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BJP's Impressive performance
16/06/2012 13:15:41  http://newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/article543798.ece


Going by the one element in an election that matters - a win - the BJP simply failed to connect in Neyyatinkara. Nonetheless, the saffron party’s performance in the caste-driven southern constituency is impressive on a number of counts. Firstly, the sheer number of votes pocketed by O Rajagopal, 30,507, catapulted the BJP’s vote percentage in Neyyatinkara from a measly six per cent in 2011 (6,730 votes) to an awe-inspiring 23 per cent in the June 2012  by-election.

When the last vote had been counted and the battle lost and won, the BJP stood first in 22 booths, seven in the Athiyannoor panchayat and 15 in the municipality area. Pushed to the third spot, the battle-wizened former Union Minister’s presence, however, stunted the majority of UDF’s R Selvaraj, the victor.

“It could have been better, but we are satisfied with what we got. Isn’t there a five-fold increase in our votes? We did not have alliances, we fought alone. Pitched against us was an entire government machinery,” Rajagopal said accusing the UDF of misusing state machinery to ensure a win.

The BJP was expecting its kitty to hover around the 35,000 mark, but that simply was not meant to be. BJP state president V Muraleedharan offers reasons: “We got a lot of the LDF votes, but the UDF was able to stem the flow of its own votes to the BJP with its aggressive campaign using the murder of RMP leader T P Chandrasekharan.”

Three factors helped the BJP scramble up the vote ladder according to him; the party’s robust organisational set-up, Rajagopal’s unmatchable persona and the curious political situation that existed in Kerala ahead of the by-election.

And two factors helped Selvaraj win, he added; support from the loyalists of V S Achuthanandan and the consolidation of Christian nadar votes. Muraleedharan juggles with more figures.

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17/06/2012 22:03:45
Lets focus on the best performing constituencies for next 4 yrs
We made impressive performance in the following constituencies.

Nemom ( Sure Win next time)
Trivandrum East

Lets have a proper action plan and dedicated effort in strengthening the party and grow our votes in these areas. These are the hopes of tomorrow. TVM Loksabha constituency as a whole is a good stenghth of BJP
17/06/2012 21:22:55
BJP Can Decide
At least one thing is clear : BJP may not be able to win on its own , but BJP can decide who will rule Kerala.

Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism !
raj nair
17/06/2012 17:14:30
I don't think the thirty thousand votes BJP bagged is due to Rajagopal's personal integrity. If another election takes places in the same place and Rajapoal is not the candidate, the 30,000 turn out to be 5,000 which is thousand less than last year's election. Such are brainless Jandus voting habits.
17/06/2012 08:32:47
Long way to go
BJP have lot more to do. It will make a difference for sure. Need to get a good Visual Media support (Janam TV is almost ready to launch) and then hard working youth (Yuva Morcha is gaining large momentum in the state, DYFI is dead according to Pinarayi himself.). We have a good example at Karnataka, they won the same way. Hard work and dedication. Kerala's challenges are bigger considering all the minority pleasing and vote banks. Communism is still holding all the genuine Hindus into their folder by threat or treat. BJP's performance so far in Kerala is impressive. It's challenges in Kerala is higher than most other states, except Kasmir or far eastern states.
M.N.S. Nampoothiripad
17/06/2012 01:35:22
A big pranam to O.Rajagopalji. BJP's performance is impressive by any standard. What next is to build on the impressive and shining record in Neyyatinkara beyond the district and up to Kasargod. Nor the disarray in the UDF and LDF camp. The UDF has deployed hindus among them to defend the indefensible. Ramesh Chennithala, Satheesan, Sivakumar are in the forefront to defend the domination of muslim league and christian congress(officially called Kerala Congress). They are giving new definition to their own brand of secularism. So it is all right if Muslim League and Christian League function as "secular" political parties. The only alternative for hindus in Kerala is to float a Hindu League and work as such.BJP and Hindu League or HINDU MUNNANI should fight as a coalision in Kerala. Let Hindu Munnani fight in some 50 seats and BJP fight the remaining seats. Expose the holloness of the UDF by giving them a fight in their own coin.
Suresh Nair
17/06/2012 00:06:10
BJP should give proper reply immediately to congress.
BJP got these vote without direct support of any community. BJP not promised anything for any of the community. All the Hindu communities are keep distance at the time of election. But here hindus understand their situation and they voted to BJP. So these are not communal vote, these are the vote for their existence and Rajetan's personal creditability. On other side congress got Nadar Christian vote collectively due to they promised community reservation, one minister for them etc.

Today Congress MLA Prathapan said, at present in Kerala very dangerous situation is going on because of BJP got more vote share. He don't have any problem his president and Chief minister given wrong promises to one community for getting vote. And he don's have any problem for communal muslim league got 35,000 vote margin for last election.
I am requesting BJP leaders to reply proper comments immediately, otherwise always ordinary Hindus will think BJP is dangerous party. This is not good for our future.
16/06/2012 23:38:47
BJP's Votes.
Here the comrades should remember one thing; their vote bank was and still is Hindu community. Not the church and pastor controlled christians or the other so called minority. If the LDF will still go for special minority appeasing schemes they will face more.
The christian-muslim party called UDF should also remember that all constituencies are not Neyyattinkara with church controlled votes. And with more minority oriented programs they will also face the same thing and even if BJP cannot win the state, other parties will find it difficult to calculate.
16/06/2012 22:53:23
Neyattinkara made every Haindav proud.

Great awareness, we need more root level organizing programmes. Lack of fund is a main reason of our draw back. If the leaders are focused, it can be generated from the supporters of all over the world. There should be some initiation in this direction.

While Congress and Marxists are calling us communal, whom they are supporting. We are not more communal than those parties of minorities and we are more nationalists than the parties involved in minority politics. We too have the right to live in this society, we can not die the way, the people of Maradu were butchered. We are not born to die on the hands of "jihadis" or anti nationals or political goons, just because we are keeping our majority identity and culture.

We should love more our people, without hating others. We should treat it as a birth right of every Hindu to protect our women and children from evils or whenever they are in difficulties.

My heart felt congratulation to those warriors of BJP, who worked day and night for the party in Neyattinkara.

We should work against alcoholism. Also against women and child abuse. We can reach those needy people only through social services. Those less privileged are our blood and we can not ignore them any more.
16/06/2012 14:30:37
this is good...but what next
Dear Editor

Its a nice pat on back but what next, do we have such strength to at least repeat this performance in other assembly seats. do we have our organization strength in place. 22pc of vote can give us govt in Kerala if we can repeat it else where...

There is no language in the world, even Greek, which has the clarity and the philosophical precision of Sanskrit, and this great India is not only at the origin of everything, She is superior in everything, intellectually, religiously or politically and even the Greek heritage seems pale in comparison.

Frederich von Schlegel : Great German writer, critic, philosopher, philologist, the most prominent founder of German Romanticism



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