"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Rise of Talibanism in Kerala
08/06/2012 05:08:42  HK Correspondent

On May 16th when Vijith(18) was attacked in the vicinity of Government Hospital at Kayamkulam allegedly for staring at a `pardah’ clad girl inside the hospital and passing some comments (The girl however confirmed later that Vijith did not pass any comments on her). The attackers were two Muslim youth named Ashik and Faisal.  Not only that they brutally tortured the boy who was in a very fragile physical condition due to the heart operation he had undergone recently, the attackers recorded the scene of attack and the cry of the boy on mobile and later circulated them on mobiles and internet.

It may be recollected that the incident reported earlier about the brutal killing of a youth at Kozhikkode by the self proclaimed `Moral Keeping Police’ that have recently come up at places like , Kozhikkode, Kannur, Kayankulam, Karunagappally, Bharanikkavu, Mynagappally, Kasargod, Thodupuzha, Eerattupetta, Perumbavur etc.  The ongoing Love Jihad which the media deliberately play down, large number of conversions going on at different parts of the state, the cow slaughter carried out near Perumbavoor Sastha temple, dumping of a buffalo head in the compound of Durga Parameswari temple at Kasargod etc. indicate the determined efforts from certain corners to increase Taliban model activities in the state aimed at scaring the public and gradually develop a conducive atmosphere for anarchy and looting in the state. The largely criminalized police force in Kerala is virtually providing them assistance or keeping aloof for reasons best known to them.  Due to the publicity and strong protests from various corners on the barbarian attack on Vijith at Kayamkulam, the police issued a look out notice on 3rd June when it was obvious that the culprits must have migrated to safe hide outs. Look out notice with photographs of the culprits were pasted at different parts of Kayamkulam, but in broad day light itself the terror groups of Muslim organization removed all such posters even in the presence of police who turned a blind eye to it.

On 4 June a Muslim couple named E.P.Noushad and K.P.Hafsath were attacked at Kannur by the `Moral Keeping Police’. The lady obviously was not clad in Parda but they told the attackers that they are Muslims and husband and wife. But they shouted at the husband and said you look like a Hindu and not a Muslim. The lady who was in the 5th month  of pregnancy was pushed around by the attackers and the husband was beaten up. They were later rescued by the public who revealed to terrorists that they were indeed Muslims and to leave them!

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13/06/2012 02:10:30
Signs of things to come
I fully agree with Suresh. Things in Kerala is heading towards Muslim Domination. Political Leaders are working in all possible ways to appease the Muslims. Hindus are unheard and Uncared. We have to defend ourselves.
Therefore, before its too late, lets Come together and form a United force. For we have to fight a long war. Lets start building ourselves into one force.
10/06/2012 00:11:31
Let Sri. Thiruvanjur stands in Calicut Bus Stand for 10 minustes.

Dear Sri. Thiruvanjur Radha Krishnan,

Please hide your face and wait for 10 minutes in Mavoor bus stand, after wearing pant and shirt. You also will get minimum 20 signals of men in beard within 10 minutes.

Wearing "Kahdi" dothi some way are protective in Calicut, but not in Kannur. If you go to Peralasseri,Pinarayi, Panerichal, Chala, Munuperiya, Mavilayi and Koothuparambu; you will force to remove your dress to escape.

Mr. Sudhakaran was not with Congress, while Marxist goons were killing innocent Congress men of Kannur, immediately after emergency. What about Mr. K. P. Manoharan, what about your own advocate. You know the situation in Kannur, where none is safe, other than Marxist goons surrounded by P. Sasi, E. P. Jayarajan and Pinarayi. What BJP can do more than what they have done. Sri. Jayakrishnan Master is in the heart of million of Hindus, inside and outside of Kerala. We pray for his soul and his family along with many others who were massacred by Marxist goons. Please don't show your crocodile tears now, while using anti national's support and money. But I really agree your stands against Marxists and you are the only Congress leader stood against Marxist goons. BJP is a party developed in recent days in Kerala. What about those Congress men who were dying for the last 67 years. You leave criticizing BJP, join with them to face a common enemy, who ruined our district and people. Find how a bare footed P. Sasi while studying in Kadachira school and S. N. College become an owner of the crores of assets.
09/06/2012 04:25:48
Kerala on the same way of Kashmir
Kerala is on the same path of Kashmir. We can learn it from the history.

We can see the changes in the mind of the Muslims in Kerala. How the religious heads and "Madrassas" are injecting poison into the younger minds are well known to every one, they changed all the sudden within the span of 35 years, their social life, religious belief, food culture, dress code and illegal activities. So, what is going to happen within an another period of 35 years. They are in hurry to occupy the entire land of Kerala. They have Islamic banks or social funds to help those buying lands. The forefathers of these business generations of Gulf were the smugglers and black marketers. They gained the wealth through illegal ways. They got the recognition of political parties after becoming rich.

They make mosques to chase out others from that area, not alone for praying and uniting against others. While other communities are selling and migrating to neighboring states or foreign countries, they come back even from Pakistan and settle in Kerala. A most safest land in India for all of their illegal activities.

Why Congress leaders are not showing the same interest of T. P. Chandra Sekaran murder case in Maradu massacres. Any killings should have treated as anti social, including the killing of Chandra Sekaran and Jaya Krishnan Master. But the Govt should also value those innocent life of those poor fisher men of Maradu. The Govt doesn't want to reopen the case because of the involvement of Muslim League.

Sisters and brothers of Kerala,
We are going to face a very difficult time. Trace out those enemies within ourselves, who are traitors helping those anti social elements to grow. Whether its Marxists or Khangress, both of them are two sides of the same coin, they both equally help them to occupy positions.
08/06/2012 08:26:15
Where were this moral police, while Knhalikutty were roaming with teenagers.
Where were these moral polices, while a famous minister and their senior most political and social leader raping minors all around Kerala.

All Muslim majority areas are not even safe for boys to go out in day time. Ask those moral police to catch and hit, first those pigs with long beard roaming on bus stands and streets for boys.

08/06/2012 00:51:01
DO the asinine hindus need enemies at all
I read this good news today. "Bangalore blast accused killed in Pune jail:
Bangalore Chinnaswamy stadium blast accused Qateel Siddiqui was today strangled to death inside the high-security Yerwada jail in Pune by his fellow-inmates. Siddiqui was also wanted in the German Bakery blast in Pune and was arrested by the Delhi police last year.
The incident happened at 10:30 am today, his postmortem is on"
Great,I would say.Those prisoners should all be released from the jail for doing a great patriotic act of snuffing the life out of the jihadi pig
07/06/2012 20:28:35
It appears that the government recognized the threat from the Moral
Police and yesterday Internal Affairs Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan has come out against such incidents and stated that no one will be allowed to take the law in hand under any pretext. But we know that the UDF has no guts to upset the Muslim League who are also a party to such happenings in the name of Islam. Or else, why are they not coming out with strong protest?
07/06/2012 19:17:43
Religion of Peace
This religion of peace is the AIDS of world humanity and has to be treated as such.

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