"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
BJP's Gain in Neyyattinkara and Lessons to learn
16/06/2012 02:46:46  HK Correspondent

From 4% the BJP has gone upto 25% in its vote share at Nayyattinkara which indeed is a very encouraging sign. It is appreciated that there has been a concentration of Hindu vote which in fact slipped mostly from the LDF share. Also evident from the results are the almost total consolidation of Nadar Christian votes which in spite of many odds  made Selvaraj the winner.

No doubt that a good number of Nairs and Ezhavas voted for Rajagopal which is a welcome change at a place where the UDF stalwarts like Ramesh Chennithala, Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, and Anil Kumar etc have been vigorously campaigning. Yesterday President of Kerala Viswakarma Sabha President Adv.P.R. Devdas made a statement that the reason for the defeat of Rajagopal has been BJP’s failure in gaining support of the scheduled casts and scheduled tribes and added that there are about 14000 Viswakarmas in Neyyattinkara.  With the known support from Nairs and Ezhavas, if there had been a more serious effort to consolidate the votes of the SC/STs as well, the election result would have been different.

It is true that the main issue BJP raised during the campaign was about the 5th Muslim League minister. But the seriousness of the issue really did not get into the minds and hearts of the category who are kept below the poverty line and maintained that way with subsidized rations, free electricity, water connections, a free goat, a couple of hens and the like.  They are the lot casting 100% vote and make a candidate winner or looser. 

No doubt that the votes gained by Rajagopal are not all for BJP, but for his personal charisma as well.  So, the lessons from Neyyattinkara could be the choice of right candidate and a grass route level campaign to attract the votes of common man among the Hindus. The congress Hindu and Communist Hindu for whom the subsistence and survival depends on their allegiance to the party will not come out easily, but the common man definitely could bring about the changes.

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Gopa Nair
18/06/2012 04:05:15
Few Action Points for BJP
In addition to many of the good action points mentioned here , I must add few.
1. Take up some issues that touches larger hindu society such as issues faced by the Sabarimala pilgrims [ This starts from the higher ticket charge taken from Ayyappa Devotees in KSRTC bus for the same route , to inadequate pilgrim facilities] . Consitently work on these issues , highlight across kerala.
2. Hindu movement and a logical conclusion of the Temple funds [ from major temples] diverted for other secular purposes. Now Temples are also under RTI as per Madras HC verdict yesterday, demand the information and highlights how our temple collections are used / misused.
3.To win elections , u need money, that too big money. Since BJP is not in power in kerala, you will not get big ticket funding. Set up easy mechanisms to collect funds online etc.I am sure a large number of committed Hindus across the world will be willing to spare small money every month[ just like we pay our mobile and electricity charges] Make it easy to deposit, send gentle reminders every month and money will start flowing. Just ensure that the money is spent wisely and there is accountability.
4. A Hindu leaning media is really really need of the hour. I always get surprised by the sheer ignorance of even educated people about the events in India and Kerala because they are fed only by the secular / left media houses. We urgently need mass commnication channels to reach to our people with clear and consistent messaging.
5. Have long term target in mind, but work for today at the grass root level. [ Here again to get people to spend lot of time for party , need money ].

I am sure, if at least a large number of Hindus unite, we can create wonders .
Jai Hind... Hai Hindu
Gopa Nair
MNS Nampoothiripad
17/06/2012 01:59:31
A big pranam to O.Rajagopalji. BJP's performance is impressive by any standard. What next is to build on the impressive and shining record in Neyyatinkara beyond the district and up to Kasargod. Nor the disarray in the UDF and LDF camp. The UDF has deployed hindus among them to defend the indefensible. Ramesh Chennithala, Satheesan, Sivakumar are in the forefront to defend the domination of muslim league and christian congress(officially called Kerala Congress). They are giving new definition to their own brand of secularism. So it is all right if Muslim League and Christian League function as "secular" political parties. The only alternative for hindus in Kerala is to float a Hindu League and work as such.BJP and Hindu League or HINDU MUNNANI should fight as a coalision in Kerala. Let Hindu Munnani fight in some 50 seats and BJP fight the remaining seats. Expose the holloness of the UDF by giving them a fight in their own coin.
APK Nair, Mumbai
16/06/2012 22:14:40
Sobha Surendran
If BJP comes to power at the Centre, the first thing to do is that Sobha Surendran has to be nominated as a Rajya Sabha nominee from any State. She is another Nirmala Seetharaman, and a person who can win the hearts of even the opponents.
16/06/2012 12:28:47
Community representation in BJP
BJP should have leaders from all sections of Hindu society.I dont know if there are state level leaders from Hindu Nadar community.If not leaders should be moulded from the community.BJP has a very good following among hindu nadar community in kanyakumari dist and there are prominent leaders like Pon Radhakrishnan.As far as I know most leaders of BJP are from Nair,Ezhava and Viswakarma community.This situation should change.There must be good leaders from SC/ST Community too at the state level.
16/06/2012 09:02:53
should consider ...
There are ceartain points we should consider ..after neyyatinkara elections various discussion groups around online hindu communities pointing to lack of sate leaders in BJP .We should have more Rajettan like leaders, who can acceptable by everyone in any assembly consistency.

1 For this we should start working from root level. Leaders should participate local functions and frequently intract with local people in aarea( rather than coming only for elections).

2 The most important thing is funindg..i know many places BJP workers don't have money to running their party cases.Many places they want to wait for some other parties grace.This should change and we should have a proper funds to running our legal fights, for that many options are there..like online payments and all. Someone from state leadership come forward and setup a system for donation so lakshs of BJP sympathisers who are working outside kerala can help our BJP/Sangh brothers.

3 An open forum where BJP/sangh guys can openly debate and discuss their issues.HK and lot of FaceBook hindu communities are there but very few discussions are happening. Instead of this we should create adiscussion forum and will discuss each and every assembly segmants issues there.Top BJP leaders should watch those discussions and they can plan accordingly.

4 For assembly elections 2015 we should do something immediatly, to gain some seats.our long term plan should be elections going to happend at 2019-2020.For this short term plan we should concentrate atleast 20 places in kerala.This consisitencies we need to identify as soon as possible and start working there.We should go infront of people with day today issues.

5 Should have more inroads to hindu groups like SNDP,NSS,KPMS and others..

6 Leaders should be careful and stay away from anti party activities
9 We should be aggresive and should attack both fronts(ldf/udf) in our campigns .
If any BJP/sangh leaders watchingh this comments in HK please consider
16/06/2012 09:43:39
BJP, take up some issues and work the ground !
Can BJP fight against corruption ?

Can BJP fight for the poor who are deprived opportunities due to reservations ?

Can BJP get some of the well-to-do in the so-called 'backward' classes to voluntarily declare that such reservations should be ended ?

Can BJP show-case a Dalit, a Muslim, a Christian Nadar etc who support BJP and who can articulate why they do so ?

Can BJP be seen as genuinely working for the benefit of all people across the board, irrespective of community/religion ?

BJP has to be noticed ten times more than it is now.
16/06/2012 09:31:24
Like the election results started coming out with the news of Rajagopal leading, on the election day also the UDF camp spread out the news about Rajagopan making gain and this resulted in the near total turn out of Nadars at different polling booths. Congress leaders like Muralidharan don't see any danger in such polarization of Christian votes, but warns everyone about the Hindu polarization that started at Neyyattinkara. The curse of Hindus has been the presence of such default Hindus who are the leaders at UDF and LDF camps. It may be desirable for them to get converted like the YSR Reddy, Shibu Swaran, Jaspal Reddy, Kodikunnil Suresh etc and enjoy the total benefit of conversion rather than ridiculing the real Hindus.
16/06/2012 04:37:26
Lesson of Neyattinkara

Our sincere congratulation to those committed people of Neyattinakar, who voted for Sri. Rajettan. Greatest motivation for the rest of Kerala.

We have to be well connected with the mass, by spiritually, socially and with the aids to the needy people.

Going only for votes with election time alone will not help us in general.Community votes can be generated only through aids and services to the needy.

BJP workers has done an excellent job in uniting and motivating the maximum number of people and Neyattinakara will change the rest of Kerala without any doubt.

We have nothing to be ashamed of and we have proven through this election that Hindus are not a third citizen of Kerala, the way minorities and two major political parties are propagating. All these days they destroyed us through secular labels. But Hindus alone can not be secular.

Congress calling BJP a communal. While, Muslim League and MMI, are occupying 2 seats of left and right of Sonia in UPA meetings, these 3 in raw are the most communal and Hindus have no right to get united in name of religion.

We don't stop, until and unless we throw them out of power, in entire India. Then only we can remain as a proud Hindu.
16/06/2012 05:07:54
NSS and SNDP: BJP shoulod focus on them
True Casteism is a curse of our Religion. But BJP should "Harvest" votes from SNDP and NSS. you can't over look these two organisations. Let the Hindu Power Grow!!!!

"Balagokulam, through its different types of programmes and activities, tries to wake up the divine infant of Nandagokulam, who fills the hearts of the children of Bharath Mata. So, Balagokulam has got a historic mission to accomplish. Let HIM strengthen the children and workers of Balagokulam to march forward with the victory flags of Bharath Mata. Their leader is none other than Sri Krishna, HIMSELF"

Poojaniya H.V. Sheshadriji



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