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Sangh in Action - Cleaning drive by Swayamsevaks in a Govt. Hospital in Tamilnadu
15/05/2012 00:15:31  VK Chennai

The Government hospital at Royapettah in Chennai is entering its 100th year of service catering to the poor and needy. RSS, South Chennai coordinators approached the management for taking up a cleaning drive in the premises, for which they readily supported the effort.

As planned on 13 May, 2012 over 180 volunteers of various teams like sports group, IT professionals, auditors, teachers and students assembled in the morning at the hospital from different parts of Chennai.

There was a brief inaugural session presided by Ma. Sanghachalak Durai Shankar ji, famous actor Damu, Hospital Sergeants Thirumal and Khaleelullah Rahman. Shri Durai Shankar said that sangha inculcates spirit of Sewa through Shakha.

Actor Damu delivered a motivating speech to the audience. He was highly impressed by the young disciplined crowd assembled there while others of that age are taking it easy. He said that, “India is a unique country in the world which cannot be compared with others. I would like to salute the parents of such blessed youth”. He also emphasized on the need for taking care of body and mind. “There are 12 vital organs in the body. I know the importance of them and take adequate care. I appeal to you not to spoil the health by getting into habits such as smoking. Do not get carried away by the movie scenes. Some of the scenes may be good but the majority is bad”. He exhorted the volunteers to continue serving the society.

Six groups were formed to clean a huge sump of 48,000 litres capacity, 5 Over head tanks, 2 wards, open space around the hospital and a little temple.

Among the other areas planned for cleaning was abandoned godown in the old hospital premises, area which was filled with food packets probably dumped many weeks was also cleared.

This Sewa activity was covered by leading dailies and media. One of the camera men who came to shoot the event said “Sir, as a common man I am telling you. You are doing a great job. People come to a hospital to get cured of diseases but it is a pity that the unhygienic condition in the hospital creates more health issues for patients and attendants. I really appreciate your work.”
A patient near the tea shop sincerely thanked the swayamsewaks for the service.

At the end of the programme Sewa Pramukh Raman ji briefly spoke appreciating the effort of swayamsewaks and asked them to take the efforts to Shakha level. The RMO who went round the hospital to survey the work carried out was very impressed and said “Only RSS can do such a work with a cohesive team of people from different walks of life”.

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18/05/2012 01:12:57
Rss cleaning hospital in tn
Great work. Sorry I could not join. This is the only wy Hinduism can get back into masses again and v can win over the Arabic and it's lian money flowing into india against hinduism. So proud of our colleagues and let this be a model r others

R Muralidharan
16/05/2012 03:16:43
Publicity required
No doubt, RSS is doing yeomen service to the society. But it has to be publicised. Because now-a-days, people who rarely do any thing give wide publicity to their action. When RSS is doing such services, the general public should be made aware it. It will change wrong opinion imposed on RSS.
15/05/2012 10:14:39
Sangh in action!
It is in deed very difficult to do a job like cleaning up a Govt hospital!That about 180 swayamsevaks from various walks of life did this job wonderfully, speaks volumes for the unique seva-mindedness of this great organization called Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.It must have been a unique experience for the doctors,staff and patients there.I am sure the media people also would have had a pleasant surprise!Great job!
15/05/2012 06:46:48
RSS work at hospital
This is very good and we have to do the same in all district hospitals. This will change the outlook.
15/05/2012 06:19:00
May God Bless all those who have worked for such activities. HK - thanks for posting. This is true service to GOD - our people and India.
15/05/2012 05:05:29
DO the asinine hindus need enemies at all? Look at these enemies
of hindus, doing the bad job of Hmm cleaning the dirty hospitals? Makes you wonder why these asinine,idiotic, brain dead hindus are against the RSS? Oh I get it.They are(RSS) for India and not for porkisthan and that is communal, indeed.The sooner the brain dead asinine,idiotic,imbecile hindus wake and smell coffee, the better it is for their health.Next step will be the medical superintendent of the hospital will be sacked, for allowing the communal elements to come in to the hospital and clean.Jihadis will ask to do the job next and they will plant a few bombs and blame the rss! Supporting islamic, community is secular, even if these jihadi scums are bombing, but never support RSS.way to go idiotic hindus
15/05/2012 02:30:03
No news
No news about such a service in any dailies. Thats how RSS works. Absolutely no publicity in doing service that too real not lip to the people.
Prasad KDV
15/05/2012 01:51:20
Hospital cleaning by RSS workers
Oh God! Now the Govt Hospital is communical, so only meant for The Hindus! cries of Pseudosecularists!
15/05/2012 01:15:45
Its too late.......
If Sangh made arrangement to tell the mass what good work they are doing in the society, today its number of Sakhas would have been doubled all over India. The biggest mistake done by Sangh was their decision to work silently in the society. You have to tell the mass what you are doing otherwise how people will attract on you? A majority of people in India still believe RSS workers are criminals and communals because they dont know about RSS and RSS never tried to promote its organization and still they prefer to work silently.
15/05/2012 00:39:30
Great job !
Wow that is really great. It is a great service to the society that you guys are doing. Keep it up guys.!!



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