"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Kerala has now been entangled in the vicious grip of the Muslim League
20/06/2012 23:51:16  

Here comes one more matter for ‘Secular Hindus’ who voted Congress and their Communal allies to power. Hard earned money of both ‘Communal Hindu’ and ‘secular Hindu’ will now be officially diverted to a so called charity of ‘Muslim League’.
The state government of Kerala gave GREEN’ signal for local bodies to contribute religiously to the funds of C H Mohammed Koya Charitable Funds belonging to the Muslim League. Permission has been granted to make contribution of any amount that ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakhs. This money should come of from the budget allocated for development in each panchayaths.Earlier permission was granted to panchayaths that fell in the purview of Thiruvananthapuram alone. Sensing no much protest to that, following a letter sent by the District Secretary of Muslim League, the matter has been extended to every part of the state.

It must be noted that Kerala has thousands of panchayaths. So taking the minimum amount, Rs 1 lakh as contributory amount will ensure the Muslim League a fund flow of Rs 10 crore. And in case of Panchayats where the rule is under UDF or the Muslim League, the flow of fund, in all likelihood will mount up to Rs 3 lakhs. And all this, without an iota of effort or hardwork!!!

State governments have, even earlier, granted permission to make contributions towards trusts and memorials that have been constituted in the names of eminent and illustrious leaders. However, this is a glaring case of the heights of graft, of national levels and selfish motives towards a single community. All this, because the person pulling the strings happens to be then State Panchayat Minister, who is MK Muneer, who, by no surprise, happens to be the son of Mohammed Koya.

This is yet another glaring example of how the Muslim League has craftily put its tendrils into every aspect of government using unlawful and indiscrete ways. From writing off land belonging to Calicut University to a Trust owned by Muslim league to Fift Minister to Plugging in Muslim league members and sympathisers to all key posts to the recent Relaunch of  a Government magazine as Kunhalikutty’s article came as fourth , the examples are innumerable and now this. The state of Kerala has now been entangled in the vicious grip of the Muslim League.

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GSK Menon
24/06/2012 08:35:41
Kerala has now been entangled
Whenever an election comes I find the BJP is silent on love Jihad, Land Jihad, Fake indian currency, inflation, Kashmir etc. There are wonderful issues to appeal to the apathetic Hindus, but the BJP leadership does not raise any valid issues. As a result NSS & SNDP keep voting for UDF & LDF in turns. BJP should make the illegal demands of the Muslim League into a major electoral issue.
21/06/2012 05:31:01
where is the opposition?
Have we heard it properly? Why is the BJP silent on this issue.? As it is the media plays down such criminal acts of the minorities.
21/06/2012 03:26:37
Income of Panchayaths is tax collection from public. Public includes Hindus. If hindus are still majority in this state, then the major portion comes from Hindus. Then there are Christians. In all probability, the money come from non-muslims. Giving money from non -muslims to a muslim organization amounts to JAZIYA (a tax collection from non-muslims). Already such money is distributed in the form of haj subsidy, special muslim scholarship etc.) Well whatever the case is soniya gandhi's agent must rule Kerala.
21/06/2012 02:56:45
Communal Government
Those governments who spend common tax payer's money for minority religious activities are COMMUNAL, Out of the 140 MLAs in Kerala almost half are from the minorities. OUt of the 73 MLAs of Ruling coalition, around 40 are from minorities, i.e. 60%. Then how can anybody expect an unbiased and equal governance. HIndus, please arise, awake immediaately, otherewise the coming generation will curse you. Change the system or Hindus will have to face the situation of Hindus in Kashmir. Run away and take refuge in neighbouring states. Please see the present pathetic situation in which the Kashmiree Pandits are liviing elsewhere as refugees. Nobody thinks of them speaks of them. They are a forgotten lot. If this has happened to some other community the situation would have been different. The sympathy shown to Muslims run away after Marad massacre of Hindus is still in our minds. All the political parties were competing for their return. Please rewind your memories and think of your next generation
GSK Menon
21/06/2012 02:10:09
Kerala has now been entangled
Inspite of being aware of all these dangers, Hindus and Christians of Kerala keep electing the same UDF to power. It is understandable that asinine Hindus are devoid of any power of discrimination, but I am surprised that the Church is also hell bent on committing suicide. The more they strengthen the UDF the more powerful the Muslim League will become.
Somebody should approach the High Court with a PIL to stop such misuse of tax payers money. If Muneer wants to project his father let him use the family funds, why should Panchayats donate for this ? Muslim League has become Smart League, pilfering public funds to run family & party trusts.
APK Nair, Mumbai
20/06/2012 21:34:53
Hindu Tax
Soon Hindus will be taxed in Kerala, and the corpus so generated will be used for going to Haj and for the welfare of Pakistanis over here. A party called Muslim League is active only in Kerala and Pakistan; still stupid media calls them 'secular'.



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