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Free run for Jihadi Police in Kerala
07/06/2012 00:45:29  HK

'Self Appointed Guardians of Society' Batter Youth, Break Spine

His crime? He looked at a girl in Purdah. And then soon afterwards Vijith(18) found himself being battered by the self appointed Jihadi moral police of the Islamic republic of Kerala. A case for attempt to murder has been registered by the police against the assailants for their attack. The 3 assailants are Sanooj, Ashique, and Faisal. The victim Vijith of Nazerath Bhavan hails from Nooranadu.

Among the 3 assailants, police have remanded Sanooj, who hails from Eruva. A probe is on for nabbing the other two. Vijith who came to the Government hospital in Kayamkulam for paying a visit to his ailing aunt allegedly stared at a girl dressed in Purdah. And soon he found himself being beat-up in the most ruthless manner. Those who stood witness to the shocking incident managed to record the same on mobile phones and needless to say, it went viral via MMS and soon found its way to the world of internet. Taking notice of this atrocious crime, ADGP directed the DySP of Kayamkulam P Devamanoharan to act swiftly. Subsequently, a case was registered against the two for attempt to murder.

Inspite of the happening, Vijith, who feared for his life, did not report the matter at home. However, following with no signs of the pain subsiding and with growing discomfort in his physical being, Vijith finally confessed the matter at home on 1 June. He was rushed to the hospital immediately, where the doctors have announced a broken spine. The fact was discovered following an immediate surgery which was required for his heart.

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08/06/2012 00:53:32
Can the hindus suddenly grow a spine?
Read this news and thought hindus at last have started growing some spine!Bangalore blast accused killed in Pune jail:
Bangalore Chinnaswamy stadium blast accused Qateel Siddiqui was today strangled to death inside the high-security Yerwada jail in Pune by his fellow-inmates. Siddiqui was also wanted in the German Bakery blast in Pune and was arrested by the Delhi police last year.
The incident happened at 10:30 am today, his postmortem is on. Snuff the jihadi pigs where ever and when ever
07/06/2012 19:36:32
An Appeal
I request all readers to see the videos below:






JPS Nair
07/06/2012 05:56:37
Kerala is getting Talibalinized
The activities of the so called Jihadi police are indications of Talibanization of kerala. These Jihadis are confident that the kerala government will support them since the Jihadis have good representation in the government. If muslim girls in purda are not allowed to be seen by others, why these Jihadis are not protesting against the parents of these girls who allow them to go out. Taliban does not allow muslim women to get education and work. These jihadis are to be caught and punished in Taliban style in public.
Dr. Babu Suseelan
07/06/2012 05:53:37
Danger of Islamic Police
There is a climate of corruption, graft, Islamic appeasement, Jihadi Moral pilice, and jihadi networks so vast, so organized and well funded so utterly criminal in Kerala as to sicken the average citizen of any civilized world.

To add more insult to injury, the Central Government headed by the uneducated Italian Lady Sonia has ordered that every state government appoint a Jihadi Police Inspector and Sub Inspector in every precient. This directive is utterly humilates, enrages and finally make it meaningless our secular policies. Is it brave or cowardice and surrender to Islamic threats? Surender to Mullahas and terrorists is not an option for our country. It is a bitter lesson for the majority citizens. Citizens, please get out of your drowziness and act now.
Dr. Babu Suseelan
07/06/2012 05:13:51
Kerala will be like kashmir
sooner than I predicted. hsJust a few months ago here. I obviously thought wrongly.I sincerely feel sorry.The keralite hindus can migrate to the surrounding non malayalee states and bring with them the obnoxious strike mentality and bickering thoughts.Vitiate the atmosphere here in the other states! Kerala,kashmir,North east and then the great UP and Bihar , all these places will see an exodus of the asinine hindus to other states and then there will be a clash.Hindus killing each other! Secular rats can be happy as that is exactly they want.Elect Narendra Modi ji Now as PM.Or else you idiotic hindus can kiss good bye.



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