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Bangalore, Pune blasts accused murdered in jail
08/06/2012 15:08:46  

Suspected Indian Mujahiddeen operative Qateel Mohammed Jaffer Siddiqui, named in the German Bakery blast here and the Bangalore terror attacks, was Friday found murdered inside his cell in Pune's Yerawada Central Jail, police said.

Siddiqui was found strangled with a thin rope inside his cell in the high-security jail, a police official told IANS.

Preliminary investigations point to a gang war among members of rival mafia gangs in the prison which could have led to Siddiqui's killing.

Siddiqui had been caught by Delhi Police in November 2011.

He was arrested for involvement in the Chinnaswamy Stadium blast in Bangalore besides an aborted bid to blow up the Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganesh Temple in Pune last year.

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Raj Puducode
09/06/2012 16:39:37
Sonia shedding crocodile tears
Sonia has been weeping after she heard this news according to DogVijay Singh.

Jailer to Afzal Guru: Why are you so happy? Afzal Guru: Living in India I could attack the Parliament at will & kill scores of these bloody Indians & many security guards. Only regret that I had was that I could not kill many of these elected secular members of Parliament. Jailer: That does not explain your satisfying happiness. Afzal Guru: If I had killed these secular members of Parliament, then they would have hung me as ordered by Supreme Court. But now I am living in 5-star luxury because of these phony vote begging secularists. Then Jailer went to Kasab.
Jailer to Kasab : Why are you so happy ? Kasab : I am not Indian & am a Paki. I hate India & Indians but I like Biriyani. . I killed many Indians, but I am safe &living in luxury in India. They serve me only Biriyani everyday which ISI never served me even once. Journalist to Annaji & Baba Ramdev: Why you look so sad & depressed? Annaji & Ramdev: We are genuine Indian, we love our dear mother India and Indians but we are not sure when we will be killed by these sickular Congress goondas. Go figure. This is the true face of phony Indian Congress Sickularism. It is high time that we unite & kick them out & save our motherland from the people who have destroyed it. Let us get real freedom from Sickular Congress rule..
Satish Chandra
08/06/2012 23:50:05
Confer Bharat Ratna Posthumously

It is such a heineous crime - that an innocent Muslim youth has been arrested on false charges and thereafter strangled to death in a government jail.

The Khangress, its chief and the PM should hang their heads in shame - now they should confer him Bharat Ratna posthumously and give his relatives tickets to contest the Lok Sabha.

In repentance, they should also convert the entire jail into a large mosque and invite Bangla Deshi nationals to come and live there!

For that is secularism!



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