"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
‘Ganga’ to ‘Grace’. What a disgrace?
08/06/2012 05:09:39  HK Correspondent

Both the UDF and LDF behave like double barrel gun when it comes to isolate BJP as a communal party which even today run governments in more states than Congress or the Communist. To them, Muslim League is a secular party even though E.Ahmed as a Union Minister dared to whisper in the ears of Gen.Musharaf during his official visit to India that he is the lone minister from Muslim League Party which they kept alive even after partition. Now 64 years after independence, Muslim League managed to have a Union Minister and the power to control the governance of the most literate state, all by virtue of calling itself a secular party and having only Muslims as its members.

First it was Kunjali Kutty who refused to light ‘Nilavilakku’ in public functions but later literates like M.K.Muneer and Abdu Rubb joined him. Now education minister Abdu Rubb went a step ahead by changing the name of his official government residence from ‘Ganga’ to ‘Grace’.  What a disgrace?  And who cares about the deliberate insult the Minister has caused to Holy Ganges?  Mind you, it was not his property but property of the Government of Kerala!

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06/08/2012 03:38:59
cultural loyalty
When ministers are administered oath, the clause to be loyal to Indian culture too should be included in the oath.With out cultural loyalty one cannot be loyal to the nation.Culture/civilization is the soul of the nation.These ministers don't have respect to our culture and are not loyal to this country as well.
That is why ministers like E.Ahmed feel proud to be a piece of the sword used to split the nation.
23/07/2012 08:09:37
Thise is the way of * GIHAD*
16/06/2012 23:48:34
At least Ganga is saved from this pollution!

Now hindus should think twice before consuming things named a zam zam bismi etc.
15/06/2012 10:46:05
Barking dogs does not bite. We only bark. If we take action we are branded as extremist. What a shame. Indians are degraded in their own land because we don't have India but multiracial country. We cannot even call our country as Bharat. What a shame.
08/06/2012 22:02:37
Name change
Instead of fighting the unresponsive hostile governemnt, hindus must start replacing muslims and christian sounding street names and institutions with hindu names; once the altered names become popular, official renaming can be done when the conditions are favourable - a hindu friendly government is in place.
08/06/2012 19:00:54
Cross - Crescent Invasion.
These are the ominous signs in the abode of Padhmanapuram. From epidemic centres of Kottayam,Kozhikode and Malappuram now the viruses have finally become pandemic and invaded Trivandrum. There is no other solution other than redeeming the lost souls divided ,trapped and misguided in the various parties.What has a "Muslim Leaque" got to do with a "secular nation". While the church had craftly created trojan horses in the various split parties more so to keep the majority permanently split than their interests. These monsters have to be met face on.
Raj Puducode+
08/06/2012 08:37:34
True colour of Muslim
True colour of Muslims like AhMad, Zakir Naik etc can be found:

www. faithfreedom.org
08/06/2012 07:21:17
soon to follow...
sorry, but couldnt stop posting this joke from facebook..
soon to follow..

philips mixi..>feroze mixi
usha fan --> khadeeja fan
sony tv --> sulaiman tv
samsung a/c --> shamsu a/c
chakson presure cooker-->shukoor pressure cooker
08/06/2012 05:05:59
A memorial for his girl friend
His girl friend was not "Ganga", but was Mrs. Gracy. So, this name was, just to please her by changing last spelling and nothing more.

I want to correct the writing of a friend in down as follows :

Day time's "haram" is his night time "halal" and not as written down in my opinion.

These kind of ignorant education minister can do nothing, other than disaster to our culture and values. These are the rout cause of all immorality in our society. Even boys can not walk freely in his constituency. I really appreciate his effort of keeping name of "Ganga" away from his filth.
07/06/2012 23:10:09
ligtining nilavilakku
Shame to have such a minister....and also we are very shameful to tell that he is a muslim
07/06/2012 19:30:25
Ganga Matha
Ganges will flow forever.

I am happy that the minister could not enter 'Ganga' and pollute it.
Muslim league is the real cancer of Kerala Society.

Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism !



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