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Islamic City or Smart City?
12/06/2012 14:07:48  HK

Only students from the Muslim community were specially invited and felicitated at the inauguration of Smart City Pavillion. This has now raked up a high standing controversy.

Following the inaugural speech made by Minister PK Kunjalikutty, the Chief Executive Officer of Team Com, Abdullah Laitf Al Mullah began his speech. In what appeared to be a pre-planned drama, 4 children: Subaid Ibrahim, Abi Nissar, Muhammed Aslam, Akbar Ali came to the stage. Sporting the Islamic cap, the children were warmly welcomed by Al Mullah. Raising their hands, he declared publically that these children will be the beneficiaries of Smart City.

The act of Al Mullah stunned many who were present at the venue, including Chief Minister of Kerala Oommen Chandy. And in a span of a few minutes, probably sensing the controversy that might snow ball, the CEO had to offer his version of explanations. Everyone at the state ministerial level seemed to be clueless about the happening. However, it was revealed that a certain businessman was the main designer of the strange happening. Things unfolded soon. The plan was to make the Smart City authorities adopt these children. That was the sole reason for selecting 4 children, exclusively from the Muslim community.

Kerala’s Chief Minister of Kerala seemed to be in a hurry to leave the scenario, which he did cleverly too. When asked by journalists about why something like this took place in an event which has the involvement of the state government as well, all that Oommen Chandy could do was mumble an evasive reply and scuttle away in haste. “Students are always the crucial factors who decide the extent of development and the incident shows how local people are an inseparable part of the project,” the Chief Minister’s statements somehow seemed to be incoherent.

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16/06/2012 14:41:25
Islamic city or smart city
Even though we criticise all this we have to learn a lot from this. Learn to unite and learn to establish ourselves in this democracy like in Gujarath. The iron man MODY is proving what and how the real hindutva can progress in there state and its people. Hinduism was ,is and will be a tolerent religion.but unfortunatley we lost guidance and unity because we are self satisfied with our rich cultur. The west and islam understanding this weekness is invading us and our society by injection there arrogance and violence(just see syria,egypt,afgan,pakistan..its death,bombs and violence in there culture)millions are dying and killing themselves for what???????
League is playing and powering with muslim votes,they are into the same direction .making money and creating violence.Unfortunatley our communist brothers who are injecting themselves with venom killing there own hindu brothers for what??????? reasons unknown.
I pray for all hindus to unite and enrich the world with loka samstha sukhino bhavanthu.
How is this possible ......vote for there cause, vote for there party...show the responsibility and leadership before we loose our culture and future.And of course stay away from superstition and Alchohol.
I. Chandrasekharan, Ottapalam
16/06/2012 06:57:50
Reason for inviting Muslim children only.
Because the smart city is sponsored by Dubai a muslim State
16/06/2012 05:15:48
To IUML Mullahs!
IUML leaders! DON'T THINK YOU CAN HOODWINK US. We will not allow Muslims to walk away with this. YOu live in a Hindu Rashtra. You cannot truck the majority of us and think your Arab cousins will help you claim our land and our wealth! We are Aware! We are Awake. And We are United!
Sumesh T R
15/06/2012 20:28:29
@@ a Well wisher
I'm not loike to say anything who is under the mask of even his name"a well wisher" any way I want to say something.. Mr. Well wisher do you think you are really a well wisher? Do you think Mughal can conquer Hindustan for 600-700 year,,my foot....Hindus are come from a base believe in Hindutwa and even pray for the enemies" Loka Samastha sukhino bhavanthu".. I don't know you know this. You like peoples are living here including Muslims/Christians who eventually doing religious conversions and divide n rule is because we respect all kind of people, but don't ever think that that our inability to raise hands /voice against it..So please shut your mouth
15/06/2012 11:58:11
Islamist city
@ Well wisher
Thank you for well wishing thinks abt the news. Nothing is going to happen if it happened in punjab with 4 sikh kidsust imagine 4 sikh kids in this function as their presence is not in kerala.what we will think, it's organized by some punjabi sikh community or gurudwara. tht's what happeing here as well.
after watching this news we think this Smart city is only planned for muslim kids. or this function is organized by some madrasa.
A well wisher
15/06/2012 06:10:43
This is bad!
I am not sure if the case would have been same if the 4 children were wearing the Sikh turban. I am just wondering why this sort of communal thinking arises when it comes to Muslims alone. You know, the place where Smart city is going to come is currently populated mostly by Muslims, so it is obvious that they would be the concerned ones when they lose their land and so forth. Why this sort of thinking with a mind full of hatred towards a community as such?

If Islam was asking for converting India into an Islamic state, it could have been done when India was ruled by Muslims, that too for almost 600-700 years by the Mughals and so forth. So it is baseless to say that Muslims are working silently to make India an Islamic state. This sort of thinking would only cause division within the people of our country and it is not going to do any good. This is the same seed which the British left here which is still reaping the fruit. It would have been great if you understood this and work towards unity rather than creating divisions and increasing the distance between different communities. You may have your own hidden agenda, I guess.
14/06/2012 11:59:59
Out Smarting
Amazing ways to outsmart the whole lot of thick headed Keralites.
13/06/2012 05:12:47
Smart Islamic City

Not the both. Its a "Smart Islamic City".

This kind of project easily could have started by any Indian business man, but the bad name created by the extreme labor unions and political parties ruined the chances.

Everyone must have objected, if it was TATA, BIRLA, NADANI, RELIANCE or SAHARA. The communists never must have allowed it.

HAPPY UDF & HAPPY COMMUNISTS. This is the only subject both of them have agreed.
13/06/2012 05:12:47
Smart Islamic City

Not the both. Its a "Smart Islamic City".

This kind of project easily could have started by any Indian business man, but the bad name created by the extreme labor unions and political parties ruined the chances.

Everyone must have objected, if it was TATA, BIRLA, NADANI, RELIANCE or SAHARA. The communists never must have allowed it.

HAPPY UDF & HAPPY COMMUNISTS. This is the only subject both of them have agreed.
13/06/2012 02:24:44
Take up this issue!
Why is no one discussing this story in Newspapers or on TV...? We should bring this incident to public attention. Counter this and fast!
13/06/2012 01:40:33
Signs of things to come
These are just indications of plans that are waiting to unfold in the days to come. Muslim Community has been working tirelessly to increase their population, which will bring them in Majority. To add to their dreams our Politicians are lending all support, assistance and encouragement to get them up at the Top. Little do we realise that once the Muslims gain a majority stand, things will be turned upside down. Life will be miserable for Hindus. Jobs, education, business and what not will be all against Hindus. Life will be worse than death for us.
It's time Hindus came forward and together as one Unified force and regain our hold on our motherland.
Our Future is in our Hands. Lets mend it for our future generations.
APK Nair, Mumbai
12/06/2012 22:03:44
Dangerous, it is...
Yesterday, there were news items about the investments made in Smart City by underworld and Pakistanis using the Dubai route. Congress will convert Kerala into a mini-Pakistan. And there is Communists to support them and sit quietly.

Very dangerous. Keralites have to be ready to raise another 'chaver pada' as Great Pazhassi Raja did.

“The intolerance of narrow monotheism is written in letters of blood across the history of man from the time when first the tribes of Israel burst into the land of Canaan. The worshippers of the one Jealous God are egged on to aggressive wars against people of alien cults. They invoke Divine Sanction for the cruelties inflicted on the conquered. The spirit of old Israel is inherited by Christianity and Islam. Wars of Religion which are the outcome of fanaticism that prompts and justifies the extermination of aliens of different creeds are practically unknown in Hindu India.




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