"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Zakaria Does Not Deserve a Reply: Akkitham
12/06/2012 00:24:19  Courtesy :Mathrubhumi

“The allegations hurled at me by philosopher Zakaria, that I exist with Hindutva groups, does not deserve a reply,” said Mahakavi Akkitham. “I do not invest much time for the opinion others frame about me. Such issues are not of my concern either. Neither do I taunt or condemn anyone in this regard,” he added.

Akkitham said that whatever stand taken is something that cannot be ignored by anyone. “In fact, whatever the sense be, my words have been taken into consideration and I am happy about that,” he clarified. In fact Akkitham made it obvious that Zakaria’s condemning him has been brought to his notice by many people. “There is not much difference between Bharatiyata and Hindutva,” he said.

“I have been associated with Tapasya, the cultural wing of Sangh Parivar, from 1984. In fact, this country should be further built up by thinkers, who have a dedication of purpose,” he stated.

Zakaria had earlier made a statement that Akitham, who exists with “Fascist Hindus should be condemned.” He also added to his statement by calling for a denunciation of the regard and respect offered to Akittom by the cultural fraternity.

Video Interview from Mathrubhumi


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14/06/2012 21:40:20
Arch Bishop of Kerala ?
We know the chief misinster of Kerala, IG of Keraal etc only.
13/06/2012 00:51:51
Akkithathinu Ayithamo ? Kalpikkunnathu Zakaria ??
Who is Zakaria, the ultimate authority to excommunicate anyone? Is he the Archbishop of Kerala ?

'Zakaria Bhrashtaachaari' -- we will ignore you. Excommunicate me too.
13/06/2012 00:42:24
From zero to hero ! Guilty by association !
RSS is not a banned organization.

The "Guilt of RSS" is a creation of leftist propaganda/media.

Zacharia's claim is worse than smearing "Guilt by association".

According to Zacharia's logic, the wife of a murder-accused should be shunned even before examining if anybody was murdered at all. And he claims to be a progressive !??
Ashish Iravimala
12/06/2012 12:53:46
Zakaria,Practice what you preach
I have heard that this self styled secularist married a hindu brahmin and forcefully converted her to christianity.He hurled abuses at late OV Vijayan that he was a hindutwa fellow traveller.But OV Vijayan married a christian professor and allowed her to remain a christian till his death.Just compare the behaviour of this two writers.OV Vijayan was great and greatness was thrust upon this pseudo intellectual by certain vested interests.This so called intellectual Zakaria had written pornography in english just to get a few rupees.Any malayalam literary student knows about all these.
12/06/2012 05:00:53
Zacharia the Hindu Hater
This is not the first time Zacharia the self styled intellectual and mediocre writer attacking eminent personalities because they happened to be Hindus.He is not even sparing a noncontroversial personality like Maa Amruthanadamayi.Recently in an article published in Mathrubhoomi weekly he ridiculed all Malayalam news papers and TV channels for telecasting Amruthanadamayi's birthday celebrations.He considers him self as the greatest intellectual or author ever lived in Kerala. He is jealous of all other people who are getting more publicity and attention than him.He even called revered Sankaracharya as Shankaran Namboothiri.The interesting fact is that he chooses only Hindus as his targets.He is a Christian fanatic under the cloak of a scular, cultural leader.
Once he called Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the famous film maker a Hindu fanatic because in one of his films a Hindu temple was shown intact after a bomb attack.He would have been happier if the temple was shown destroyed.Because it is his wish to see all the Hindu temples destroyed.He does not utters a single word against Muslims or Christians.He stopped attacking communists once he was roughened up by the comrades.Since Hindu's tolerance level is shamelessly low,pseudo intellectuals like him dares to ridicule Hindus, their culture, and their mother land.And there are plenty of Hindu traitors here to encourage and support these pseudos.Criticism is still pouring in our national dailies and TV channels the way Hindus protested against MF Hussain's objectionable paintings of nude Hindu goddesses and and Bharat Matha.The pseudo intellectuals and the Hindu traitors see such legitimate protests by Hindus as attack against freedom of self expression and secularism .Such people won't mind pseudos selling the nude painting of their own mothers to earn money and fame. Secularism means spinelessness of Hindus and license to insult Hindus.If Hindus choose not to react Hindus would be insulted and humiliated for ever.
12/06/2012 05:30:16
Who is this Zakaria

We all heard of "Mahakavi Akkitham", but who is this Philosopher Zakria ?

He must be one among those pseudo secularists, pretending to be a philosopher !!!!!! This is a new kind of business to utilize NGO funds and tax money.
12/06/2012 03:08:41
Mahakavi Akkitham.
How can a born again christian call Akkitham a Fascist. this title is exclusively meant for people who are intolerant and try to grab anything . Those who forget their culture and embrace another religon for one bag of rice cannot be called broad minded.
APK Nair, Mumbai
12/06/2012 02:32:09
The 'most secular Zakaria.........'
Yesterday, when this news appeared in a Daily's net edition, there were numerous responses from readers - all about the said Zakaria's secular thinking. If my memory serves me right, years back he accused the gentle-most-man of Kerala Shri Adoor Gopalakrishnan, in a similar fashion. In one of the scenes where the duly-lit-fire crackers thrown into the temple pond (to catch fish) didn't burst, the said Zakaria interpreted it as a pro-Hindu mentality of Adoor. Such is his narrow-minded thinking that he is such a creature who needs to be not just ignored but deserves to be packed off to some christian countries where he may find his abode (say like MF Hussain).

Akkitham is right - such non-sense comments of so-called philosophers does not deserve a reply.
JPS Nair
12/06/2012 01:13:28
Is it fascism to talk about Hinduism ?
Zakaria lacks proper education about Hinduism. When Islam and Christianity were preached by force and making use of money power, Hinduism is never forced upon anybody. All other religions in the world, except Hinduism and Buddhism use fascist methods. Zacharia should read about "Portuguese Inquisition in Goa done in 1400s with the help of the so called St.Francis Xavier and update himself with true fascist face of Christianity.
12/06/2012 01:20:00
Ignore such pests
These pests gets viral hearing the word hindu or hindutva. Better ignore these pests and carry on with our work.



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