"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Muslim league to campaign for Terrorists demand for 2nd Muslim dominated district in Kerala
23/06/2012 04:48:38  HK

MALAPPURAM: Creation of a separate District for Muslims in Kerala – Mallappuram by Communist Government inspite of warnings from all right minded leaders then in Kerala was one of the biggest mistake happened in Modern Kerala .This facilitated the growth of Islamic terrorism and Communal politics and later Communist leader EMS itself admitted that it was a mistake in their part to create a separate district in the name of Religion.Hindu organisations have warned and protested then against this demand for separate district in the name of Religion and compared it to the demand of the same Islamists for a separate Nation called Pakistan in the name of Religion. Thus a ‘Mini Pakistan’ was created within Kerala.

Now those very same vicious forces who demanded Mallapuram is demanding  bifurcation of Mallapuram to two Islamic districts , one with headquarters at Tirur. Muslim League which now controls the power corridors aim to create this district this time when in power. No one in UDF will question them and irrespective of the controversies created , it has been proved that they will go ahead with their plan of Islamization. This call for a separate district for Tirur is raised by terrorist organisations in the state like NDF and now IUML  have openly came to their support.

Earlier this month , nine UDF ruling panchayats of Malappuram and two municipalities - Ponnani and Tirur - passed a resolution demanding district status for Tirur.  The demand is not only to bifurcate existing areas in Mallapuram district but also to add nearby Muslim dominated areas in thrissur like Chavakkad which is near to Guruvayur the sacred Temple town. 

The rise in Population in the district is being highlighted as the major reason for this demand. Demographic growth of Muslims in Malappuram and Malabar in general is in alarmic proportions. With this high population growth , support from the Government in the name of ‘Minority Empowerment’ and with inflow of legal and illegal Riyals and Dinars – Without much challenges , They can realize their dreams.

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24/06/2012 22:50:11
It is suicidal to succumb to minorityism !
Dear Raman, Think twice. Do you want India also stoop to the level of Syria and Somalia ? When Islamic anarchy engulfs one country, it is not only muslims who suffer, the whole nation gets converted to a hell. They don't care as they are not used to peaceful living. But can we afford to loose our beloved nation and culture ?

Read the detailed study report by Dr Jayaprasad regarding the alarming effects of the unbalanced growth of muslims in Kerala.


Any unnatural growth will invite disasters. That is what I feel we Keralites and Indians in general are heading towards.
23/06/2012 23:52:35
Yes muslim league seems to be a terrorist organization with cover achieving their religious goals in pluralistic society.
23/06/2012 23:11:58
Seperate Dit.

These are only a token demand. They need separate Dit., a separate law ("Shariayth") thereafter separate state, thereafter a separate status, thereafter freedom and then a separate nation. Only in few things they can share with others, i.e. looting,ruling,eating and breeding.
Raman TL
23/06/2012 13:47:28
Muslim growth
Dear friends
Why are you all worried about Muslim growth. What have they gained by the growth? Today the poorest countries in the world is Muslim nations. And the number of muslims dying every day. See for instance Syria, Pakistan, Somalia etc. The earlier they reaalise, it is better for them.
Satish Chandra
23/06/2012 10:06:52
India Will Soon Become Islamic State
India will soon become an Islamic State. All thanks to our Sickular politicians and Idiot Hindus who would bring their own downfall by remaining silent to the capture of India by foreign forces.
Hindus should now start reading Namaz, as soon they would be forced to!

Satish Chandra
GSK Menon
23/06/2012 09:20:57
Muslim league to campaign
The Muslim League itself is a terrorist organisation. All Keralites should call for an indefnite dharna and bring the state to a halt if this diabolical move is started. The best course is to acquire properties in Malappurram for Military, Police and Central Govt offices. Muslims should be rehabilitated in Kashmir. Kashmiri and Kerala muslims can battle it out. Alternatively, nationalise all land in Kerala



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