"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Join together to fight against discrimination against Hindus
27/04/2012 00:30:51  

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Swayam Sevak
01/05/2012 05:43:47
who will be ready for that?
The society of the like we see today is hardly 50 years old, that too after strenous struggles by great personalities. The leagcy of caste is that untouchbility ,servitude and marginalisation from birth.
The only way forward is by liquidation of caste . who will be ready for that?
28/04/2012 14:57:58
How can we support Hindu unity ?.
Yes, Hindu unity is definitely needed. How can rich Hindu community help the underprivileged in Hindu community ?
28/04/2012 06:36:54
Hindu unity
Its so easy to preach about hindu unity.Are hindu minds developed enough to treat another hindu with respect regardless of their caste? I don't think so.Even Nairs and Eazhavas are almost equals in education,wealth and social position,still they can't get on with each other.And NSS played a crucial role in bringing UDF into power.NSS feels more happiness when they sleep with muslims and christians.They couldn't stand the sight an Eazhavan sitting in CMs chair. There are millions of harijans in Kerala who are desperate for help.Lets go to these brothers and sisters and talk to them, help them to climb the social ladder.Lets forget all the differeces.For centuries this evil system devided us and we are near to a stage of full destruction of hinduism.Its been growing like a cancer in our beloved society.If we don't treat this even in this stage,it will kill the hinduism off in 100 years.DO OR DIE
28/04/2012 04:28:41
Why we are economicaly weaker...
We have to change our mind set, showing willingness to take pragmatic risks, success will follow.
What is that we don't have, except political support. The main key of those political supports are with us. We have to be just united by showing our strength through elections, which can only bring political supports.
Those politicians running to Panakkad, would run and sit in-front of the house of our leaders. Bringing unity among Hindus are the most important task of this generation. We are economically, socially & politically weaker only because of the lack of unity. All those who ruled Kerala, used us as a vote bank by differentiating our people by using their poverty and they empowered the weakness of our people by using ill gotten money.
Its high time for us, the youngsters to integrate our people and bring all of them under one political umbrella. Those less fortunate, who are the most honest and hard working also need an identity. Noway we can ignore them anymore.
Our past and present is with us forever. Sooner or later we have to face the reality too. Let us altogether work for a prosperous Hindu society, where there is no place for radicals, no place for gun carrying goons, where there is no place for looters, rapists and gun carrying criminals. Do you need an India with gun carrying culture of Pakistan or an India with ancient culture of Hinduism like Japan ?
28/04/2012 02:19:13
Unity needed - A Suggestion
I Extend my SUPPORT !!
27/04/2012 01:05:44
Discrimination against Hindus.
We can not be in an isolated society of Kerala. We can not live anymore in fear and uncertainty. We too can make a better tomorrow for our coming generations, the way Gujarath has done. A safe Kerala where our our loved ones can live without fear. We require a political representation to obtain it in a deserving manner, so this by election is a golden opportunity to show our strength. No one can take the future away from us, if we are united. We need safety and security for our coming generation.
We have to change the political equation of Kerala. Both left and right together ruined our community for their selfish reasons. None would or could, question the two minority communities, due to the political support they enjoy. It become more and more visible that abusing Hindus and their Gods are one of the birth right of both minority communities and members of some political parties.
Nobody can take away the political future of our country or state from the majority community of this country. We too need a political representation to express our problems and concerns. We are not born to starve and work as slaves. We too have desires for our children and community welfare. We can not agree with those political parties, who believe in eradicating starvation through converting religions of those innocent and less fortune people of our community.
This is the right time to correct our past mistakes and we can not live anymore with the consequences of our past mistakes of supporting political parties, who has no interest in the development of our people.



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