"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
CPM leader Kunjananthan Flees in Purdah
17/06/2012 23:58:32  HK

One among the main accused in TP Chadrashekharan murder case, PK Kunjananthan, Area Committee Member of CPM Panoor is suspected to have escaped from a man hunt. It is alleged that the escape was made in an autorickshaw, after Kunjananthan dressed himself up as a woman, wearing a purdah. It is said that an autorickashaw was selected for the purpose as cars and other bigger vehicles are liable to fall into police scrutiny. The escape move comes in wake of police strengthening their investigative activities in the areas of Madayi, Cheruthazham.

Madayi, Cheruthazham are some of the frequent haunts of Kunjananthan, prior to which he was stated to have been at Korom Central and Kozhummal of Payyanoor. Investigation team has also obtained reports of Kunjananthan having visited the Rea Committee Office of Madayi. They now suspect that he could be in hiding in areas like Kuttoor, Cimmeni of Kasargode District. Search was also extended to Payyanoor Cooperative Hospital as well. But the team feels that owing to the heightened investigation that’s being conducted, there is a strong possibility of Kunjananthan being scooted off to others states. This has led to strong security checks at National Highways and other pivotal road ways. The intention is to arrest him before he surrenders voluntarily.

The bail application submitted by Kunjananthan was considered by the Court owing to police reports stating that in current circumstances, there are no grounds to convict him. Also his counsel, Advocate K Vishwan had contested that permission must be granted to present the case diary. The court granted permission for the same, along with submission of enquiry report, on 16 June.

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raj nair
20/06/2012 03:08:11
kommie leaders of kerala
Look at Kommie leaders like EP Jayarajan, Pularayi vijayan and K.jayarajan; these koomie draculas and their families enjoy the portion of the hard earned money of the common workers, in the name of party levy. These kommie leaders appearance remind me of Hippopotamus and their style as blood sucking mosquitos.
19/06/2012 01:17:26
Kannur is no more the safe heaven for Marxist goons

Killing humans, on basis of ideologies can not be supported by anyone in the literate world. Its against the humanity and mankind. Marxists are the fake secularist and democratic. Basically there is not democracy and communism all together. All these years they were fooling those innocent people of talking about revolution and socialism. Now they are talking of secularism, democracy and communalism. These fake communists have no credibility.
APK Nair, Mumbai
18/06/2012 02:48:29
Oru Naal Varum
Thamasiyathe Ommen Chandiyum Pardha ittu sthalam kaali aakkum...



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