All the Hindus in the state must join together – Justice Sreedevi
24/05/2012 13:58:00  HK

While inaugurating the closing ceremony of the social justice rally lead by Sasikala Teacher at Thiruvannathapuram on 23 May 2012, Justice Sreeedevi   opined that only the united Hindus in the state could tackle the issues engulfing them.  She expressed happiness to understand that about 89 Hindu organizations have joined with the rally lead by Sasikala Teacher, but cautioned that the remaining Hindu organization as well must realize the stalemate they are in and come together as the largest force in the state which would then pave the way to put an end to the minority domination.  She highlighted the peculiarity of this move taken up by the Hindu Aikyavedi has been the choosing of a lady as its leader; thereby all the ladies must come forward to make this move a success since everything including the very origin and existence of the universe depends on women.

Undoubtedly, the social justice rally that commenced from Kasargod on 10 May lead by Sasikala teacher which passed through 13 districts in the state has been a great success and the Hindu Aikyavedi leaders like Kummanam Rajasekharan and Sasikala teacher deserve all the credit for bringing together over 89 Hindu Organizations like, SNDP, KPMS, Kerala Thandar Maha Sabha, Sidhanar Service Society, Velaar Service Society, Desiya Dravida Samskarika Sabha, Vellala Maha Sabha, Ganaka Sabha, Thandar Service Society, Viswakarma Service Society. Brahmana Samajam, Hindu Sambava Sabha, Nadaar Association, Paanar Samajam, Vanika Vaisya Sangham, SC/ST Federation and a faction from NSS. The declaration from the leaders of these parties to be with the Hindu Aikya vedi and accept Kummanam Rajasekharan and Sasikala teacher as their leaders definitely herald a notable change in the offing which could put an end to the LDF/UDF political alliance in the state.

On 23rd morning the Hindu Aikyavedi leaders lead by Kummanam Rajasekharan, Sasikala Teacher and accompanied by other prominent Hindu Organisation leaders met Chief Minister Oomman Chandy and handed him a `Hindu Avakaasa Patrika’ which they have collated from points provided by leaders of over 180 Hindu organization as well as prominent state leaders while the rally passed through 13 districts of the state from 10 to 23 May. The Chief Minister patiently interacted with them for about 1 hour and promised to discuss on points raised by Hindu Aikyavedi with concerned Ministers and Departmental heads and take necessary steps.  All indications have been that the rally will definitely have its effect on Neyyattinkara by-electon which could help O.Rajagopal to get elected to Kerala Assembly.

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08/06/2012 19:17:41
Caste (Varna) and Hinduism
I request all the readers to see the following very interesting and thought provoking videos from Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan:






Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism !
01/06/2012 09:19:26
Read 'An Eyeopener from Malayalam weekly - Ill effects of Minority domination in Kerala'.
Read once the article from pro-Sangh columnist Murali(those who can read malayalam), about the caste dynamics in kerala . (left bottom - Tosp stories).It apeared in Malayalam Weekly

'An Eyeopener from Malayalam weekly - Ill effects of Minority domination in Kerala'.

Hinduism exist only in certificate in kerala , the identity that exists is caste which created sections of people distant apart in all aspects of life hierarchialy. Caste still remains prominent. Its this scenario provided by caste which enable every Tom, Dick and Harry even with a small army to come and plunder this country.
Only problem with caste people has is the affirmative action !!!! Hope if they read something about Swami Vivakananda, Sree Narayan Guru or Dr Ambedkar
GSK Menon
30/05/2012 04:23:10
All the Hindus in the state
@ A crooked christian,
No doubt, Kerala Hindus, after conversion to christianity have become a crooked lot. The only advantage of the converts are that they are able to blindly follow a Padre and listen to his dictates. This was not possible in their erstwhile avtaar as Hindus. The sheep mentality that you have now acquired as a result of conversion helps you to consolidate very easily. You are now a tool in the hands of the padres. But to be fair, your padres are sincere in ensuring bargaining powers for the community and ensuring community welfare, which is lacking among the Hindus. rooked christian converts are presently enjoying an enlightened church leadership, which the asinine Hindus lack.
27/05/2012 06:05:38
the lie of caste opression exposed
The above site exposes the lie of caste system and the politics of the caste system.The casteist cretin here wants to argue with no knowledge or intelligence.I suggest you read the baove article first and then revert with asinine thoughts!
A Crooked Christian
26/05/2012 09:31:36
Christian & Hindu caste
@GSK Menon,

You have raised an important question " if Christian castes can unite and vote for a Christian irespective of caste, why can't hindu castes", the answer is Christian and Hindu are different; Christains being the most intelligent (or crooked) community, they can effectively use the infinite possiblilites of caste while minimising the harmfulness of caste, but the asinine Hindus in no way be able to use caste in a positive way,for them caste will a be a tool for their own destruction. Don't compare Christains with Hindus, Christains have the ability to use any destructive tool for their advantage be it caste or any other thing because they are so intelligent or if you don'like it,you can use the word crooked.Hindus on the other hand being asinine, any good tool in their hand will serve as a destructive tool for them, not not to speak of two edged sword like caste. In a nut shell, caste will be useful for Christains and harmful for Hindus.So we Christains don't want to abolish caste. If Hindus want to abolish caste, only RSS people can make it happen.Take a decision, all SS will marry only a girl belonging to a caste lower than his & his daughter/sister will be married only to lower than his caste man. Alas! Hindu unity is achieved. Now we can teach a lesson to Christains & Muslims.
N.B: the words asinine & crooked are not mine, I got it from this forum by nationalist hindus.

By the way O Rajagopal will get only less than 15000 votes.
26/05/2012 07:14:23
Help the Hindus financialy.....
The main problem Hindu samaj facing these days are not the lack of political party or a Hindu vote bank,but badly they need financial help from the Hindu organisations,Hindu girls are going out to work for mere wages and becomes prey of the so called Love Jihad Romeos, and a large number of Hindu youths are jobless and finaly became the goondas, so i request the Hindu Organisations to conduct a survey,the pathetic situation of the Hindu samaj, and take adequate measures to tackle this problems urgently.Hindu temples became the heaven of looters and please use the Padmanabha swami temple wealth to uplift the financial back ground of the Hindu samaj, make schools,universities,print hindu scripture and sent it freely all over the stability automaticaly make the samaj strong and prosperous.....
26/05/2012 02:05:29
Stretch and Reach further
Hindu Aikya Vedi is doing a Commendable job to Unite Hindus. But every Hindu should also take it up as his / her responsibility to understand, teach and advance towards our Ultimate Goal.. A UNITED HINDU.
26/05/2012 00:05:15
Hindu unity is the need of the hour

We have more dividers than uniters. These dividers are the part and parcel of some political parties. They and their families are getting more benefits from politicians than communities.

We need altogether a new alignment, selfless leaders, who believe in social & community empowerment, who can join together to protect our culture and religion, taking our next generation in confidence.

Ask those leaders & heads of our community to come out and help those needy, to bargain with the Govts and take our share. Ask the Govts to make more roads to our ignored villages, to provide drinking water and healthcare to those innocent bystanders. By providing better roads will help to create more jobs, raise incomes and reduce poverty of our people staying in those remote villages.

Communists need the poverty alive and continued, to keep their support bases active. Congress wants to convert the religion of our poor people to keep their vote bank alive. Both are the enemies of Hindus.

We should ignore both left and right and should vote for those who have best ideas and understandings for the future of Hindus. Now we are living with the consequences of the past mistakes done by our forefathers, this generations have to rectify those mistakes without fear. We should create an atmosphere to live as a proud Hindu, a fearless Hindu, who strongly believe in our traditions & family values.

We dont want the culture of "kabab & keema" we dont want the culture of "mujra dance" and prostitution. We need a society, where family tie ups are more important and society with full respects for elders, mother, father, teachers, sisters and brothers. A society where even animals are respected. A society where looters and rapists have no space. A Hindu society, where people are not differentiated on the basis of casts, creed or color.

25/05/2012 08:07:17
NSS Silence
the absence of NSS the organization that claim to represent the nairs of kerala has been glaring,,, a tribe that have historically been involved in military rections to oppression, The role of nairs in their conflicts with the portuguese and the the british are well chronicled.. also After India's independence, the Nair Brigade of the Travancore State Force, was merged into the Indian Army and became a part of the 9th Battalion Madras Regiment, the oldest battalion in the Indian Army. Indeed sad that they have forgotten their history and has become the modern day jaichand in the kerala context. the only thing that comes to my mind is "ariyatha pilla choriyumbol ariyum"
25/05/2012 08:07:17
NSS Silence
the absence of NSS the organization that claim to represent the nairs of kerala has been glaring,,, a tribe that have historically been involved in military rections to oppression, The role of nairs in their conflicts with the portuguese and the the british are well chronicled.. also After India's independence, the Nair Brigade of the Travancore State Force, was merged into the Indian Army and became a part of the 9th Battalion Madras Regiment, the oldest battalion in the Indian Army. Indeed sad that they have forgotten their history and has become the modern day jaichand in the kerala context. the only thing that comes to my mind is "ariyatha pilla choriyumbol ariyum"
25/05/2012 05:25:55
liquidate caste system
@proudestkafir ,
There was no caste based reservation before 1950, so then you mean we had a equalitarian society before 1950!!!!

First understand why reservation / affirmative action is provided to sections(caste) of people before asking for abolishing the same.

if caste needs to be abolished , people should throw it out of mind, also caste should not be a criterian in any occasion whether public or private spheres of life.
25/05/2012 05:03:00
Definitely the Rally has created a feel among Hindus irrespective of their parent organisations to come together. CDs of Sasikala Teachers speech have become so popular that even the auto drivers started playing them in their vehicles in places like Kollam. What now required is the follow up action to turn the momentum created to the size of a huge volcanic eruption and as a litmus test, at Neyyattinkara O Rajagopal should get elected.
25/05/2012 04:13:41
Why and how are the hindus divided and remain so?
Why are the hindus divided? What is the basis of division of hindus? Who benefits from the division of hindu society? How to unify these warring factions of the society? Is there a short term benefit to the reserved hindus? What are the long term losses?These questions need to be clearly answered, before trying to unite them.What is the basis of division of Hindus? Simplest basis of division is based on the caste.There are 7550 and odd castes in to which the hindu society is divided in to. Who benefits from this splintering of the hindus? Guessed it right.The rulers , the moslems, the christians and foreigners. Who are the ultimate losers? Obviously the idiotic hindus.Each caste perceives the others as the enemy trying to usurp the opportunities of their own caste, be it in jobs or education/ seats.How does one merge the hindu society in to one? Simple.remove all caste based reservations and make it only economy and need based help and not reservation.Is this simple step possible to take?
NO, Never and impossible.Till all the idiotic hindus are decimated, it is not possible. Poor should be helped.Ok fine.But why do you assume that the poor from upper caste are different from the poor from the lower castes? They face the same difficulties.But then I am not politician
GSK Menon
25/05/2012 00:21:19
All the Hindus in the state
The need of the hour is to make the Hindu presence felt in the political arena. Hindus have deprived themselves off this golden oppurtunity ever since independence, thereby bringing misery upon themselves. The Hindu Aiykavedi has to unite all disparate organisations, unite them and lead BJP to victory in Neyyattinkara. If convert Christian caste groups like Nadars, catholics, protestants etc can unite and vote for a committed christian why can't we Hindus unite and vote only for a committed Hindu ?The brutal petrol price hike should also be forcefully raised as a key issue in this election. Political assasinations of the CPM are best avoided as they have zero national value. However the fact to be highlighted is the slaughtering of Hindus by the Hindus in the name of Marxism. Ultimately it is only the Hindus who suffer.
"The composition consisting of words and music known as Jana Gana Mana is the National Anthem of India, subject to such alterations as the Government may authorise as occasion arises, and the song Vande Mataram, which has played a historic part in the struggle for Indian freedom, shall be honored equally with Jana Gana Mana and shall have equal status with it"

Dr Rajendra Prasad, who was presiding the Constituent Assembly on January 24, 1950

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