"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Buddhist - Muslim riots in Myanmar
23/06/2012 03:36:00  

We heard loud appeals from Human Right organisations in India demanding Immigration status to thousands of illegal Rohingya Muslims in India, who came from Burma and Bangladesh.

What our media failed to highlight was the virulent nature of these Rohingyas. In recent riots in Western Burma initiated by these Rohingya’s which started on June 8 left over 40 Buddhist villages burnt, including five Buddhist Monasteries, one Hindu Temple and several deaths. Thousands of Jihadi’s have been transported to Burma from Bangladesh to reinforce the riot which was widely blacked out in international media.

The violence has been started following the rape and murder of a Budhhist woman.The rapists recorded the whole process of crime on an mp4 player and spread it among other illegal immigrants. Already our mainstream media started reporting the plight of Muslims from Myanmar and very soon the rest of them including our Marxists and Secularists will will take this up.   

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In this Video we can see the Hindu Temple in fire

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21/08/2012 11:29:12
Conversion by sword and rape
Mr. Zuned,
In response to your point countering the statement that Islam has spread by sword, I want to draw your attention to the following facts -
Persia (now Iran) was a Zoroastrian majority civilization which became Muslim majority within a generation due to attrocities by Muslim rulers. The only Zoroastrian alive today aer the ones whose ancestors escaped Persia and settled in India. Turkey was another civilization that was forcefully conerted to Islam. You say that Islam is in minoroty in India. What you fail to do is take whole of South Asia - the Indian subcontinent into account. The Indian Subcontinent came under Muslim rule and due to the attrocities, Hindu population dwindled and Muslim population rose. As opposed to Iran and Turkey there was no drastic transformation to Muslim majority society because Hindu religious practices are so deeply rooted. Also the British rule put a stop to the Muslim attrocity and curtailed further covnersion by sword. Inspite of this, more than 50% of Indian subcontinent, that is majority of Indian subcontinent is Muslim.
ashish tripathy
15/07/2012 19:58:57
religion of pieces
don,t play taqqiya here , we know that how muslims are beastful savgeous , pakistan and bangladesh are the result of islamisation while other parts of india resisted the muslim scumbags . it is u muslims who denies the islamic atrocities what about mahmud ghaznavi , mohammad ghouri , timur lang nadir shah and an ahmed shah abdalli and still today muslims are spreading violence many parts of india and other parts of world , ur peaceful religion is carring operation in pakistan,afghanistan,iraq,syria,nigeria,yemen and somalia
04/07/2012 01:12:01
Islamm is peaceful religion.
Islam is religion of peace forever,,, who killed
Meximum people in history ? Ashoka, Hitler, mussolini, there is no name of any Muslim in this list ? Everyone says Islam spreads on swords but you can see in history Muslim ruled over 600 years in India but Muslims are still in minority.. How can be it possible ? Please don't take anyone's step as Muslim. Muslim can't be a
Murderer and murderer can't be a Muslim,,
23/06/2012 11:20:41
Fanatic religion
Islam = Terrorism
All it knows is death and destruction and ofcourse the promise of 72 prostitutes and 28 virgin boys (gilman) in heaven....
Raj Puducode
23/06/2012 10:59:09
Islam means hate
Everywhere there is Islam, there is mayhem. ON THE WHOLE WORLD !!! Show me one country where they live peacefully with other religionists. Islam is a curse on humanity.

23/06/2012 07:24:02
Be aggressive
Unless and until Hindus become aggressive such things will repeat



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