"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
RSS chief favours Abdul Kalam
17/06/2012 23:55:46  

HARIDWAR: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today came out in support of the candidature of A P J Abdul Kalam in the Presidential poll, saying he is apolitical and that it will be good if he is elected..

"It will be good if he(Kalam) is elected as President. The comman man thinks that he is a nice man. While rest of the people have a political background, he does not. We can only give our opinion. But only lawmakers can elect the president," Bhagwat told reporters here.

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APK Nair, Mumbai
19/06/2012 04:04:10
Kangress attitude
Kangress got a habit; rejects whatever RSS says and acts in the opposite direction.

I wish RSS Chief should soon declare that Sonia is Indian; no doubt the very next day she will fly back to Italy (that is the simplest way to save this Holy Land).
18/06/2012 21:18:49
Kalam becoming president is good but, Mamta's intetntion is different
Most of Indians knows Kalam is efficient to become president but I seriously doubt the intention of this crooked Mamata , who is always looking through her "Muslim coated Glasses" wanted to appease them by fighting for a Muslim as President .Also plays drama by stating that she is ready to sacrifice giving up the current ministers for them . This is also politically motivated to establish her dominance in the central ministry by raising Kalam's name for Presidency as she knows that she could win the support of even BJP/RSS & other parties.BJP should not have supported her decision as , Kalam himself denied to become the Presidential candidate and avoid a contest.

18/06/2012 00:04:17
President and RSS
Why not RSS suggest Sri P. Parameswarji as President ?
Sangeeth Nair
17/06/2012 23:57:18
Why this comment now ?
This subtle comment completely killed any chances left for Dr A P J Abdul Kalam to be the next president of India.

Its one of my dreams to see him Dr A P J Abdul Kalam to be the president again.



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