"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
No justification for changing ‘Ganga’ to ‘Grace” : P. Parameswarji
10/06/2012 11:07:51  

THRUVANANTHAPURAM: Well known nationalist ideologist and Director of Bharateeya Vichara Kendran Shri. P. Parameswarji in a statement said there was no justification for changing the name of the official residences in accordance with the personal preference of its temporary occupants.

"More important, Ganga is the eternal symbol of Indian culture," he said.
When his comment was sought on Parameswarji's charge, Educational Minister Abdul Rabb told that he was not aware that the name of the house allotted to him was "Ganga".!!!

Muslim league in Kerala is already under controversy as the party is running under the direction of Islamic terrorist organization like Popular Front or NDF.

Its high time Hindu society in Kerala specially those Hindus working hard for UDF should think whether a ‘party’ like Muslim league is a communal or secular party.

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16/06/2012 04:27:02
Cultural symbols
Not only the Ganga,any thing related Bharath or it's culture is unacceptable to the Indian Muslims and Christians.Because they don't consider Bharath as their motherland.

Hindus consider all the sources of virtues as the manifestation of god.So they worship these sources ie sun,moon stars, rivers mountains,trees creatures and oceans etc etc.It is through them the grace of god is flowing into this universe. Hindus worship these entities to express their gratitude towards the god for these blessings.Every creature,object is benefited from these blessings and with out them, nothing could survive in this universe. So it becomes imperative to every human being to accept these entities as the manifestations of god and worship them.
Are the Muslims and members of other faiths kept out of god's Providences.Are they not getting benefited from his graces.if they refuse to accept these entities as the source of god's graces they are insulting the god.All are getting blessed
from his grace coming through these entities.
Sun provide the energy to all.Trees are providing us the oxygen.The rivers are providing us the water.The earth is providing us food and shelter. So what is the harm in worshiping them..Muslims and Christians too are enjoying them and yet refuse to accept them as the grace of God.
That is why
certain Muslim ministers can't tolerate the lamps,some are allergic to national or cultural symbols of this land,Some can't tolerate the national anthem or vande matharm.Their attitude clearly shows the lack patriotism and their mistaken identity.How ever hard Muslims and Christians try to imitate Arabs or westerners,they would not be accepted as as one among them.They would be treated as Indian only.So respect Bharath.It is your mother land.Only Bharath could give you shelter when you are in trouble.Did any country offer you refuge when there were trouble in Iraq or other parts of the world.Did any country send ships or air crafts to evacuate you.Bharat did
13/06/2012 02:16:15
The Way they are !
To Understand why Muslims behave the way do. One must learn the Basics. The so called religion was set up by Muhammad. The Koran and the Hadiths teach that the world should contain only Muslims. To acheive this goal, they can kill or convert Non muslims.
Now, its our turn to Understand these and several other facts that go into the making of Islam. Only then can we succeed in rescuing Hinduism from extinction.
Learn, Understand, Teach and Unite.
Lastly, Don't expect leniency from any quarters.
10/06/2012 07:51:37
spelling correction
i have a simple suggestion please correct the spelling mistake in simple words like "minister' and why should facebook post in English, be in malayalam and proud to be a malayali. it can easily express and touch the common man and youngster.
09/06/2012 11:49:53
Take the issue in whole India.
But why BJP not take these issues in Parliament or nationwide. Show the true color of Muslim League.
09/06/2012 02:13:00
they want to change the name of our country, state and educational institutions.

Traitors of this country always believed in changing the name of everything, without changing themselves.

Let them change their attitude towards other religion and cultures. They don't even consider other faith and religions as human religions. They are the most heinous creatures on earth, worse than wilds.

Educationalists & historians all over the world visits India to see our cultures and values and not to to see the culture of Muguls, i.e. "mujra dance, prostitution, keema & porotta, beef pulav & kababs".

Let them be a human being first, thereafter a Muslim.



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