"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
'You are not the Chief Minister and what you say is not right ' - CM succumb to Muslim League again
27/06/2012 00:00:46  HK

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister ate crow and took a U turn under the blackmail of their powerfull ally Muslim League.

Yesterday when confronted with this controversial decision of Muslim league Minister to bypass cabinet decisions to allow aided status to 35 Muslim mamnagement schools , Chief Minister told ’I am the Chief Minister and what I say is right.’’ According to Chief Minister yesterday Government will not give aided status to these Minority schools instead Government itself will take over those schools. Even in Chief Minister’s website it said “Cabinet meeting on June 13 had decided that the 35 (AIP) schools in Malappuram district funded by the Centre would be converted to government schools”

But today the Chief Minister mellowed down and started speaking like a true politician again! Muslim League which has learnt it’s own ways to make sure they know how to implement things what they want by hook or crook won once again. Now we the tax payers have to aid all these Muslim schools while their management will get sit and count the lakhs which they get for each post in this 'Education Business’.

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MNS Nampoothiripad
27/06/2012 08:00:13
Take the message of Neyyatinkara.
Only solution is a fast forward from the message of Neyyatinkara. Take that to its logical conclusion. With in one year BJP could increase its votes five fold. Double that in the next four years and there is victory. We can make this happen if the spirit of Neyyatinkara is followed to all the remaining constituencies also. The statements of NSS and SNDP leaders today is a silver line in the right direction. Congress and Marxist chanakyas will try every trick to drive a wedge between them. Hindu unity alone can save the state from juhadi menace. Recent order of the Kerala High court to the police to give protection to hindu girls from jihadis against forced conversion through love jihad is a pointer. The media is not repoting this with any seriousness.
27/06/2012 04:15:28
Create Hindu Vote Bank - Only solution
Dear Shri Raviji,
Your happiness is not worthy, as the Hindus still vote for the Congress on their caste lines as Nairs, Nadars, Ezhavas, Namboodiris etc as they think and act on these lines only. As far as the Hindu consolidation will not take place, there is not hope for the Hindus in Kerala for which the so called sectarian leaders have to think and act collectively setting aside their narrow personal interests. Even if the Hindus drift away from the Congi, they will find their alternative in CPM and the Left. Then also the Hindus are to suffer. The only solution is to consolidate the Hindus to rise above narrow personal interests and act feeling their very existence in Kerala is in danger. As long as they stand up against the onslaught of the so-called minorities, they will be very disappointed at the end.
27/06/2012 02:35:29
I am happy. Every moment this government stays in power, the congress is gettimg away from hindus and every muslim oriented cabinet decision will drive away christians also.So before the next election congress wil be no more or at least will be reduced to a minority party. The benefit will go to mainly CPM and to some extent the BJP. The only possible way out is put an end to ongoing Aurangazeb rule and face elections. An immediate election may give some advantage to congress.



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