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Government Does Nothing to Stop Love-Jihadis: High Court
23/06/2012 22:41:58  

Kochi: The High Court has clearly stated that the government is doing nothing to stop the Love-Jihadis. The court also drove home the point that the umpteen directives issued by the court towards the government in adopting measures has fallen on deaf ears.

The statements made by the court came, following a habeas corpus filed by Unnikrishnan, who hails from Kozhikode, after his daughter was missing. Unnikrishnan has alleged that his daughter has been kidnapped by love-jihadis and is now under house arrest, after forcibly getting her converted to Islam. His daughter is 19 years of age and is a student of Homoeopathy.

According to Unnikrishnan, a previous attempt in kidnapping happened on 8 April, 2012. The person responsible for this is Harris, who hails from Kunnamangalam. A case was filed, following which the magistrate court directed the girl to return home with her parents, as per her own wishes. But, Harris was successful in his second attempt, which took place on 9 June.

Unnikrishnan filed a complaint to the police, where its stated that his daughter as kidnapped when he (the father) was in hospital for treatment.  However, the grievance made by the hapless father fell on deaf ears.  It was the callousness of the police that made him file for a habeas corpus. A detailed hearing will be done today by the division bench comprising of Justice KT Shankaran and Justice ML Joseph Francis.

Report Based on: http://www.janmabhumidaily.com/jnb/?p=61324

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23/06/2012 05:33:33
Wrong Date
Please note the date is June 9th and not July 9th as mentioned in the article. Kindly rectify the mistake
23/06/2012 00:03:42
Love Jihad

Love Jihad is a plot against Non Muslims all over India, but in Kerala its particular and visible. Due to the economical backwardness of Non Muslims. Most of the working class Goans of Mumbai had already been converted to Islam, so the Goans in Mumbai lost identity.

See, other metro cities of India. Except BJP ruling states, every where its active. Its a systematic plot against other communities to take away our only sisters and daughters. We non-Muslims should be united to face this challenge. Kerala is going to be a Muslim League ruled Pakistan, otherwise.
Achansh Jaiswal
22/06/2012 23:24:44
My Suggestion
My suggestion to my fellow Hindu brothers is too start making small small groups of Hindu men in every lane and by lane particularly in the minority dominated areas,so as to resist these followers of desert religion next time when they try to humilate our sisters.
22/06/2012 23:10:14
Kalakaumudi artile here
The Kalkaumudi magazine article about love jihad can be seen on this facebook profile- pdf file. The magazine copies were mass purchased and destroyed by islamists in kerala. please share it
Ex-Muslim (Murtad)
22/06/2012 16:07:22
To Ravi

You must have read this article in Mathrubhumi too:

22/06/2012 11:55:32
Pls publish this story in the headlines
publish this story..
Graphic images..viewers discretion is advised.

A Hindu temple being burnt by Muslims during the same riots...
22/06/2012 11:53:33
RE: My observation
@Indian: you should have thrown a rod in the the wheel spokes when they were driving the bikes..
22/06/2012 07:22:50
My observation
Last time when i was in Kerala, observed in a traffic Jam at stretch of 5KM, I have seen few guys(No mustache with beard ) driving bike up and down in that traffic Jam, making some comments to girls in a bus.In my opinion this is one of the way of getting attention by poor girls.Someone should kept a tab on these anti-social elements.
22/06/2012 06:57:50
no surprise
One cannot buy the argument that these girls were kidnapped.How could they be kidnapped in broad daylight in an urban state like kerala?. These girls are utterly ignorant and are easily brain washed.Lately a number of jihadi hereos have entered films and playing love jihad roles in films also. In a way it is being promoted.Recently we saw a stage show in which Shah Rukh khan was hugged and kissed by all the shameless mallu front line heroines as if they found nector.The film world promotes sickularism for business reasons and the college going girls with their low IQ fall for these habits.I wish all parents warn their daughters and teach them some history about this desert faith and their intentions. If the girls dont change pls write them off for life and set an example for the others.
GSK Menon
22/06/2012 02:55:41
Government does nothing to stop
All Hindu organisations should jointly set up an Anti Love Jihad Task Force, to provide help to parents and to organise special squads to hunt and track down the wicked forces.
22/06/2012 01:13:37
Never obeys court
The Kerala government whether commies or cong has a reputation of not obeying even Supreme court`s orders. The national media will also be silent on these issues. If not obeying SC orders happen in BJP ruled states, then much fanfare will be created and the CM will be kicked out or be forced to bundle out.

22/06/2012 00:52:29
please read
Two days back there was a news in Mathrubhumi (may be by mistake) abot a murder in Kanyakumari dist. in which one Ramesh was killed by a group and the police arrested them all bearing muslim names including the brother ofh
his wife whom he married from muslim community on love marriage.

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