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Arya Samaj application launched for Ipads and Androids
15/06/2012 13:56:26  Press Release

Arya Samaj launched Applications for IPad, I phones and Android based phones and Tablets. The free App includes Bhajans ,Vedic Mantras, Photos and Satyarth Prakash.

For Android phone:

For Apple phone or Ipad!!

For any feedback , feel free to email at aryasabha@yahoo.com

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18/06/2012 22:29:40
Hindu Calendar Application for Android
Senthil Kumar
16/06/2012 05:32:27
Hindu Calendar
Respected Sirs,
I would like to give my humble suggestion. It would be great if we can get Apps other than the ones included in the list such as the Hindu Calendar, Astronomical positioning of the planets according to the Hindu Science etc. Because many are confused with the celebrating birthdays using the Gregorican Calendar which has no scientific basis. Knowing the exact time for doing poojas or any rituals (both temples and homes)

Thank you



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