"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Dr Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply to Christian Fanatics
12/06/2012 13:11:23  

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GSK Menon
22/06/2012 02:59:32
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting
WARNING - Christians are circulating an e mail comparing Teresa with Mata Amritanadamayi,in which Teresa is spoon feeding a slum child and Mata Amritanandamayi is being draped with a huge shawl by two academics. There is a note attached ridiculing Mata Amritanandamayi. This is being circulated in Facebook.
Vasudeva Panicker
21/06/2012 02:25:42
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply to christian fanatics
The covert agenda of the church is to retain Hinduism intact but substitute Hindu Gods with the Jew. Not only we must denounce but also prevent such usurping of Hindu religious symbols. Let them stick to their cross, we will keep our symbols
21/06/2012 00:48:06
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply to christian fanatics
Converts to Christianity and Islam cannot forget their Hindu ancestry and heritage. Christians are using Bindi, nuns are wearing sarees, what is being served in churches as Nercha Sadhya is traditional Hindu meals. Even if you convert 50% within you will remain Hindu.
20/06/2012 08:46:43
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply to christian fanatics
Muslim terrorists and SIMI activists should be compulsorily taken to have Nilavilakku darshanam in Cheraman Mosque, and to participate in Chandanakoodam on top of elephants. This will be a befitting answer for their fanaticism.
Hindus should take photographs of Kodimaram sporting Churches, and Kalvilakku, and counter Christian evangelical propaganda in North India, where heavy conversion agenda is going on.
19/06/2012 04:01:56
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply to Christian fanatics
Whatever these converts are doing are all anathema in their religion. The Bible is full of prohibitions and injunctions not to follow the methods of worship of non-Christians whom they otherwise refer to as Heathens. If the Biblical injunctions are being flouted how can these people call themselves as Christians ? I would like to see a statue of Ganapati, Sri Krishna, and Hanuman on the altar inside a Church. This should become a reality taking into consideration the pace of Hinduisation that is going on in the garb of Indianisation.
Rajan Nair
18/06/2012 23:55:58
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply to christian fanatics
I am from Koothatukulam in Ernakulam District. Here there is a church dedicated to St.Jude. As one enters Koothatukulam town there are many flex board advertisements showing one European as a saint and a big temple lamp by his side. There is no cross anywhere in the advertisement. It looks as if he is posing by the side of our Hindu temple lamp. The cross has been dispensed with and the European man is proudly endorsing our Hindu temple lamp. Long live glorious Hinduism and Hindu culture.
18/06/2012 03:33:03
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply
One positive outcome from this adoption of Hindu religious practices is that common Christians have now begun to show a keen interest in Hinduism. Earlier they were an arrogant lot assuming that all non christian beliefs and practices were heathen and pagan and signified Satan worship. Now they have realised that Hinduism is also a powerful religion. We must also appreciate that this trend has not been caused by any Hindu reconversion ploy but it is purely a reformation from within. It is the Bishops and the nuns who are in the forefront of Hinduising Christian beliefs. The Church inspite of its conversion agenda is making a serious attempt to incorporate Hindu rituals in their mass. Whether it is correct or not, or whether the Pope is aware of the growing Hinduisation of the Church, Hindus should be happy that our beliefs, and worship modes are being recognised as superior and hence deserving to be followed. In many churches the Kodimaram has dwarfed the cross. From outside it is grand to see the Hindu Kodimaram resplendent and towering over the cross.
The fanatics in the Muslim League should also be exposed to the Hindu power in their Mosques. Kunhalikutty and Munneer may back out from lighting a Nilavilakku, but what is it that is burning bright inside the Cheraman Mosque in Kodungaloor ? No fanatic has the courage to remove it. Similarly, in the name of Chandanakoodam festival, what is going on ? It is a pure replica of Hindu temple festivals. Even Islamic hardliners cannot refute the growing Hindu presence in the Mosque.
17/06/2012 21:47:37
Most of the speeches of Dr. Gopalakrishnan are available in three languages viz. Malayalam, English and Hindi. GK himself uploads the speeches in these three languages. Please search YOUTUBE where all speeches are uploaded on a daily basis.

Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism !
15/06/2012 02:41:50
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply
The Christian converts in Kerala are not Christians at all. By following Hindu rituals and rites, they are making known their disapproval of Christ and his teachings and also Biblical instructions. In effect they are not true Christians, they are still Hindus mentally. They are pretending to be Christians. Now, they are busy remodelling their churches on Hindu temple patterns. Christ with his head tilted to one side does not appeal to the converts, so now he is made to sit like a typical Hindu Yogi in many photos kept in Bangalore. This clearly shows growing disenchantment with foreign religions and self styled foreign godman.
14/06/2012 04:29:13
Dr Gopalakrishnan's befitting reply to Christian Fanatics
For the last so many centuries we were not getting these well- kept secrets of Christianity and now we know their weaknesses. The time has come to act like Bhagavan Krishna in Mahabharata, when he knew the weak points of all the 'maharathis' on the Kaurava side. All the details are available in the internet and what Dr. Gopalakrishnan has said is 100% right.
Every Hindu should be able to ask questions on Christianity whenever any missionaries approach them with an intention to convert. Hindus should never allow the other side to speak.This is the only way we can totally stop conversion.
GSK Menon
14/06/2012 03:43:07
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting
I constantly keep writing about the meaningless imitations and copying being made by the Church. I also call these converts as CCC - Confused Christian Converts. They prefer to call their Bible as Vedapustakam. How can it be a Veda ? The Missionaries and evangelists constantly criticise the Vedas, then what is their logic in calling their Bible as Vedapustakam ? Priests are being called as Vaidikan, why ? Each religion has its own distinct terminology to call for their holy books, and priests . It is only the Christians who keep borrowing and using shamelessly the terms of other religions. Will Mr.Zachariah enlighten us as to how such unabashed copying and imitations are going on ?
Regarding the serpent in the story of Adam & Eve, I read a British legal book which recounts true legal arguments. I forget the title. There it is mentioned that during the 17th century when Blasphemy invited the death sentence, an unfortunate fellow was arrested and was to be awarded the death sentence. The British legal system boasted of a fair trial even during those times. On the appointed day the lawyer raised a crucial point, he wanted the Public Prosecutor to demonstrate to the court as to how the serpent was moving before it was cursed, was it flying, walking or jumping ? The assembled bishops and nuns were unable to offer any answer, the Bible is silent as to how the serpent was moving before the curse. The case was dismissed by the bold Magistrate and the accussed let off. The Bible is full of such fallacies. Christianity as a religion itself is full of superstitious beliefs in miracles and spirits and angels. Belief in Satan, No.13, it is full of irrational beliefs, and converts or descendants of converts like Zachariah have the temerity to criticise Hinduism. Let people like Zachariah know that it is stupid to criticise what you imitate.
GSK Menon
14/06/2012 00:16:36
Dr.Gopalakrishnan's befitting
Please give a text translation so that it can be forwarded to all Hindus. Christians have no right to denigrate Hindu culture and rituals for they are blindly imitating Hindu customs, rituals and temple rites. The other day I saw an advertisement about the names of the Bombay Diocese trust members, 90% were sporting Hindu names and caste titles. Then what right have these shameless converts got to criticise Hinduism ? A vast majority of the converts know that Hinduism, Hindu culture, Hindu traditions, rituals and rites are vastly superior to the foreign religion and the foreign godman they are following, many are following it only for the foreign funds that can be pilfered
13/06/2012 23:54:00
Great and timely effort
Ashok, Your concern is understandable. But translating this is not practical. It will not give the same impact. Because this speech is a reply to an evangelist who tried to denigrate Hinduism and justify their activities. You will not get the same energy from translation of such a speech. Secondly people outside kerala may not be familiar with many examples mentioned here. This is a counter attack on crooked christian missionaries originating from Kerala to destroy the rest of India. We Keralites need to make sure that this menace is effectively countered within a decade.
12/06/2012 22:23:11
One Man Army
Hats off to Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan for his brave attempt to expose the facts.The Christian Missionaries are spreading cancer in our society and this is the time to wake up and react else get ready for the complete destruction of Hindu Community and Indian Culture.The organizations like RSS should have to take urgent and immediate action to spread the knowledge of Indian Scriptures ,Customs and Rituals and at the same time give warning to Christian and Muslim missionaries who denigrate Indian culture.
12/06/2012 15:33:56
The message is lost to people who do not speak the language. Can we provide text translation?



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