority of deaths are of Hindus. All these suicides can be counted among the blessings and benedictions of the Land Reforms Movement of the Communists.

Ghatotkacha Nair
01/07/2012 09:30:59
Marxist Party, the evil monster that feeds on the poverty
Land Reforms Bill deliberately left out industries and plantations out of its ambit with diabolical Communist-cunning. Large plantations owned by the Church and Christian-owned companies escaped confiscation while the land-owning Hindus were squeezed out and impoverished and their lands eventually went into the possession of Muslims and Christians. The fact of the matter is that the loud-mouthed Communists were incapable of taking on the powerful Church in Kerala.

The actual agricultural workers including Scheduled Castes continued to remain landless after 52 years of “Land Revolution” by the Communists. Almost 65 per cent of the Adivasis remain landless. Scheduled Castes form about 15 per cent of the Kerala population and almost half of them do not have lands for house or farming.

The CPM claims that the foundation of the progress that Kerala achieved since its formation in 1956 is the land and education reforms movements initiated by them in 1958. This is the incessant barrage of propaganda which they constantly din into the ears of the Deshabhimani-reading semi-literate, feeble-minded, labour-class coolies.

Now, half a century later, the CPM admits that its Land Reforms Movement had miserably failed in attaining its goal of confiscating surplus lands held by capitalists/feudalists and distributing them among landless farmers, Adivasis and Dalits. In fact E.M.S. Namboodiripad himself said, the old janmi system was replaced by “landlordism of another type”, of landlords who get their lands cultivated through wage labour and those who live by lending money and dominated rural trade.

Due to Communist depredation, the native crops have been given the short shrift and replaced with monoculture crops like rubber. These crops do not require labour, as in paddy, displacing millions of land dependent labourers and reducing them to penury. The Marxist party always needs lots of landless poor to hold their Red flags and go on long marches mouthing meaningless slogans. T
Ravi Nair
01/07/2012 07:50:36
Magical Thinking
The man who write using the name Marxist must be suffering from a virulent form of cognitive disorder. Is it part of his magical belief, irrational thinking or inasane attitude? Psychologists have documented a litany of cognitive biases and disorders-misperception of reality. Working as a coolie slave in Arab countries may be a blessing for him. Not for us. Like slaves who are oppressed for a number of years love their oppressors and enjoy oppression. This Marxist trained, brain washed and indoctrinated by Marxist criminals may be loving his slave Masters, Marxist thugs and Jihadi terrorists. Is it his stockholm syndreome? Like Muslims, Marxists have diffficulty in comprehending complex realities. Both Marxism and Iskam never enourgae its inodctrinated follwers for critical thinking.
since they don't belive or practice democacy, they carry bombs and swords in hands to wipe out their criticizers.
They also love slavery. slavery is freedom for them. These toxic thinkers are tarined to blame their victims. It is natural for Jihadis and Marxists to blame NSS, SNDP and Hindus. Managment of these deviants impusle disorders is possible if all Hindus can jpin together, grab power and wipe out deviant amploifying crazy phoilosophies of Marxism and Iskam.
01/07/2012 03:06:31
Arabs and India
Fears of the guy named Marxist on making any reference to Gulf or Arabs are really amusing. He seems to a living example of the saying more loyal than the king.

Dear Marxist actually GCC needs India as much as India needs them. The biggest investor in Gulf is India. Not US or Britain. IF Indians stop investing in Gulf, it will be again a sand desert. How sprouted life there? Indian workers only.

So Indians are the biggest employers and largest number of employees are also from India.

Dear Marxist don't be afraid that they will send you back if somebody crticises Arabs. They need you as much as you need them. You know how westerners work in Gulf and what their demands are. IT is very difficult for an Arbab to retain a White than an equally talented Indian.

Unfortunately Indians don't realise their value and bargain for it. But new generation is slowing asserting. I have worked in Gulf as a professional and I have stood for my rights. Dear Marxist you also try. You will be amazed by the result. They will respect you rather than throw you out.

Islamic organisations in India often raise the bogey that Indians will be affected whenever some criticisms about Arabs are rasied. That is utterly baseless. Arabs won't do it. They know the consequence better than us.

Let me also add one thing.All Arabs are not intolerant as some of us think. Don't equate all Arabs with Wahabis. Saudi Wahabism is the real culprit in inspiring extremism. Not even other GCC countries follow it. I have worked in Gulf and have many young Arab friends who love India. They are not Muslim extremists. They hate extremism as we do.

Some of the Indian Muslims in GUlf show more extremist behaviour than Arabs.

Let Indians and Arabs become closer. Historically we had been friends.
30/06/2012 23:46:42
Dear Ravi
If those Malayalis working in Gulf feel that they are being mistreated why are they not coming back to kerala? As I said earlier plz don't make statements for the sake of making one. Malayalis working in Gulf feel more comfortable working in Gulf than working in Kerala, which is filled with filthy minded people like you. Kerala is a consumer state and it needs OIL MONEY to sustain, especially with the prices going up on a daily basis.

I am just asking out of curiosity - why are you always harping on the question of marrying Arab girls or buying property in gulf or get gulf citizenship? Just for your information - Gulf malayalis are more happy to send their earnings to kerala than investing in gulf and live as an INDIAN.

If you are to speak about Marxism and Communism, do you think there is any country in the world that is truly Democratic? No, none, almost all the so called Democratic countries are controlled by the invisible hands of the corporate and business conglomerates. I don't wish to go deep into this topic.

Plz be careful when you are using words like "cognitive disorder" etc., which are too heavy for you. Its only the other day Sukumaran Nair said something that meant like 'I am the Thangal among the Nair community'. If you had followed the build up to the Neyyattinkara elections, just before2-3 weeks Sukumaran Nair was lashing out at the UDF govt for Muslim League feet licking service. But after 2-3 days he said NSS will follow 'SAMADOORAM' (quite evident what that meant from their previous SAMADOORAM stands) policy in the election. SNDP's stand wasn't different either. Now after the elections they have again started accusing the govt of Muslim League ass wiping service.
Its the UDF that has communally divided our GODs OWN COUNTRY for their cheap political benefits.

Please take a minute and think of this -Had it not been for the LDF staunch political interference our state's edu.,land etc. would have been in the hands of people with vested interests.
Ravi Nair
30/06/2012 06:34:10
Islamic/Marxist Coolies in the Middle east
One Marxist or an Islamic Coolie working in the Middle east has blamed me for ignorance. Ignorance of what?
I am aware of Marxist and Islamic criminal behavior and inhumane treatment of non Muslims in Arab countries.
As a coolie working in the Middle east, he is not aware that Islam and Marxism are a threat to world peace and freedom? Is there any Marxist Countries in the world practicing Communism? Islam and Marxism are closed, rigid, inhuman dogmas fit only for murder, oppression, invasion, plunder and looting. If he is a converted Muslim from India, he or she may be oppressed in Islamic countries. Converted Muslims may work as a coolie in Islamic countries. They have no freedom or liberty to marry Arab girls, buy property or get citizenship. Since they wok for few bread crumbs, these slaves are happy and staisfied with their chicken soups.

Marxists and Muslims have ruined Kerala. And the Marxist or converted Muslim has the guts to blame Hindus, NSS and SNDP. Is he suffering from a cognitive disorder? Denial? or amnesia? My advise to all Marxists and converted Muslims is to come back to your roots and start growing as a normal, healthy individual drawing insopiration from your culture,Hindu values and spiritual nutrition. Really, there is no difference between an Islamic/Marxist addict and obsessive compulsive disorder.

As a parasite and working as a coolie, these Marxist misfits and Jihadi terrorists have nothing to contribute for the welfare of Bharat. Their demuhanizing obsession with Marxism or Islam make them unfit to grow as a healthy, harmonious individual. Only slaves suffering from Stckholm Syndrome can support Marxist Murder March and Jihadi terrorism.
Ravi Nair
30/06/2012 04:06:27
This time..........
This time these Vijayan and Dasan cannot seperate.If they do they will be shunned by their community members. Most of us have understood the harm in the communal rule by these religious fanatics who are in ministry now.
30/06/2012 01:10:16
Reply to Ravi Nair
The Middle East Connection - I don't if if your are not aware or if your are acting ignorant but let me me tell you that there are good number of Hindus and Christians in Dubai, Saudi, Bahrain and other Gulf countries. Please don't make allegations just for the sake of making one.

As for NSS and SNDP - after Neyyaattinkara elections the picture was pretty much clear. Either NSS & SNDP has no influence on their cadre or they are always loyal servants to the UDF even when they BARK against UDF in PUBLIC. Now they know that separately they have limited or no impact and so decided to join hands. Lets wait & watch for how long their hands will remain joined.

How on earth can any secularist vote for UDF (read Congress) which has divided the state on Religious grounds? Recent incidents only shows how good LDF were in ensuring communal harmony and balanced development. Development doesn't mean giving up all PSUs and turning agricultural lands to Golf Courses etc.

Its high time BJP leaders bury their differences and save India from the clutches of Congress. Though we cannot expect a AB Vajpayee from the ranks of current leaders, at least an able leader should be supported by rest and projected as the PM candidate.
30/06/2012 00:23:33
Please be cautious
All Hindu brothers be cautious not to take at face value the current bonhomie between Suku. Nair and V. Nadeshan.

Few days back a key accused in Suryanelli sex scandal was given candidacy for Rajyasabha by Cong : Mr PJ Kurian, it is Kurian, who is a strong advocate for implementation of Ranganatha Mishra report which reccomands SC status to Xians and Muslims which can diminish Hinduism at a fast rate. Suku Nair commented the decision saying 'Kurian is seccu
lar and deserving', mind you its same Nair who called Sasi Tarur as delhi nair. So these sort of leaders such as suku nair just acts as pressure groups for personal gains.
In addition there is lot of bad blood between Nairs and backward castes in southern Kerala. So I feel the only way forward is to try to shed out the caste . Aligning with caste groups may turn disastrous in long term
29/06/2012 22:26:45
Muslim organizations are very opportunistic
NSS and SNDP should realize what the Muslim organizations like AIML, IML , MIM have done to India in the past . These organizations are extremely selfish and will don't care about Hindu sufferings or Hindu problems. If NSS and SNDP show some mercy to their crocodile tears, Hindus will be wiped out of Kerala. Hindus in Kerala will no longer be able to live freely in Kerala because of Islamic aggression. Already, Hindus were wiped out Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is slowly happening in West Bengal and it will definitely happen in Kerala. Hindus should totally ignore the fears of ML. Islamic aggression is a serious threat to the religious harmony of the Kerala. Hindu unity is never a problem. Hindus unite and crush Islamic aggression.
29/06/2012 21:56:18
Muslim League & loots

All these years Muslim League and Congress ruled and looted our state and country, using the majority votes, by dividing them on casts, region and empowering their weaknesses. Now, no more...

All these years these pure fraudsters looted the money belong to the less privileged people of our state and nation, they looted tax money and treasury without questioning anyone. As far as Muslim League is concerned, both opposition and ruling party & helped them out of the way, looking at their money power and vote bank politics.

The Neyattinkara election taught them to live like an ordinary citizen of this country. Tax money and treasury belong to the people of this country and not the ancestral property of one religion alone. Instead of giving kilo rice for Re.1/-, provide us job, education and an opportunity to make our own future. We are more hard working, efficient, sincere and honest.

The need of the hour is education, employment, shelter and health care. Bring a white paper on the financial status of Hindus, compare to other minorities in this state and create an aid strategy based on this, not based on religion.

We should be a role model for India. We can not be an innocent bystanders anymore. Hindus should rise according to the occasion, now or never.
APK Nair, Mumbai
29/06/2012 21:02:42
Vijayanum Dasanum
That's these two.. Can't trust. Don't trust... Only common thing is the loose tongue which both of them have. Sometimes they both are in UDF camp and other times at the LDF camp and if an election comes both use the word 'conscience'.... After the election they announce that because of their vote one of the DF has won.. Don't have the guts to support BJP.. So, better write-off these two elements.
Doesnt matter who
29/06/2012 19:27:37
On your articles
There are lots of Non Keralites who are reading this article...

Request you to please post additional information like
1. Full forms of NSS SNDP etc and what these organizations stand for
2. Translations of every Malayalam Posters Malayalam sentences
3. Statistical data like Muslim leagues percentage in the UDF etc
4. Any other details that would add new value to the existing news.

Please create a simple checklist while publishing any articles
1. Are the spellings , wordings correct
2. Are all Abbreviations, Organizational names explained?
3. Are all the Malayalam details properly translated
4. If there is any additional information that would help a non Malayali reader gain more insight.

29/06/2012 14:23:13
Lets stay united
First i would like applaud NSS and SNDP for this reunion. We are born Hindus doesnt matter what caste,what race..our god is one, our temples are sacred and our way of living is one, this is year 2012 forget past ,forget castism ,think about future ,think about our prosperity and our cultural enrichment if we stay united we can be so powerfull and prosperous ..atleast think for our kids...do you want them to be slaves and wisdomless servants living like communists...muslimleague is playing dangerous game they have hidden agenda to keep all other community poor and push them to slavery for there empowerment...this is dangerous for our society. we are rich in culture keep this alive...Vellapalli and sukumaran nair must be supportedby all hindus .I personally congradulate them for this reunion..ALSO all Hindus Stay Away from Alchohol and drugs often i see we fall for this dangerous habit which is not our way. LOKA SAMSTHA SUKHINO BAVANDU
Ravi Naur
29/06/2012 14:12:11
Know Yor Enemy
Converted Muslims must know who are their enmies? Those converted Muslims were used by thier salve masters from the Middle east. Can they go to Middle east and buy lands? Marry thier Girls? Become a citizen of The Middle east? Eascape from inhuman, brutal Sharia law? No. They are being used by Arabs to destroy Indian social fabric. Middle eastern Islamic countries never send any army, or equioment to destroy India. They send Mullahs to convert Indian cituzens and Indian Muslims are used and for terrorism,,internal division and for killing each other. Converted Muslims in India must realise who are their enemies? Don't support or act as agents of your desert masters and kill each other. NSS and SNDP are not their enmies. Islam is. Intsed of killing and destroying India and acting as agents of Saudi Arabia or pakistan, Indian Muslims must learn who are their real enemies? Arabss use their magical thinking to hypnotize you and willingly Indian Muslims are working as hand maiden to Arabs. If you are a real UMuslim, go to any Islamic country, Marry their girls, buy land there, obatain citizenship and start killing each other.

Ravi Nair



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