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Why did Leela Samson quit from Kalakshetra?
29/04/2012 03:20:03  K Vijayan; Chennai

Leela Samson, perhaps The Number Two among India’s Culture Czarinas, demitted, resigned, or was eased out of her Kursi of Head Honcho of Chennai’s Kalakshetra Foundation on the 12th of this month.

Speculations are rife about whyphor she quit. She herself says it was because she was deemedly superannuated, though she was never made aware of any such Anno Dominic Rule in the Organisation. Some Truth in the adage “The Bigger the Organisation, the bigger the . . . .  at the Top.” And she was certainly among the Biggest.

She is further stated to have said “Maybe it is time for a steel-willed civil servant to take over the administration of the organization and manage it. It may be what the organization needs now,”


Right on – maybe it is the HR & CE which should step in to prevent one more Milch Cow being led away by Christians. Samson has already steered it well in to the Domain of the Cross. As far as we are concerned it is a case of Saatchhi-kaaran and Sandai-kaaran. (= the witness and the enemy; Tamil.)

What the drunken Grapevine of Chennai says is that Samson resigned and is waiting for the Tea & Bun Call to Sonia's G-House, and the offer of Second Lady President of India. She has the necessary Qualifications of anti-Hinduism, and is a half-breed Roman Catholic with an ever-present sindhoor mark in the middle of her forehead. (The Other Half is said to be Beni Israeli.)

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29/04/2012 22:07:17
A reminder
I would like to remember here - that KFI ( Krishnamurthy Foundation of India) running school on the campus of Theosophical society on the lines of Jiddu Krishnamurthy, the famous philosopher, was not renewed their lease period after 2013 or 2014. This lady was instrumental in not renewing the lease. She studiously avoided the links to Hinduism. THE HINDU was instrumental in helping her in various ways. There is a move to delink Karnataka sangita from Hinduism and moves are going on to train secular singers, so that same may be hijacked like dance and yoga.
29/04/2012 18:14:43
Prsident and Leela Samson
If this is whatfor she resigned, IT IS A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE. This should be tackled head and nail.

Jai Bhavani !
Jai Hinduism !
29/04/2012 09:11:15
Samson the Trojan horse.
Do not be fooled by one's talent. It has nothing to do with ones agenda or mission. That she was bent in eliminating all elements of the local religion from the arts was an indigation of her modus operandi. Ultimately she had to face the music.

A very important factor which is making it almost impossible for Hindu-Muslim unity to become an accomplished fact is that the Muslims cannot confine their patriotism to any one country. I had frankly asked many Muslims whether, in the event of any Mohammedan power invading India, they would stand side by side with their Hindu neighbours to defend their common land. I was not satisfied with the reply I got from them.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore



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