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Reprobe Parumala Murders - ABVP
23/06/2012 03:09:51  HK

ABVP calls for re-probe into brutal murder of ABVP activists at Parumala Pamba DB collage.
ABVP activists conducted protest march to Pathanamthitta Collectorate demanding reprobe into the murder of three ABVP leaders .Police resorted to Lathicharge to disperse the protesting students.Many students were injured in the violent Police action.

On 17th September 1996, three ABVP activists Anu, Sujith and Kim, were cornered in Devaswom Board college in Parumala by a violent mob of SFI, CITU and DYFI and threatened to be killed for being active members of ABVP College unit.Fearing death too close, the students ran and tried to swim across the Pampa river, but the SFI goons stoned them so severely that they were forced drowned. Even the women who were washing clothes near the river tried to throw their sarees to the drowning students, but were stopped by Communist student leaders and were chased away by shouting abuses and pelting stones on them.The marxist who were ruling the state that time spoiled all evidences and also manipulated the postmortem report of the deceased saying they were drunk and hence were drowned. With the help of all these forged evidences marxist leadership successfully won the case and got verdict in the court that SFI and DYFI caders were innocent. But time and destiny are not going to leave these criminals .The tears and soaring heart of these parents need to be seen.  

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23/06/2012 23:45:19
If we ignore this kind of killings...

If we are ignoring this kind of killing, without challenging the killers through the rule of the land, then the result would be as Congress faced in Kannur. Nobody would dare to work for Hindutwa organizations. It would be disaster and we should fight this kind cases with all our resources.

We should put all those criminals inside the bars or we have to retaliated the way BJP retaliated in Kannur. All those criminals are illiterate DYFI/CITU goons. Attack is the best way of mankind, concerning survival.
23/06/2012 09:32:40
parumala balidanikal
yee kaliyugathil kanninu pakaram kannu thanne yedukuka.



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