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Govt ready to re-probe Jayakrishnan killing: Chandy
07/06/2012 14:13:11   PNS | Kannur

Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on Thursday said that the Government would re-investigate the brutal murder of KT Jayakrishnan, State vice-president of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, in Kannur 12 years ago if there were fresh evidences regarding the crime.

“The three-decade-old murders in Idukki are now being re-investigated because CPI(M) leader Mani has made some revelations about them. No such pointers have so far been available with regard to the Jayakrishnan murder,” Chandy said in Kannur.

Jayakrishnan, a primary school teacher at Mokeri in Kannur, was hacked and stabbed to death in the most brutal manner imaginable on December 1, 1990 in front of his students (all under 11) inside his classroom by a CPI(M) killer gang. After killing him, the gang left a message on the blackboard warning of similar fate to anyone who attempted to be witness in the case.

After five years of investigations, the Additional District and Sessions Court in Kannur and later Kerala High Court sentenced five of the seven accused to death but the Supreme Court acquitted four of them in December, 2006. Also, the fifth person’s death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

The BJP and the RSS have been demanding a thorough probe into the Jayakrishnan killing to bring out the conspiracy behind the brutal murder and to book the big guns who had worked behind the scene but no such investigation had been held so far.

About the delay in arresting the killers of Marxist rebel TP Chandrasekharan of Onchiyam, Kozhikode, the Chief Minister said that this was because the police had stopped the practice of accepting the “accused” supplied by the political parties involved in the crime. “The law will take its own course and nobody will be allowed to block its path,” he said.

“Earlier, political parties used to supply the accused to the police in cases of political murders. This Government wants to put an end to that practice. There is delay in arrests because the cops want to get the real culprits. We cannot say that the police should arrest all the accused within a stipulated period. The point is, everyone responsible should be caught,” Chandy said.

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08/06/2012 08:19:25
Wake up
Where were u till now ??? evn all the culprits bhind KT's murder cam out easily did u made any statement or protest ??
08/06/2012 08:19:25
Wake up
Where were u till now ??? evn all the culprits bhind KT's murder cam out easily did u made any statement or protest ??
07/06/2012 23:20:41
Cruel and brutal murder of a teacher.

It surprised many in believing mankind, humanity and literate Kerala.

It was against all of our century old culture of seeing teachers before God. They terrorized the entire Kerala for all these years.

They executed Sri. Jaya Krishnan Master, in a most heinous way, mentally destroying the entire students of that primary school and those criminals, who killed Sri. Jayakrishnan Master publicly celebrated killers release from the jail, challenging all humanity and mankind. It showed the weakness of our criminal justice system and the supremacy of crime syndicate of Marxists.

They were showing their crime superiority in front of the public. Anybody challenges them in Kannur faced the same consequences. Different political parties ruled Kerala or India, but Kannur was ruled by Marxists goons always. Those killers of Sri. Gopala Krishnan Master must have killed hundreds of innocent other party workers and supporters, before and after this crime.

They ruined the future of our youths by criminalizing the entire colleges and schools. They ruined the entire educational institutions allowing criminals to enter the universities, schools and colleges. So they could ruin 2 generations of our youths. But it will not long last for long.



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