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Jayakrishnan Master Murder: Central Agencies Must Start Probing, Says Sreedharan Pillai
10/06/2012 05:08:17  HK

BJP leader PS Sreedharan Pillai has categorically stated that the probe into the murder of KT Jayakrishnan must now be taken care of by a central investigation team. He said that no further probe has been undertaken inspite of the court confirming that the case has been usurped. He has also demanded a reasonable reply from both LDF and UDF governments regarding the matter. Sreedharan Pillai also alleged that there is a group of police officers, who at the behest of political bigwigs topple various criminal cases.

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10/06/2012 07:44:30
Assasination of Jayakrishnan Master should have investigated with central agencies.

As far as the local police could not trace the real culprits, and they too stood with their political masters of Kannur, who was the conspirators of killing Jayakrishnan master, the need of the hour is CBI enquiry.

Without the involvement of P. Sasi or Kannur based leaders, nobody could have done it. We can not easily forget the cruelty against humanity and this gruesome murder, that too with a teacher in front of younger minds. People of Kannur regardless of politics needs an impartial enquiry to book the culprits and it should be an eye opener to every criminal, goons and thugs of Kerala. Belief of doing anything, if they have a political support can not be encouraged. Rule of law of the land should have prevailed in a democracy. Marxists meaning of democracy is the democracy to kill others, of destroying and eradicating others. They are nothing less than terrorists. The terrorists kill people from hide out, but Marxists kill their opponents in public and in day light, because they have power and nobody can question their political masters.

People of entire Kannur got a bad name due to these politicians. We too need safety and security to our family and children. We too need a freedom of expression. They killed journalists, killed Ex-service men, killed farmers, killed every one who come across their way to protect Kannur under their hold.

Where are those literal community of Kannur like Mr. Sukumar Azhikode. Why he doesn't speak a single word against those killers and murderers of democracy. Its shame for a person like Sri. Sukumar Azhikode to support those Marxists thugs, who believe in killing and looting innocent people.



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