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Call strengthens for re-probe into Yuva Morcha leader’s murder
08/06/2012 15:16:44  PNS | Kozhikode

Call for a reinvestigation into the brutal murder of Yuva Morcha leader KT Jayakrishnan in 1999 has strengthened in the context of the reported disclosure by TK Rajeesh, arrested for the murder of CPI(M) rebel TP Chandrasekharan, that he had involvement in it.

The first call came from none other than Kausalya, mother of Jayakrishnan. She told the media on Friday that there should be a proper reinvestigation into the murder of her son and that the real culprits should be punished.

“There was a court order (which had recommended investigation into the conspiracy behind the murder). But there was no proper probe and the actual culprits have not been caught so far. There should be an initiative for this at least even now,” Kausalya said.

Jayakrishnan, a primary school teacher, was hacked and chopped to death by a Marxist killer gang in front of his students – all under the age of 11 – inside his classroom at a school at Mokeri, Panur in Kannur district on the morning of December 1, 1999.

Though the District and Sessions Court, Kannur sentenced five of the seven accused to death and the Kerala High Court upheld that verdict, the Supreme Court in 2006 acquitted four of them while the punishment of one of them was commuted from death to life imprisonment.

Even then there were complaints that the police had not seriously probed the murder and that the accused were persons pointed out by the CPI(M). Though four different governments had ruled the State since the incident, there had been no investigation into the conspiracy.

Asked whether she was certain that the people arrested in the case were the real culprits, Kausalya had said, “What certainty do I have? It is now being said that they were not the real culprits. I hope there will be a proper probe at least now.”

Kerala BJP’s general secretary K Surendran, its former presidents PS Sreedharan Pillai and PK Krishnadas and senior party leader PP Mukundan called for a re-investigation into the Jayakrishnan murder in the light of the new disclosures.

Surendran alleged that that the murder of Jayakrishnan was the result of a Marxist conspiracy. He said there should be a fresh investigation on the basis of Rajeesh’s statements to bring to book the CPI(M) functionaries who were behind the killing.

“Murders that took place in Idukki 30 years ago are now being reinvestigated on the basis of CPI(M) leader MM Mani’s statement. Like that, the Jayakrishnan murder should be reinvestigated to bring out the conspiracy and real culprits,” said PP Mukundan.

He pointed out that Jayakrishnan’s murder was the most brutal killing Kerala had ever seen. Sreedharan Pillai said the Government had the responsibility to hold a reinvestigation in the light of the fresh evidences that had come in the form of Rajeesh’s reported admissions.

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08/06/2012 23:50:29
Jayakrishnan Mash
God sees the truth but waits : Jayakrishnan mash is not with us but killers involved in another murder confessed to Police that he himself involved killing of Mash. Now question points to State : the state has to do signal its message that its duty to citizens
that justice should be prevailed to family and people of kerala by punishing the real criminals behind the heinous crime otherwise
we are not civilized society
08/06/2012 23:13:03
Killers should have punished.

Is it because of the failure of Indian Criminal justice system or because of Non-support of those successful Govts in power, may be because of those killed people were belong to BJP or divided Hindu community. Because Hindus bloods has no value compare to anyone.

Those police officers, who supported killer Marxist regimes should have punished. No criminals could have done it without the support of police and Congress leaders know it better, those criminals in uniforms, who were the part of executing these killings, can not be any way be escaped, if this Govt in power really wants to provide justice to the people of this state.



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