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Jihadi's attack Muslim Pregnant Woman; Reason: Used Mobile!Husband does not look like Muslim!
06/06/2012 10:58:36  

'Moral police' attack pregnant woman, husband


KANNUR: In yet another incident of 'moral policing' in the district, a couple was attacked by group of people at Mayyil in the district on Monday. The attack took place when E P Naushad, a resident of Onchiyam in Kozhikode, took his pregnant wife K P Hafsath, a native of Kandikai near Mayyil, to a hospital in Kambil in the district.

According to Naushad, on the way back from the hospital, he went to an ATM counter, while Hafsath sat in a bus shelter, as she was unable to walk. But, since the ATM was not functional, he called his wife on her cellphone to ask if there was any other ATM nearby. As she was talking to him over mobile phone, a group of people came there and asked her with whom she was talking. Though she said it was her husband, the gang refused to believe her words and later, when Naushad reached there they also abused and attacked him saying that he did not look like a Muslim.

Later the couple lodged complaints with Kannur district police chief, State Human Rights Commission and Women's Cell.

"If a woman, who goes out with her husband faces such threats, what will be the condition of the ladies who go out with their brother or father?" asked Hafsath.

Following this incident, the Mayyil police registered a case against four people.and probe is on to nab the culprits.

Considering the gravity of the incident, in which one of the victims was a pregnant woman, the police have registered case under Section 308 (attempt to commit culpable homicide) of the IPC.Police said they had got some lead about the accused and they would be arrested soon.

Meanwhile, Kannur district police chief Rahul R Nair said that the police could effectively control such antisocial elements only with the cooperation of the society. "In order to help us to catch the offenders and punish them in an exemplary manner, the society should come forward and prevent such incidences and also alert the police," he said. "Though shadow police are functional in the district, that is not sufficient to curb such incidents," he added.

Incidentally, this is not an isolated case in the district.

Many such incidents have been reported from places like Thaliparamba, Pappinissery, Mattannur and Iritty, but the victims, more often than not, refused to file a formal complaint.

A couple of months back, in Manna near Thaliparamba, a youth was attacked by a group of people for talking to a woman from another community. The victim, P V Anishkumar, a worker in Kinfra Textile Park near Thaliparamba, had to be hospitalized following the attack. In another incident, a young woman in Nedumpoyil was 'interrogated' and physically assaulted by a gang of nearly a dozen people, who accused her of immoral activities.

In the recent times many such cases have been reported from Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasargod districts also. In Kannur, most of the cases were reported from Thaliparamba and surrounding areas, said the police official.

"If people are vigilant, it can be curbed. But quite often the society turns a blind eye to such criminal offences. Such incidents do not happen in the cover of darkness but in broad daylight. Still the people are hesitant to inform the police or stop the criminals," said Rahul R Nair.

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07/06/2012 04:36:47
Even good muslims understand the gravity of this threat
I learn that the couple took a brave stand to approach police and file complaints in spite of the pressure on them to accept money and go for compromise. We should appreciate their resolve to make sure that such criminals are caught and punished. The fact that the jihadis who were beating them were asking whether he was a Hindu, shows that their beating was for a Hindu. Something we need to take note of seriously.
07/06/2012 02:55:14
Jihadi's attack Muslim Pregnant Woman
With the influence of ultra jihadi organisations like Popular Front of India increasing by the day among the muslim youth, such incidents are going to occur more frequently. The PFI terrorists would have mistook Noushad as a non muslim youth.

"I want to ask the Indian Muslims only one question. In the recent All-India Muslim Conference why did you not open your mouth on Kashmir? Why did you not condemn the action of Pakistan?......It is your duty now to sail in the same boat and sink or swim together. I want to tell you very clearly that you cannot ride on two horses. You select one horse, whichever you like best."

Sardar Vallabhai Patel



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