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Huge increase in the RSS Organizational Base of Karnataka South Unit; says annual report
24/06/2012 02:12:35  VSK, Karnataka - samvada.org

Bangalore June 24: The overall organizational base of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, South Unit, Karnataka has been witnessing a solid addition in its numbers. The annual report released recently by RSS shows that the number of Shakhas has indeed gone up.

The figures of January 2011 showed a total number of 2597 Shakhas in 1698 places under the RSS Karnaaka Dakshin Pranth, which comprises of 13 districts of southern Karnataka. However, the estimate taken in 2012 shows a remarkable addition in the Shakha number, taking it to 2715, at 1788 places.
The weekly gathering ‘Milan’ showed 248 in 2011, which has now gone up to 332 in 2012. The places where neither Shakha (daily) nor Milan (Weekly) are organized, witnesses Sangh Mandali (Monthly gathering), which was 130 in 2011. This number has increased as many as 4 times, making it 429 in 2012.

Taking into account the Sangha Shiksha Vargs, the 20 day long training camps of RSS Cadres, the statistics reveal participation by a total of 1248 new Swayamsevaks in the current year, who have acquired sangh training. In 13 districts a total of number of 29 Prathamik Shiksha Varg (7 day training camp) were held, where training has been imparted to as many as 3709 new Swayamsevaks.

The Seva Vibhag of RSS Dakshin Pranth has organized 6898 various Seva activities at 2434 places in southern Karnataka. Nearly 2000 individuals participated and received training in special seminars. They consist of Yoga, Balagokulam, Bhajana, Self-Help groups, Mobile Library, Grama Vikas, water conservation etc.
Jalabharatati, a project dedicated towards the creation of awareness on water conservation has published 2 major books on ‘Rain

Water Harvesting’ and ‘100 ways of Water Conservation’. In connection with this, special workshop on water conservation was conducted at 36 places, where 1950 students, 305 teachers and 907 farmers participated.

RSS IT Milan Swayamsevaks (RSS Swayamsevaks who are IT professionals) organized a Kannada Parichaya Varg in about 200 apartments of Bangalore. Around 3200 non-Kannadigas who live in Bangalore learned Kannada, last year.

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29/06/2012 08:04:48
total agreement on female wing...
there can be done nothing without the help of female power.. society doesn't move inch if there is no equal participation and agreement... with 50 + year of independence and other country which fought the world wars russia japan etc.. from being a super state went to being nothing and then again now are super power... but we are still sucking onn.. We have lost our identity.. or more to say we lost the identity of the land..
24/06/2012 22:51:08
reply to "female wing" comment
Replying to comment on female wing. Rashtra Sevika Samiti does exist and about 5000 shakhas exist. Swayamsevaks should know that and encourage their daughters, sisters, etc to attend (unfortunately many don't know and this is really unfortunate). In US/UK, kenya, etc, many girls attend shakha.
24/06/2012 08:42:49
Female Wing
Sangh should start an Female Wing. A large portion of society is missed out. Please start immediately.



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