"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Oscar winning performace of a shameless creature - Comrade Karayi Rajan
15/05/2012 13:16:06  

Kannur: Create Communal riots in the area and to register false cases against Swayamsevaks and Jihadi terrorists targeting Swayamsevaks were the three dreams CPM Kannur lobby had, when they conspired to murder Fasal – A NDF activist.

Even then Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan ignited the terrorists by accusing RSS for the murder.Following CBI inquiry the role of CPM in this murder has been exposed and the other day Kerala High Court permitted the CBI to arrest two leaders of the CPI(M)  Karayi Rajan, member of the Kannur district CPI(M) secretariat, and Karayi Chandrasekharan, local committee secretary of the party in Thiruvanagad in the district.

Now watch this Video – Meet comrade Karayi Rajan (One of the accused) ; with the skills of a Oscar winner – He Accuses RSS for the murder and try to ignite the passions of Muslims by linking this murder as the ‘Hindutva’ agenda to wipe out Muslims in their Holy month of Ramdan! And he calls for Peace and Harmony in the area and pray for everlasting Peace!!

This is the true color of a Communist who often cites lofty ideals to justify  any matter they did under the sun!  

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16/05/2012 08:48:33
"Acting at its best"

Though all CPM leaders have certain level of acting skills, this 'Karayi Rajan' proved here that he is the best.

If this man leave politics and start acting in films, our present super stars - Mohanlal, Mammotty may find difficult to survive.
16/05/2012 01:45:04
Thrash him
I wish somebody would slap the taste out of this man's mouth and beat some sense into him.
15/05/2012 22:57:21
Rabies dogs
Haven't we seen similar low class dramas before also ? Remember the funny Appukkuttan show of the popular youth leader few months ago ?

Don't you remember the heinous act of the communist criminals who threw crackers in to a Mosque in Kollam just before the famous Vishala Hindu Sammelanam was about to happen in 1982 ? They expected a major communal riot and wanted VHS never to take place.

Remember the one and only incident of violence which took place in the entire program of Bharat Ekatmata Yatra lead by Sri MM Joshi ? It was the same Marxist criminals who took violent demonstrations against the Yatra which lead to a counter procession and police firing in which a Muslim girl who was playing in front of her house happened to get shot. Barring this, the whole yatra which covered more than 2500 km across India didn't face any untoward incident. We can find any number of such nefarious designs from through out the history of these anti nationals.
It is high time, people identify these rabies dogs and keep away from them !
15/05/2012 22:58:40
Tried for decades
This happened even during 1970s and 1980 in Kannur, first lit the fire and then take up the role of 'minority' protectors !!. In his autobiography Rajettan has mentioned these episodes vividly.
The down fall of people like P.Sasi shows these crooked ploys will never be everlasting as masses of kerala are socialy aware now than ever. current Kannur district Secr P.Jayarajan also belongs to the same school.



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