"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
14 People from 4 Families Convert to Hinduism
19/06/2012 00:23:17  Press Release

Mumbai, 17th June 2012 :  In the event organized by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) here on Sunday 14 People from 4 families converted to Hinduism. It included 8 Christians & 6 Muslims. Braving the heavy Rains all of them arrived here in Wagheshwari Devi Temple to embrace the Vedic faith. The Programme was organized under the leadership of VHP Zonal Secretary Shri Anand Kumar Pande in Filmcity, Goregaon East. It Included Christians who were converted 3 years back like the family of Dinanath Jaiswal, a resident of Pimpripada Slum to some of them who were born in Muslim or Christian faith & were never Hindus before until today like, Ameen Zaheer Khan an Engineer with a multinational company who now changed his name to Aman Kumar Malhotra & Faisal Ansari a small time businessman who became Amit Tiwari. All of them performed the Shudhikaran Yagna & recited Vedic Shlokas while undergoing the process of initiation into Hindu Religion.

                    It also included a Poor Widow Nasreen Shaikh & her two children Chand Nasim Shaikh (son) & Jasmine Shaikh (Daughter), who has now decided to name her son as Vinayak Pawar & her daughter as Pooja Pawar. As per her after attending the prayers organized by VHP in her area she felt relieved & starting liking Lord Ganesha,who helped her to pass the rough phase  which she had to go through after her husband passed away. Same were sentiments of other participants, as per some of the Christians they were earlier Hindus but were misled by Missionaries of Tabor Ashram in Kalyan ( a Pentecostal Sect) that after converting to Christianity they would leave alchohol & their economic conditions will improve & as adviced by Pastors they threw the photos of Hindu Gods & Goddesses in near by lake, but even after years things never changed & after meeting VHP workers & attending the Prayer sessions organized by VHP in their area they decided to return back to Hinduism by their own free will. As per the VHP Zonal Chief Shri Anand Kumar Pande  “ we will continue to preach Hinduism to unreached people so that they can get the esscence of the great Vedic Culture which they had forgotten after being cheated and left at the mercy of those who are known for their crafty designs”.

                   VHP  District Chief Secretary ,Shri Arvind Dubey presented each family a photo of Lord Shiva & a copy of Ramcharitmanas. Bajrang Dal District organizer Shri Shushil Upadhyay administered all of them the pledge after which they were accepted in the mother faith. Other members present were the VHP Jint Secretary Shri KV Ramchandran Nair, VHP Oshiwara District Secretary Shri Aneesh Nair,VHP Joint Unit Secretary Shri Kannan Swami & RSS District Joint Secretary Shri Suhas Vaidya.

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19/02/2013 13:05:26
About Our Hindhusium
Describe Our Hindhu Dharmas.Without Dharmas Some People Knowing For The Shake Of Money only All People Converted.But Now Am Happy with Inciedents....
We r real
17/01/2013 22:56:16
Cöngradulation to return to origin
Hindu Your Dad
19/11/2012 02:22:19
Yes I do believe those people who toke money to convert into another dads religion likely Christians. Just by converting into another religion with the help of money likely Rs 10,000 and 5 kg`s of rice , salt, turmeric powder, mirchi powder, extra money for building an home , sending their daughter to lay with Hindus to convert for night ... Probably u might find quiet same which u have done before converting.... you guys are taking about the religion which thought how to live, work, speak.... born to one parent and saying that i belong to another parents
24/06/2012 03:14:37
What is "KARMA" ?Why do the innocent suffer? Why does God permit evil? Is God helpless to act or does he choose not to? And if He chooses not to act,
24/06/2012 00:46:37
To - Noufal Bin Abdillah
After understanding a little about Quran and without understanding anything about other Scriptures and by listening to comments of some Missionaries/Others who intended to denigrate Indian Culture & Heritage how can you judge /Comment on something. Quran/Bible/Vedas/Upanishads/Puranaas/Other Books are not the private property of an Individual/Community. These are all for the entire Human beings in this world. The problem arises when we consider those books as our private property or considering a particular book as directly from god and by blindly following it. All these books are meant to make changes in the mind. So read, critically analyze and practice good messages as said in these books.
23/06/2012 23:11:27
Reply to Noufal - 3
“In islam there are strict laws and mode of approaches to each and every activities and obligations to be charged.these all are revealed by Almighty throgh messengers (prophets selected among the people).This is the 'exam' by the God to give us the admission to His heaven.”
Islam force people to believe in Quran as starting point and show fear of Hell, if they are not believed. It shows God has an insecurity-complex. Most of the Quran verses are outdated and not applicable in the 21st Century. Please read article in the below link and think about it scientifically, rationally and logically and conclude. http://agniveer.com/god-crazy/
Like messenger Nabi/Jesus here in India arise a lot of Messengers and we call them as Gurus/Rishies. This is why when Arabs & Christians have only one religious book in their whole life period, in our motherland India, we have nearly 2000 scriptures that too on various subjects written in various periods. So in India there is no compulsion in religion. One can attain salvation through many pathways for eg:- Yoga. Even Chaarvakaas (Atheists) are called as rishies in this land. Arabs & Christians found only one pathway to attain salvation and so they compel the followers to walk only through that pathway but this philosophy is not applicable in India and now in this world in this 21st century. I request you to read any of those scriptures at least once in your life with an unbiased mind, analyze it and take good from it by the same way reject the bad.
See the concept of God as per Vedas – http://agniveer.com/series/vedic-lessons/
23/06/2012 23:08:02
Reply to Noufal - 2
“I wonder that Hinduism doesn't believe in Heaven and Hell. Are you satisfied with this silly world ,where guilties are often made as innocents and innocents are made as guilties.? Are you satisfied with descrimination and injustice of this world. These are to be quetioned by the God ,ie after our death and to be rewarded as per our belief and deeds”.
Everything here in this world is acting according to the law of Karma. As you think God is not a judge nor a Police officer nor a terrorist. Quran images the god similar to a terrorist who kills those who disobeys him or unbelief him and take care those who praise him. Please think whether it is a godly nature or a terrorist nature. Heaven and Hell is what we are creating here in this world. All the pleasures in Heaven as per Quran (ie Virgins, Wine etc) is easily possible here in this world and that concept of heaven is entirely different with the concept said in Indian Scriptures. Please have a rethink.
23/06/2012 22:06:13
Reply to Noufal - 1
@ noufal bin abdillah
“It is same as the belief in Islam” – You are wrong Mr.Noufal
The basic concepts of the Islam are as follows:
- God is just, kind, perfect
- This life is our first and last life
- God is testing us here
- Based on the marks we obtain in this test, we will go to either Heaven or Hell.
As per Vedas it is different. So don’t compare and conclude it as same.

“But unfortunately you are saying Hindu believers can worship the Almighty God in form and formless at same time vedas say the God is formless. from did u get that He can be worshipped in forms?”
Please don’t learn or try to learn the concept of Hinduism from Politicians or Mullahs. It will create hatred towards our Culture & Heritage. Vedas says the god is formless but it never says god is not in form. “Esavasyamidham Sarvam”. There exists only one god and it is reiterated throughout the Upanishads and Vedas. Ekam sath vipraa: bahudaa vadanthi. The ultimate truth is one and only one, but some scholars may tell that it is many fold. In Taithareeya Samhita,Rig Samhita etc it is clearly said that god can be worshipped in forms. I think it is clear now.

“Giving forms and moulds to the supreme power is reducing the power of the God, it is imaging the formless unimaginable the God as idols”.
What is the logic behind this statement? How the power of Omnipresent, Omnipotent god will be reduced if we worship him in a form. Idol is a tool to increase your power to imagine the formless god. This is why Kaaba is made as a point of direction for your prayers. All the Muslims worship towards the directions of Mecca, they worship Kaaba, they worship the 32 cms diameter black stone (which was worshipped by Prophet) kept in Ka aba, they clean the Kaba with rose water and cover with costly silk. If these are not idols & symbols, then why should they do all these rituals?
23/06/2012 05:28:43
is hinduism mis interpretated!
Dear Unni V,R M Nair
my name is noufal,bin abdillah(means s/o abdillah)
am very happy and respectful to your vedic quote and explanations.it is same as the belief in islam.
But unfortunately you are saying Hindu believers can worship the Almighty God in form and formless at same time vedas say the God is formless.from did u get that He can be worshipped in forms?
Giving forms and moulds to the supreme power is reducing the power of the God,it is imaging the formless unimaginable the God as idols.
Almighty is beyond our guess or concept .we are poor creatures of Him
I wonder that Hinduism doesn't believe in Heaven and Hell.Are you satisfied with this silly world ,where guilties are often made as innocents and innocents are made as guilties.? Are you satisfied with descrimination and injustice of this world.These are to be quetioned by the God ,ie after our death and to be rewarded as per our belief and deeds.
In islam there are strict laws and mode of approaches to each and every activities and obligations to be charged.these all are revealed by Almighty throgh messengers (prophets selected among the people).This is the 'exam' by the God to give us the admission to His heaven.
thank you
your friend
noufal bin abdillah
23/06/2012 06:23:39
Hinduism/Sanathana Dhrama
36. Our customs and rituals are not for pleasing gods but for fetching psychological, physiological, family based , social and national benefits.

37. We always considered the men and women have the same great role and hence our Indian gods are always present with goddesses as given in trimoorthy sankalpa.

38. We never said those who are obeying god only will be protected and those who are not obeying our god will be punished.

39. Indian gods never cursed anybody for not helping them.

40. The god’s days are great , glorious and pleasant days.

41. Indian concepts of gods will not take your sin but guide you to lead a sinless life.

42. Our gods never fought with ghost and we do not have any satan at all who are always acting against gods.

43. We never consider the man is produced all of a sudden by god, but formed through evolution as described in dasaavatara.

44. We consider earth is our mother and living beings are the part and parcel of our family.

45. We never worshiped anybody who is doing wonders after death. But we know the human beings can get himself elevated into the level of gods by good deeds. Even gods themselves take the birth as human beings known as avathara.

46. We have never given anybody the responsibility to elevate somebody after death to a level of saints.

47. Indians never converted anyone to our culture by provocation and compulsion.

48. Ultimate aim of human life in India is not to lead a luxurious life on earth or heaven but to attain the level of a brahmajnaani, the knower of ultimate reality and truth, giving up to the luxuries.

49. In India every living being is considered as the embodiment of divine power. We elevated the animals and plants to the level of deva vahanas and punya vrukshas.

50. Selfless nara seva is narayanana seva.

51. Every human being, we consider as the tool in the hands of the omnipotent omnipresent divine power.

52. We advocated to lead us all from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and fro
23/06/2012 06:23:15
Hinduism/Sanathana Dhrama
16. We never said all those who follow other path ways will perish.

17. We gave permission to accept any pathway of life.

18. We gave permission to add more/new knowledge to the existing knowledge in your own way.

19. We never advocated to follow anything blindly.

20. Critical analyses through saastram pramaanam, aapta vaakyam pramaanam, prathyksham pramaanam and anumaanam pramanam are suggested.

21. We were never god fearing people, we were god loving (bhaktas) people.

22. We never considered human beings as sinners.

23. We always accommodated any new branch of worship and religion.

24. We gave permission to accept and reject any method or every method of worship.

25. We also have no objection on somebody becoming an atheist. We considered atheists also Rushies. Science and spirituality went hand in hand here.

26. We never went for group prayer and all sorts of worship are considered as personal in nature.

27. We gave the freedom even to refuse and reject any branch of thoughts and create your own method.

28. We prayed for the well being of one and all including those who are following other pathways.

29. We always requested others to follow any guidance after critical analyses in the light of saastram.

30. We had different level of understanding the nature and divine power because the concept of god is different at different levels.

31. We consider divine power is within us/ all human beings and living beings.

32. The Indian temples are not merely prayer halls but quantum healing centers.

33. We elevated the status of even a stone to god by seeing divinity in it. The plants and animals were given the divine status. Earth, Sun, air, water and all those are considered with divine respect.

34. We never became agents for making more followers for our gods.

35. We prayed directly to god and never through brokers.
23/06/2012 06:21:25
Hinduism/Sanathana Dhrama
Specialties and greatness of Indian culture?

1. Indians knew that the knowledge required for human beings cannot be confined to one book. Hence our forefathers presented the knowledge required in 1280 foundation dharmic literature + 10,000 Sanskrit commentaries + 1,00,000 sub commentaries in regional languages.

2. We have never declared that one book can give all the final knowledge for human beings.

3. We have also never declared that one man can give all the knowledge.

4. We have not said that all the knowledge can be compiled during a particular period of time.

5. We always envisaged that many people should write many books at different period of time and the knowledge should continuously grow and never remain stagnant.

6. We in the commentaries of ancient Indian books and sub commentaries, always tried to follow the method of addition, deletion, modification and correction of the knowledge during the course of growth of our culture.

7. We always advocated taking the knowledge from anywhere and everywhere.

8. Integration science and spirituality.

9. Integration of the good from the old and new knowledge.

10. Integration of the experienceable and experiementable knowledge.

11. Integration of every branch of the knowledge with spirituality.

12. We never argued that only one man can give you salvation. We know that sins cannot be transferred to somebody.

13. We never argued that only one book will protect you from all Sins.

14. We never said only through this or that pathway you are going to reach god / heaven.

15. We never said ours is the only correct pathway.
Unni V
22/06/2012 01:24:46
As per Vedas , everything is sitting within/covered by God [ Eeshaavasyam idam sarvam] and says that is formless/cant be defined/cant be measured/which is the "Paramatma" - Ultimate truth . Param here means that which is beyond time,place or form.Atma is brahman.
This is the pure experience within and has to be sought within oneself [ You could see something like this concept in Islam - sufism , Christianity - Gnosticism etc ]

Those who follow Hinduism is free to worship in any forms or formless , depending upon the level of individual.There is no strict laws or punishments for the followers , like that in Islam & Christianity . We also do not believe in Heaven or Hell , and everything is here itself .

Vedas/Upanishads/Ithihasas & Puranas [ there are a lot but mainly ]are the main scriptures.
21/06/2012 22:05:09
14 People from 4 Families Convert to Hinduism
Majority of the people give importance to the form of God one should worship. But as per the Vedas, not much importance is given to the worship. It has given importance to the way of life –One should lead a dharmic life. Both the desert religions are preaching violence. Christians and muslims claim that theirs is the only true religion. If their claim is true, why no divine people were born in their religions after Jesus and Mohamed so far? It is a fact that the ‘holy’ books of these two religions are preaching violence to convert people to their respective religions. Whereas Hindus will try to reconvert the people explaining the advantages and merits of Sanatana Dharma. The love of God is very conditional in both the religions, and some sort of fear is created among the followers, who should not question the authority of their God. One has to obey His ‘commands’ without question. If you question, you will be sent to hell and not heaven. If you study the history of the world, these two religions and the Marxists have committed innumerable atrocities and killed maximum number of people till date. The most humane religion is Sanatana Dharma.
21/06/2012 15:01:58
My dear abdullah, when you wrote there is just one god Allah, i bowed down in reverence to your sense of argument and superior intellect. We are in fact blessed to have dimwits like you to keep us entertained.
21/06/2012 09:17:53
To noufal bin Abdulla
Friend this is not a subject for argument. But you are wrong. We worship only one god in its most pure form. But we believe he has many status. We worship his different forms. Like when you are Abdulla, you are a son, maybe a husband, a father, a brother a subordinate, a superior, a nephew, and many more. Your people see you in different characters. But all the time you are one Abdulla. When you and me, just ordinary men to others can be such different forms, The all mighty, the supreme power, which has created this entire universe can have so many forms, and worshipping that power in whatever way you can will lead to him. We do not insist that one should call him any particular name only.
21/06/2012 09:17:53
To noufal bin Abdulla
Friend this is not a subject for argument. But you are wrong. We worship only one god in its most pure form. But we believe he has many status. We worship his different forms. Like when you are Abdulla, you are a son, maybe a husband, a father, a brother a subordinate, a superior, a nephew, and many more. Your people see you in different characters. But all the time you are one Abdulla. When you and me, just ordinary men to others can be such different forms, The all mighty, the supreme power, which has created this entire universe can have so many forms, and worshipping that power in whatever way you can will lead to him. We do not insist that one should call him any particular name only.
21/06/2012 09:10:25
To naufal bin abdilla
Google search 'A complete idiot's guide to Hinduism'.
noufal bin abdillah
21/06/2012 03:57:51
what is hinduism
am an indian muslim.am proud of to be so .i dont think both are conflicting each other.as my belief ,it is in only one god,that's Allah,.i dont know about hiduism.many of my hindu friends dont know about hindu belief.i it has so many gods and idols of them.
Pls let me know the difference between islam and hinduism
21/06/2012 03:47:44
Christians donot believe in power of Jesus-if he has any.
In many affluent churches one can find tall statues of Jesus on towers with a lightening arrester. That means they do not believe he has power even to save his statue from lightening. How true!
21/06/2012 01:42:02
Confused people
Maximum number of Christians and Muslims are misled and confused by what is written in Bible and Quran.It is not their fault, because they listen to the so called religious preachers in churches and mosques who have their own intentions and they make everybody confused.Their only intentions is to get donations from gulf,Europe,US etc.

It is high time that Christians and Muslims learn their holy book and interpret it properly.Then only they can understand what is the true purpose of life.
21/06/2012 01:38:27
Ashok Joseph
Ashok Joseph Stomech is in full he can't eat anything and he closed his eye and ear.
21/06/2012 00:39:14
Regarding Kafirs
@Ashok Joseph: Bible says that those who are not believers of the god (gods which xians axxept) are sinners...MY QUESTION

20/06/2012 23:03:29
religious mindset
While Semitic religions create a strong mindset that hates or looks down the people who don't believe, Hinduism teaches us to develop and use Viveka which is free of mindsets and still be religious.

That is the reason a Hindu is tolerant while Semitic religions tend to be intolerant.

A strong mindset to no mindset is definitely a forward journey towards civilization. I welcome my brothers and sisters to Vedic Dharma.
20/06/2012 22:24:38
Mr.Ashok Joseph
Says the lord ; Alas, you who are longing for the day of the lord for what purpose will the day of the lord be to you? It will be darkness and not light ; as when a man flees from a lion and a bear meets him, or goes home, leans his hand against the wall and a snake bites him. ( Amos 5 – 18).
Are these Christians waiting for this (Lord’s) day. ? This question is asked by the god himself. The lord is asking for what purpose is this day waited for. . God’s days are dark and there will only be the darkness. It will be giving the fate of a man running from lion and getting caught by a bear, if that man escapes from these two, the god says he is not saved, the man is bitten by the snake. This means the god will revenge the man (to the last point), whosoever is struggling for the life. The only reason is that, that they worshipped other gods, or they happened to be among those who worshipped other gods. Analyse each and every word of the god.
# Lord says Near is the great day of the lord, near and coming very quickly; listen the day of the lord! In it the warrior cries out bitterly, a day of wrath in that day; a day of trouble and distress; a day of destruction and desolation; a day of darkness and gloom; a day of clouds and thick darkness a day of trumpet and battle cry ; against the fortified cities; and I will bring distress on men so that they wil walk like the blind;….( Zephaniah 1 – 14 – 16)
Is this the terrible and horrible day that the Christians are waiting for?Is this the day to which the converted people are going to be taken?Is this the day the Christian world is waiting for and praying for?Is this the daivaraajyam…beware poor people you are being converted to take to this day of god.
20/06/2012 22:18:51
How the Christianity spread world over in the first millennia in Europe, second millennia in USA, Canada and Africa and remaining going on in the third millennia. Had Jesus ever told to do this spreading of his teaching through butchering many millions in the name of bible, the sacred book. Why many scientists were burnt alive?
20/06/2012 22:16:39
Reply to Ashok Joseph -Evangelization
Shouting and screaming that Jesus will come and save you ! this is day light cheating and fooling the audience by those who know he never come . this is a pure business perhaps white collar religious business . You know Jesus is afraid of only one section of people that is Christians. As Bernard Shaw said there was only one Christian and that man was crucified. And killed.
20/06/2012 21:59:42
Reply to Ashok Joseph
@ Ashok Joseph,
In Christianity advice is given through blind faith and god fearing approach and vivid conversion techniques, and providing help, money, medicines, and exploiting the poverty of the poor.
Bible is a story book and most of the messages from bible are cruel and childish and still you people like you are calling it as truth & follows it blindly.
Jehovah created Adam and Eve. If you calculate back it may be around BC 4000. So Adam is nearly 6000 years old .The oldest human dead body excavated from Ural Mountains is of 69,000 years old!
Adam was created on the seventh day, Eve was created from the bone of the man, and Virgin Mary conceived Jesus from god (none of the woman can conceive without a sperm of man). God started talking to people through different persons in different places. Adam and Eve got Kayen as the son. And Kayen got a son! If there would not have been another woman, how can Kayen get a wife and from her a child? That means there were women other than Eve. This repeats for their many generations says bible. So the whole story is non scientific and unbelievable. Like this every line of Bible has confusing statement which can never be scientifically explained or believed. Go through that and analyze scientifically, rationally and logically you will understand that bible is a story book…….
Unni V
20/06/2012 21:03:18
@Ashok Joseph
Could you elaborate what is the so called "Kingdom of Lord" ? And how do you define SIN ? Do you know the true meaning of "Kingdom of Lord " ? Do you think that the Sky God will come down one day and raise all the dead [ should be so smelly as the bodies would be too rotten ]?No one is going to come down to save you .

As per bible Satans will rule and dominate ... , so is this applicable to UK/US/ and states like Nagaland etc ? May be true :-)

Read this and get enlightened !


20/06/2012 20:21:50
To Mr Joseph
The man who could not save himself will save you? Phhooohhh! Christianity is the biggest fraud ever to be perpetrated on humanity. Take it from me the 'Original Sin' is not eating of the apple of wisdom by Adam and Eve, but it is the Strategic Monotheism going by the name of Abraham/Ibrahim. The second original sin is religious conversion formulated by your Saint Paul while the concept of jihad propounded by Mo is the third. Modernity started in Europe when Christianity got overshadowed under Greece-Roman Paganism reappearing in the form of Nationalism.

Do you respect your ancestors? Or,you have changed father?
20/06/2012 14:01:10
Why is every one trying to justify anything to this brainless nincompoop Ashok Joseph? Stop preaching to these schizophrenic souls. These are the lost ones and let these low intellect programmed ones be lost for good. It is good riddance from hinduism. These lost ones never understood the messages which were far beyond their comprehension and hence now we see the result in the insane sentences coming out of the mangled mesh of nothing in the head.
20/06/2012 13:15:07
To Ashoka Joseph
In UK the local population knows that Christianity was responsible for the Dark Ages when learning was lost from Britain. It was only after the Pope/ Catholicism was thrown out of Britain did they then make strides in science and arts. It is only the Rice Christians and Muslims from India and Africa who are fanatical about their blind faith in these desert faiths. Wake up Joseph and open you eyes and heart and return to your ancestral faith.
20/06/2012 08:54:57
To Mr Joseph
Those 'prodigal children' of Bharat Mata has returned home, when will you?
Ashok Joseph
20/06/2012 08:42:20
@unni.. In Bible it says that before the kingdom of Lord the satans will rule n dominate but will b punished..hence its important for u to read bible n accept Jesus to save ur self from burning in hell..& VHP/RSS people are biggest sinners coz they are stopping n posing as hurdles for people to accept Jesus.
20/06/2012 08:02:59
congratulations all the brothers and sisters who back to real you.
jai Bharath
20/06/2012 07:31:39
Aren't they Hindus
Every year more than 150 abou students commit suicide unable to bear stress "imposed" by corporate colleges at 10+2 level.99.9% are Hindus.Total Fertility Rate is 1.8 in Andhra Pradesh.Most of the Hindu Couples are going for family planning after 1 child(if it is a boy in particular-trend is prevailing in people of all castes).
In Road accidents more than 600 youth are losing their lives(I am mentioning about youth only).Parents gift them bikes like Pulsar's,Karizma's,Fz's.
Due to Telengana agitation and provocation done by TRS(led by its Machiavellian chief Chandrasekhara Rao) and its Chamcha called TJAC(all these leader's(leading Telengana Movement)-Their chidren kith and kin are unaffected)-They are "cool" in America and other foreign countries.Telengana movement claimed lives of more than 700 youth in Telengana.
In addition to this due to the carelessness of Private bus operators who drive at 120-140kph speed and their Profit orientation only-More than 150-200 devotees(All Hindus) die.In addition to these things Stampedes at Temples.
What about "Small and Marginal Farmers" who commit suicide unable to meet their daily needs.
So Aren't 99.99% mentioned above deaths not of Hindus.I Sincerely request you to give a thought to these things also seriously.
20/06/2012 06:55:37
i thanks haindavakeralam for this good news and congrats those brothers and sisters who have returned to mother religion

jai bharat maa
Unni V
20/06/2012 01:28:30
For Ashok Joseph , this news hurts
For Ashok ,when Hindus converts to christianity , it's good and they know what they are doing and are in senses ,and when it's the other way they are not in senses , so he is praying to Lord ! Ha Ha Ha .Ashok thinks that patent of Conversion business is with desert religions !

And this is happening in US & Europe and wondering why Lord is not making them understand !

Haleluya !
19/06/2012 22:54:30
@Ashok Joseph
What do you mean by terrorism I don't understand. Your religion is terrorising people in north eastern states where followers of your religion kidnapped and killed brutally Hindu workers in Tripura who dedicated their life for upliftment of our sisters & brothers few years back. What your people are doing in neighbouring states like Andhra,Tamilnadu,Maharashtra etc where religious conversions are going on vigourously attacking hindu beliefs in schools,colleges,govt offices etc. Is it not terrorist activities? Who was destroyed the idol of Nilakkal Bhagavati in the year of 1983 while fake cross found by your people to make obstacle on sabarimala pilgrims. You people damaged a Hindu Temple in Meghalaya last year the last one existed in the state. You people are attacking on our culture,belief,custom etc and I am saying you may try to understand all these activities are terrorism.VHP & BAJRANG DAL are working for our country providing services to our poor Hindu bretheren and make them free from evil designs of your people. If you think VHP & BAJRANG DAL are terrorist organisations then you cant live here in this country and better go out the country for ever for a good Hindu society. Why do you stay here as a burden to our country having no patriotism. YOU ADVICE YOUR CHURCH " YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING"
19/06/2012 22:51:28
Welcome back to Hindu Dharma
Definitely more and more people will come back. Once they realize the hollowness of the alien religions, those who have thinking capacity, will definitely come back. They will realize that these religions on shaky grounds are not suitable launching pads if they aim the ultimate goal. Only till then they can be fooled by providing materialistic goodies.

We need to make sure that none of the foreign religion minority groups are crossing 5% of the total population. This is the only way by which we can ensure the stability and safety of our country and culture.
19/06/2012 22:24:31
Reply to Conversion
@ Ashok Joseph - The quotes said by Swami Vivekanada and Mahatma Gandhi is as follows “It is not a serious issue that if a Hindu got converted into Christianity, that the number of Hindus decreased by one or number Christians increased by one. The problem is that an enemy is created against this nation and culture……… “. VHP or RSS or such organizations are patriotic enough to wipe out such enemies created by Christian Missionaries. Now think who is doing the real Terrorism? In India everybody has the freedom to select his/her faith/belief. But Christian & Muslim Missionaries are converting the poor Hindus by Hooks & Crooks and by denigrating Indian Culture which is not at all acceptable. Instead of losing your temper please check the status of Christianity in Western Countries and also check the extend Hinduism is acceptable. You can see in 186 Universities of America include Bagavad Gita as a part of their Syllabus. In Harvard University – Bagavad Gita is the part of MBA Syllabus. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Sanskrit is one of the compulsory subjects. In Toronto University – Department of Hinduism is the biggest department. In Manitoba University – Sanathana Dharma is teaching in different batches. In America 17 Million people is practicing yoga daily (news from Indian Express in 2007).22% Americans moved to Vegetarian Diet. Ayurveda is widely accepted etc. So I request you to observe, analyze and try to remove your false mind set and be an Indian first - who love his culture and heritage before being a Christian.
19/06/2012 22:30:58
Would be happy to read such news happening in Kerala also.
Sudheer Kumar
19/06/2012 22:20:59
Dear Ones,
In kerala also we have to conduct these type of programs.
19/06/2012 21:09:03
@ Krishna Kurup
Convert to Islam is not love jihad. Love jihad is jihad through love with Hindu girls using love and then force for conversion. Here in Mumbai what happened was conversion on its own. I think you have understood now.

Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism
Ashok Joseph
19/06/2012 19:23:32
What else can u expect from such terrorists like VHP & bajrang dal.. Lord forgive them as they dont know what they doing !
sree Nair
19/06/2012 06:10:23
Conversion to Hinduism
These hapless people should be economically helped immediately.
Rich industrial owners should come forward to help.VHP should contact those memebers and form a fund to help in these cases.
A Proud Hindu
19/06/2012 06:03:41
Home Coming
Congratulations to those who have made efforts getting back them into our culture and I wish them more courage in future to do the same.
GSK Menon
19/06/2012 03:53:19
14 people from
A good and noble task. Missionaries are active in Maharashtra. I met a person who told me that his maid converted to christianity. The Missionaries undertook to pay the childrens education fees and job for husband. A nice set of clothes was given to all with instructions to wear only that and come to church every Sunday, where their attendance would be taken and the clothes would be verified. These sort of gimmicks makes a profound impact on the neighbours. VHP should adopt similar strategy to counter evangelical crookedness
19/06/2012 01:47:29
Great News !

Let us wait for such great news in future on a daily basis.

India is the only country in the world where majority wants no conversion but minority wants conversion. We majority Hindus have to craete such a situation in India wherin minority will ask for a ban on conversion.

Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism !
19/06/2012 01:48:28
congrats.great work by VHP to organise a home coming events.myself a muslim but i believe in hinduism
19/06/2012 01:43:34
14 people from 4 families
Please do not use the word 'convert', the correct word should be 'returned to' Hinduism, the faith of their forefathers. These are people who have found their way back to the right path, people who have realised where they truly belong. We should help more people to 'return'.
Krishna Kurup
19/06/2012 01:43:25
Love Jihad
Convert to Islam is called Love Jihad and to Hinduism is called what?



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