"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Hindutva is the true Synonym for Secularism: Ram Madhav
21/06/2012 05:31:14  VSK, Chennai

NewDelhi: RSS Akhil Bharatiya Saha Sampark Pramukh Ram Madhav said that “Hindutva is the “true synonym” for secularism and is liberal as it embraces all other religions”, said  in Delhi today.

He was clarifying the comments made by RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat over the debate related and a secular idea,” he told reporters.

“To portray Hindutva as anti-secular is not correct and narrow minded. Hindutva is the true synonym for secularism. We have always felt that Hindutva is the ideological anchor of RSS and it is liberal, all embracing uncalled for to link his view to day-to-day happenings on the political front and statements of certain leaders,” Madhav said.

Ram Madhav said that what its chief Mohan Bhagwat said while addressing its swayamsevaks should not be viewed in the context of the present political situation in the country.

“It is uncalled for to link his view to day-to-day happenings on the political front and statements of certain leaders,” Madhav said.

Without naming Nitish Kumar for terming Hindutva as not being secular, Madhav said everyone has the right to put forth their views in democracy, but maintained that secularism and Hindutva are not opposed to each other

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22/06/2012 08:55:32
Real Secularism
The word 'religion' can not be defined. Plato once said - 'if you accept the undefined you will end up defending the indefensible'. Problem of the secularists of India lies here. It does not make sense when it is said that all religions should be respected. It is impracticable to simultaneously respect the sensitivities of both idol-breakers and idol-worshipers. So, respecting all religions is an absurd idea. But, we can respect all Gods, Allah, Yahweh included; and that's what we Hindus do - 'Sarva Devebhvya Namah'. So, Hinduism is the practical and real secularism.
Chaitanya Gulvady
22/06/2012 00:13:35
A CM with a One State base nurtures ambitions of becoming the PM piggybacking with BJP support and sees Narendra Modi,a leader of the BJP with an all India support base, as his opponent to the post.That is why short of stating the obvious, he asks for a secular person for the PM's post.All the Central Investigating agencies have given a clean chit to Narendra Modi.It is only the Pseudosecular Media who continues to revile Narendra Modi for their own communal agendas.Narendra Modi as a CM has had a taintless reign as an unbiased progressive leader of the masses.And he rightly deserves to become the PM if the BJP/NDA commands a majority in the next elections. Who are these political leaders giving out certificates of secularism? can they give this Certificate of Secularism to the present PM and the Kerala CM, of the UPA which has aligned with the Muslim League in Kerala? Its time for the BJP jettison these burdens from the NDA & pursues the Hindutva idealogy with great firmness as proposed by Shri Mohan Bhagwatji.
21/06/2012 09:43:25
Hindutwa is a synonym for 'secularism'.
Exactly! Respected Mohan Bhagwat ji said the right thing when he stated that Hindutwa and secularism are synonymous.It is a shame that Nitish Kumar displayed his ignorance of Hindutwa.Being an alliance partner in the NDA,he should have known that Hinduism is the most tolerant of all religions and that Hindutwa is equivalent to real secularism. Unfortunately,the pseudo-secular,unethical political parties have changed the meaning of 'secularism' to mean 'anti-Hindu',to please their votebanks.
21/06/2012 09:29:39
I strongly object to this view. This what the professional pseudo secular called congress wanted us to believe from the time of Nehru. And they wanted us to believe that minorities are for their religion only. They never tried to make them believe that the so called minorities also should be secular. Because of this we Hindus have become sacrifice goats for minorities. Secularism is not our responsibility alone.
21/06/2012 07:18:34
India is secular becuase of the majority Hindus

Sri. Ram Madhav is absolutely correct. Hindutwa is the true secularism.

Those fake secularists should understand one thing that India is secular, because of the majority Hindus, not because of Mrs. Soniaji or Muslim League.

See, the developments all over the world, the minorities were wiped out, where Muslims are in majority. See the example in Kahmir and what is happening in our own state Kerala and see Malappuram, Kasargode and Maradu, these are happening in a great secular and democratic country, where this Congress ruled for 55 years.

Secularism is not the licence for killing the majority community of this country. Secularism is not for discriminating the majority religion of this nation. Abusing Hindus and their Gods are the birth right of certain political parties and minorities.

Muslims are behaving like the rulers of this nation and Congress is pretending to show, Muslims as the poorest of the poor of this nation and none other than them. If Muslim invaders, who ruled our nation for 1100 years could not improve the lives of these community, it was just because of their attitude of over eating and breeding. Nobody can succeed with half-a-dozen wives and 40 children. Muslims must have born to eat and breed, but we are not born to die on their hands.

Make it sure that nobody take the future of India from Hindus.



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