"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Kalakaumudi Exclusive on Love Jihad, Conversion and Counterfiet currency, Copies widely destroyed
08/06/2012 05:09:11  HK Correspondent

Kala Kaumudi this week came out with a daring attack on the Muslim terror groups indulged in Love Jihad, Conversion and Circulation of Counterfeit currency in the state.  Copies of the weekly have now vanished from all outlets since the Muslim terror groups purchased the copies in lots and destroyed them especially at places like Thodupuzha, Eerattupetta, Perumbavoor, Changanassery, Kannur, Moovattupuzha etc. The report has been prepared not based on rumors or hearsay, but extracts from the report brought out by Central Intelligence Agencies.

According to their exclusive report, From 2006 to March 2012, a total of 6129 conversions have taken place in the state. Of those, 25 are Brahmins, 700 Nairs, 1228 Ezhavas, 1132 Christians, 395 Viswakarmas, 1376 from the Scheduled casts and remaining 1273 from other Hindu sub casts.  Malappuram tops the list with maximum conversions (2137) which include the large number of girls lured to the conversion by Love Jihadis. Large numbers of Christians also have been converted during the above said period.

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Ghatotkacha Nair
10/07/2012 13:10:12
English translation of Kalakaumudi Exclusive on Love Jihad
Please see the English translation

02/07/2012 08:31:56
No proof required now. It is all clearly visible around. All Hindus by birth must realise that now only Isshwar / Bhagawan Shri krishna can only save Hindu Dharma & for that all of us have to do Sadhana, spiritual progress, Ishwar Bhakti & we will definitely going to destroy all these evil doers DURJAN. Obey Saints advise. otherwise face the ultimate.
01/07/2012 10:19:56
I request the editiors of this magazine to re publish this article..it's the first time any media has taken it on such a large scale..please do not chuck it,this flow is every hope to ring the warning bells throughout the dead sleepy Hindus..
Please go ahead,
Rajeshwar Joshi
01/07/2012 08:12:12
I want to see the proof of this news..
30/06/2012 00:50:54
Love jihad
All these Hindu ladies who are converted dto Islam will be sold to Arabs. As Hindus we should cultivate devotion to our Gods and teach the young generation about the anti national activities of Muslims. Recently a Hindu gir, Rinkle qwas abducted in Pakistan and forcefully married off to a Pak politician. The Muslim judges of Pak favoured the politician. Now nobody knows the fate of the girl. Our Mahila Samajams should teach the young girls about the danger of Islam.
27/06/2012 03:48:58
Need of the hour to wake up the hindus
If Hindus dont wake up in time, it shall be too late and we have to loose our Kerala like Kashmir too..
So fwd tis to as many people and collectively ask govt. to solve the matter...
20/06/2012 19:13:32
Jaleel reconvert back to Hindu
@jalil..we advice u to reconvert back to Hinduism along with ur sisters n if u dont get groom 4 ur sisters u can come to Mumbai n we can surely find 1 for them
GSK Menon
14/06/2012 00:33:37
Kalakaumudi exclusive
The TV channels deliberately did not report this item, what are we going to achieve by suppressing this cancer which is destroying our Hindu society ? It is high time NSS and SNDP makes this an election issue everywhere. What about the rest of India, abductions are going on rampantly with Police being made dysfunctional by selfish politicans.
Vahid what right you have to talk about secularism ? Go and tell that to your Saudi converters, I can bet that you will be beheaded !
11/06/2012 21:04:06
Request to HK Editor & Readers
Namaste dear Brothers ,I enquired for this issue of Kalalaumudi in the news stands in Mumbai Suburbs , but I've been told that this is out of stock , since new issue has hit the stands. Pls!!!!!!!!!!!! scan this issue and publish PDF copy in HK ,
11/06/2012 10:02:39
I born in Hindu sc family now I converted to Muslim which is second muslim.now my sisters not getting grooms......all Hindus has to know now Muslims they want reservation ..after reservation u know they will conquer everything..last hindus and Christians wipout from our country...one big example why not happend *kondotty neercha * this year because we have decided in this festival Hindus are including that y only..
Will destroy every Hindus from kerala..now we have lot of power in politics..will rules kerala.
will killall Hindus.....
malappuram first then nxt kannur and kasargod.
we are getting somuch cash from Saudi Arabia for construction. of mosque every Wr in kerala..
that y pls help me.
Ajis chandran
10/06/2012 07:40:33
Hindu Leaders in kerala is not serious about LOVE JIHAD
subu (mp)
10/06/2012 00:58:01
Please arrange to get copies of the editorial and translate in English for everybody to read.
10/06/2012 00:33:45
It is fake news.....
Love jihad is an old one. Bring new one people about love jihad and all. It is a fake news for creating issues between muslim and hindu.The polce found that an RSS organization is behind this news. So be secular... Be hindu..
09/06/2012 08:23:29
It must be true...
The fact that Kalakaumudi website was hacked after this edition appeared is enough proof that the report is true. It also means there is a well-coordinated group of people fanatically dedicated to the implementation of the 'agenda' described in the report.
Sree Hari
08/06/2012 23:48:02
Sabotage ?
Till the other day, kalakaumudi site (www.kalakaumudi.com) was working. Though the latest edition was to yet to appear online. But now it stopped. Can this be something to do with the publication of this edition ? Now it is not a big deal for pasistani cyber terrorists to block India web sites.
08/06/2012 21:44:43
Kindly get the magazine reprinted
Leaders of Hindu organisations kindly request the management to reprint the edition and make it available to the public free of cost. I think the management would be only willing as it would bring them more money.

Kalakumdui edition featured above is not available in Thrissur district also. Seems Jihadis have destroyed all magazines.
08/06/2012 19:29:41
Love Jihad
All readers are requested to see the following online videos from IISH:

Malayalam video


English video


Hindi Video

08/06/2012 17:39:25
It looks like Kalakaumudi website has been hacked. It does not load.
08/06/2012 06:57:41
Kalakaumudi latest edition on Love Jihad
The weekly is not available in none of the newsstand shops in a major town in Malappuram. Is it the case in all places? I would like to get a copy or atleast read the article online. Even the Kalakaumudi website is unaccessible! Online censoring already in place? This can happen only in Kerala/India....
08/06/2012 04:36:09
spread it like fire by online publishing
publish it online and see how it spreads like a fire through social networking
08/06/2012 02:53:10
Can any one expect this government, which rules with the help of that religions party, to take any action? Same goes with the opposition too.
07/06/2012 22:59:55
Give out free copy right for this edition
Dear HK and other readers,
Those who have contacts with kalakaumudi should encourage them to publish the same article as another special edition and also publish it online. Once it is digitized, people all across the world can take prints and read and circulate. We need to counter this menace called Islamic Terrorism. Kalakaumudi should give out the copy rights to other magazines and should encourage somebody to translate it in to major indian languages and publish. Let's see what jiuhadis can do against a united move from Hindus. Hurry up
07/06/2012 15:49:51
I am not a vertbrate and also a coward, thats why I keep silence inspite of knowing the truth that the JIHADIS are destroying my country and my religion/Family.



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