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New hope dawning for Kerala BJP
18/06/2012 11:27:11  VR Jayaraj | Kochi - The Pioneer

Is the outcome of the Assembly by-election in Neyyattinkara in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district giving new hopes to the BJP which has been unsuccessfully trying all these years to make the Lotus bloom in God’s Own Country? Observers say yes.

The main factor that gives the BJP the right to dream afresh about opening account in the Kerala Assembly in the future elections is the fact that the votes-hare of the party went up by 500 percent in the June 2 by-poll in Neyyattinkara, results of which was announced on Friday, compared to the party’s score in the 2011 Assembly election.

That this achievement became possible mainly because O Rajagopal, former Union minister and perhaps the party’s most popular face in Kerala, was the BJP candidate in the by-poll is undeniable but shrewd strategy-formulation and tireless, systematic and enthusiastic electioneering were equally responsible for it.

It is true that the BJP strategists and workers had hoped that Rajagopal might win the by-election or at least claim the second place but the fact remains that even the third place he secured is not a bad achievement considering the number of votes he secured in such a tightly fought by-election which had crucial importance in the current political situation in the State.

“The intelligence and shrewdness of the BJP strategists had reflected in the selection of the right candidate at the right time for the right constituency,” admitted a former State committee member of the CPI(M) from Kochi. “That selection proved that the BJP bosses had rightly understood the socio-political undercurrents in Neyyattinkara,” he said.

The Congress-led ruling UDF fielded Marxist turncoat R Selvaraj (who won the seat) and the CPI(M)-headed Opposition LDF chose F Lawrence, a former Kerala Congress man, primarily because they belonged to the Nadar community which constituted almost 50 percent of the 1,64,856-strong Neyyattinkara electorate.

“The BJP strategists had shown the right judgement in fielding Rajagopal, a leader with clean record, with the goal of appealing to the Hindu Nair and Ezhava communities which constituted the majority of the remaining half of the electorate. Also, the outfits of both the communities had given enough indications that they would not oppose Rajagopal,” the CPI(M) leader said.

Observers say that the situation in Neyyattinkara was favourable to the BJP and this feeling had made the workers all the more enthusiastic in election work. “The main strategy of the BJP was to attract the voters disillusioned with both the Congress and the CPI(M) while ensuring a consolidation of majority communities’ votes,” said Kozhikode journalist R Sankaran.

Indeed, the BJP had lost a lot of votes it had expected to fall in its kitty. This was mainly because of the toppling of all the poll issues with the brutal murder on May 4 of Marxist rebel TP Chandrasekharan in Onchiyam, Kozhikode which became a formidable weapon in the hands of the Congress-led front against the CPI(M) in Neyyattinkara.

But poll and political analysts agree that the Rajagopal’s achievement in Neyyattinkara shows that the BJP could invest more wishes and efforts in constituencies like Neyyattinkara in the same way they have been doing in Manjeswaram and Kasaragod in northern Kerala where party candidates used to claim second place almost in all elections.

“It shows that the ‘BJP-is-communal’ placard held up by the Congress and the Left alike need not work everywhere,” said a Congress leader. “I think some serious changes are taking place in Kerala’s politics. The by-poll experience also shows that the BJP too can hope to win if it plans and works for elections intelligently and systematically,” he said.

It is in this context State BJP president V Muraleedharan is saying that the era of bipolar politics may be coming to an end in Kerala and it will now be time for “tri-polar” politics. Muraleedharan said that the party could not garner the votes that it had expected but the enhancement of vote-share from 6.730 to over 30,507 in a year was a very positive sign.

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20/06/2012 07:09:31
Congress & secularism

Encouraging religious conversion in name of religious freedom is not secularism.

See the company of UPA leader, who is the super prime minister of India. The left of this leader is Mr. Asadudin Owaisi, the most communal politician of India, whose party MIM was involved in most of the religious riots and killings in Hyderabad, at her right side Muslim League leader, another most communal poison of democratic India, who never had talked a single word against Kashmiri Seperatists or against those serial terrorist attacks in entire India.

Now those charge sheeted in variety of scams (2G, CW, Adarsh, Deffence) all are the heroes of Congress and UPA.

Congress will do everything feasible to avoid jails for their leaders, so they need power in centre. In last Parliament election they spoiled the chances NDA by splitting their allies in Orissa and Tamil Nadu. This time they are doing their best to brake and take Sri. Nitish Kumar.

They will keep doing it and people of India have already decided to vote BJP.

APK Nair, Mumbai
19/06/2012 21:44:05
Keep the Flame alive..
To keep the flame of glory of the Neyyattinkara consolidation alive in the minds of general voters, BJP has to consider filing a case against the winning candidate who has misused the government machinery in the by-election. Filing of an RTI for the amount that changed hands allegedely through a NBFC owned by the Christian community there during the election period and period prior to that, would be sufficient proof to initiate legal proceedings.

If BJP sits quite now and do nothing, the memory of this glory will fade from the minds of the general public. A long drawn litigation can be a good tool; and there are chances of getting this very Selvaraj out through court proceedings.
19/06/2012 07:16:37
I don't know how BJP strategises at the moment. There are lot of numbers that BJP strategists has to play with. They have to do proper analysis at booth level. Identify where Hindu consolidation is possible. Concentrate on those places where there is possibility of winning. A team of Swayam sevaks from IT Milan can be put together in background work and analysis.
19/06/2012 04:52:06
Kerala BJP need to get some lessons from Karnataka. They have a history of failures and finally they ruled. Neyyattinkara proved that if work hard BJP can win. BJP even postponed their state meet to work fo rthis. And the result was good. e3specially when the sinking communism, which is holding 90% of Hindus is good turning point for BJP. Make use of it. Make sure youth is not going behind communism. BJP need to make it's venues more attractive to youth. Providing them enough ideology which is more acceptable in the new generation thinking. I think there is a mental block among old timers in RSS in kerala to accept the new generation. Yuva Morcha is doing well and good on this front.
18/06/2012 22:12:12
Failure & Success

As I used to write :

Success is always start with a process of failure. Instead of looking at the past, we need to look at the future.

We have to ignore those Hindus, who are against us. The day day they become independent financially, socially and mentally, they will start supporting us. Let them be at present with Communists or with Congress. They are our brothers and their support is sure, either today or tomorrow.
M Balachandran
18/06/2012 20:51:51
Election Strategy
Election Strategy

I suggest the following by Kerala BJP to mange & gain seats in Kerala.

1. Contest in all seats of Local body elections & find out the votes got

From the previous election results take the highest polled 20% seats for contesting Assembly & Parliament. Full party should work at these places instead of wasting money & man power in all places. In rest of the seats tell publically that BJP is ready to give votes to parties / front who publically request support. If no one responds to this, then give open direction to vote the parties other than Congress / CPI(M)in these seats where BJP is not contesting. Where Congress vs CPM fight is there, ask to vote independants.

The above will help smaller parties & hence their votes in the seats where BJP is contesting can be obtained to some extend. In longer run these parties may join with BJP
18/06/2012 19:42:46
Strategic thinking is needed in BJP.
If you see successful politicians all across the world, all they have in common is strategic thinking. Some BJP politicians have understood this game like Modi and Chauhan.What about the rest of the BJP politicians ?. They should stop bickering and not giving changes. Instead they should do some strategic thinking focus on elections and then win.
18/06/2012 19:42:46
Strategic thinking is needed in BJP.
If you see successful politicians all across the world, all they have in common is strategic thinking. Some BJP politicians have understood this game like Modi and Chauhan.What about the rest of the BJP politicians ?. They should stop bickering and not giving changes. Instead they should do some strategic thinking focus on elections and then win.
padmanabhan iyer
18/06/2012 14:50:28
BJP emerging in Kerala
The striking success of OR in Neyyatinkara bye election creaing a 500% rise in BJPs votes is people's respect for purity in public life.OR did not however get elected more due to communal polarisation but defenitely because people continue to fully believe that alone BJP can make it



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