"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Marad.. Writing On The Wall (Documentary)
02/05/2012 09:07:14  

Once again our Media conveniently ignored 9th anniversary of this brutal massacre which changed the communal overtones in Kerala

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02/05/2012 21:27:04
Hindu fisherman should be helped.
It is very very very emotional to go see the Hindu fisherman being attacked and killed mercilessly by the Islamic fanatic fundamentalist dogs, pigs and inhumane creatures. As an individual and as a fellow Hindu will send some money to the Hindu Rakshasamiti of Marad and will visit them if time permits. Islamic intolerance and Jihadi activities should not allowed by the Hindu fisherman. These people should prepare themselves and defend themselves if such a thing happens in future. Police and Politicians will not be able to help these fisherman. Jai Hind. Hindus must prepare weapons for self defense, as there is no other option left for the Hindus of Marad. The police may not help them at all. Hindu leaders of Marad should think logically and constructively to help the marad fisherman.
Raj Puducode+
02/05/2012 13:33:48
Your tolerance will be your doom

“Dharma is generally defined as righteousness or duty. Dharma is the principle of righteousness. It is the principle of holiness. It is also the principle of unity. Bhishma says in his instructions to Yudhishthira that whatever creates conflict is Adharma, and whatever puts an end to conflict and brings about unity and harmony is Dharma. Anything that helps to unite all and develop pure divine love and universal brotherhood is Dharma. Anything that creates discord, split and disharmony and foments hatred is Adharma.”

Swami Sivananda



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