"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
'Secular Carvings' - Atheist EVR and Fraudster Theresa adorn this century old temple!
02/06/2012 00:09:13  

To know the extend of degradation happened to Hindu pride in Tamilnadu, have a glance at this ‘Secular Carvings’ which adorn this temple. No, this is not in any of those modern Ashrams by Missionaries to fool Hindus, But from a centuries old temple. This is only one of the temple which underwent ‘secularisation’ under Tamilnadu Government’s HR & CE department. To add salt in the wound in the Hindu pride they cleverly chose the likes of EVR ((Hardcore atheist who once garlanded SriRam with a garland of shoes ), Mother Theresa and Annadurai! Again money for all this ‘Renovation’ in this century old temple was collected in a massive fund drive among local devotees.

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22/06/2012 08:26:27
Slap on the face
Carvings of EVR and mother Theresa on the door of a Hindu temple in TN is another slap on Hindu's face.In the name of secularism Hindu fools would laud and welcome this.Not a single word of protest from any quarters.Similar things are happening in Kerala too.There is no money with the Government to provide treatment to the public down with Malaria and viral fever which are spreading across the state like wild fire. Government doesn't have any fund shortage to make generous donations to the communal trusts run by Muslim league.Spineless impotent Hindus are watching these things silently,not to dare to protest or challenge.Now I feel ashamed to be born as a Hindu.How long these humiliations and persecutions would go on.Hindu organizations are keeping mum.NSS and SNDP like organizations would bark loudly,and would wag their tails when some chewed bone are thrown to them.At the time of election NSS like organizations would keep samadooram from Left and Right fronts and yet vote for them to defeat Hindu friendly parties.Only Hindus are to be blamed for the discrimination against them by the so called secular Government.
13/06/2012 02:28:27
This act is totally Unacceptable. Every Hindu and Hindu Organisations should act immediately to get these removed without further delay. We Hindus cannot be taken for a ride. To those Secular Thinkers who wish to state this as an Act of mutual Harmony. Let they be told to Install and worship Hindu Gods in their religious centres. Can we have a say on this ?
05/06/2012 03:32:46
criminal complaint for hurting Hindu sentiments
A local devotee can lodge police/criminal complaint against the persons responsible for this act for having hurt religious sentiments.
GSK Menon
03/06/2012 23:43:55
Secular carvings
Look at it the other way, my interpretation is that EVR, Theresa, and Anna are all praying to the Hindu Gods ! Spread the word among the converts that Theresa has made a great miracle, she is bowing to the Hindu God. Theresa has converted to Hinduism, the greatest miracle performed by a foreigner missionary !
03/06/2012 23:40:40
Secular carvings
Simple solution - deface it. Every devotee can carry a small knife and quietly destroy it.
Desert Fox
03/06/2012 23:34:48
Secular carvings
Destroy it. It is a standing insult to Hinduism. Jayalalitha is sensible, last time she made the christian padres to remove a statue of a Brahmin kneeling in St.Thomas Mount. If this is brought to her notice she will order it to be dismantled.If not the Madras H.C. will have to be approached. Meanwhile the culprits behind this mischief needs to be identified and dealt with in Kerala Marxist Mani style.
02/06/2012 21:31:12
What is this ?
This should be immediately destroyed.

Jai Hinduism !
raj nair
02/06/2012 19:09:03
EVR, teresa
Ethra aattum chavittum kittiyalum, padikkatha Kazhutha Hin(jand)ukkal



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