"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Hubli Hindu Shakti Sangam - A Video Report
10/06/2012 10:41:15  

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11/06/2012 10:32:40
All are welcome
In RSS we welcome everybody.We dont discriminate against anybody based on caste/religion.You can mail to heloharish@yahoo.co.in about where you are staying.I can help you in getting the contacts.
10/06/2012 22:08:52
Great to save and protect oru nation
iam a muslim and i proud as iam an indian too. its great to save our nation and RSS is doing well for that. Bu i dont know their attitude towards muslims. its sad that ever muslims are against india or every one are terrorsit. as a muslim can i join RSS?????????



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