"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda
Neyattinkara Bypoll - Vote For O Rajagopal
22/04/2012 13:49:52  

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12/05/2012 09:11:10
Vote for O.Rajagopal!
Any Hindu who supports UDF or LDF is a traitor to his own family and progeny!Every Hindu worth his salt should campaign and ensure the victory of Sri O.Rajagopal of BJP!There will be crypto-christians and commies spreading all kinds of stories to split hindu votes, but let Hindus be alert and sensible enough to undertand this ploy!
vishnu ramachandran
09/05/2012 05:30:38
neyyantinkara bye poll
rajetta,i have no membership in any party..but i can say that of all our great political leaders,u r on the top sir.best wishes for bye poll election.this time u will win..gud luck sir.
vishnu ramachandran
09/05/2012 05:30:38
neyyantinkara bye poll
rajetta,i have no membership in any party..but i can say that of all our great political leaders,u r on the top sir.best wishes for bye poll election.this time u will win..gud luck sir.
09/05/2012 00:20:16
Neyyattinkara Election
Rajettan jayichetheerum. ithu ente aavashyam mathramalla KANNURintethu koodiyanu. Rajetante koode njangalundu....RSS PANOOR(THALASSERY,KANNUR) BHARATH MATHA KI JAI all the best RAJETTA
08/05/2012 22:54:27
Neyntinkara Election
Rajettan.....This time we will win, sure.
Keralathil eni Thamara viriyendathu kalathintta avisyam
08/05/2012 22:51:16
Neyntinkara Election
Rajettan.....This time we will win, sure.
08/05/2012 22:34:35
all the best
all the best rajetta we are with you..........
08/05/2012 22:34:35
all the best
all the best rajetta we are with you..........
08/05/2012 21:21:24
Neyantikara By Election
Among these 3 candidates Sri Rajagopal Avarkal has less experience compare with others,because others have experience with more than one political parties.
If Rajagopal has any chance the others will act like brothers and sure one of the party gets less number of vote,
Ramesh Kumar
04/05/2012 09:58:51
Neyantikara By Election
I have noticed one thing, after 5th Ministers issue, Sri Ramesh Chennithala Sahib (is it so?) hunging Panakkad Thangal (present) in a marriage party in Vayanad, where after hunging Sri Ramesh shows his hands for shake hand, but it went empty, nobody put any other hand on it, neigther Thangal nor Kunjhalikutty...This is the plight of Hindus in Kerala, the hand, land, mind becomes empty where as other religions flourish with all these due to their unity alone..now Muslim Christain unity to push again again the majority community backwards...I have respect for only one Tharavdi politician from Kerala That is Sri Rajagopal Avarkal, Danda Namaskaram Aaa Padangalil...Hare Krishna...Jai Bharath..
04/05/2012 01:38:51
28/04/2012 21:31:41
every election we hindus reckon lotus will bloom from 1st assembly seat manjeswar north end of kerala.but now the time to bloom lotus last assembly seat of south end kerala.
pramod thrissur
26/04/2012 03:14:03
Bjp will win Neyyatinkara election
Rajettan will win neyyatinkara bye poll election...jai bharath
Swayam Sevak
24/04/2012 22:35:21
Dear Gopinathan Nadar,

There was already a statement from Chandrasekharan that VSDP will support LDF , How much influence does VSDP hold on Nadars who makes the largest community there?
Dileep Kumar
24/04/2012 15:26:47
About VSDP's stand
Dear Mr. Gopinathan Nadar,

I was so disappointed to read a news about VSDP's stand in this election. Mr. Vishnupuram Chandrasekharan reportedly said 99% of Nadar community was against BJP and therefore VSDP was not going to support Rajettan in this election. The report also included his comment that their only intention was to defeat UDF and LDF's candidate was good enough. Is there any truth in that news? A sample news page is here = http://www.madhyamam.com/news/164805/120422.

Your comment here is a great relief - in that sense.
Gopinathan Nadar, Neyyatinkara
24/04/2012 11:21:49
Support of VSDP to Rajettan
Please contact Vishnupuram Chandrasekharan Ph: 9249488210, 9544055599.

We the VSDP has hindu unity is important. So in this election we are giving preference to Rajettan, rather than those christian nadar candidates.

We always seeks the support of HK towards our needs.
24/04/2012 06:00:36
Forget about BJP, it's for Hindus
Dr Gopalakrishnan explains it all

GSK Menon
23/04/2012 23:48:53
Neyattinkara bypoll
Why can't an youngster be given a chance ? Shri.O.Rajagopal has a stature but he is too old and BJP has to present a new and strong personality to give the electorate a good choice. The BJP's campaign style also needs a different approach. Let the Kerala BJP take some lessons from Goa BJP and invite Manohar Parrikkar to campaign in Neyyattinkara. Kerala BJP leaders have no face value even
23/04/2012 21:01:40
BJP is responsible for UDF success and IUML arrogance
bjp is also responsible for since last 30 years make sure of victory of UDF and IUML rule by freezing or deviding hindu vote, again history history repeating in neyattinkara,if BJP take iniate to defeat UDF in NEYAATTINKARA election by margin of 30000, UDF understand value of hindu vote and UDF will be forced to control muslim league, I expect response from every body on this point, main reason for IUML arrogance is deviding hindu vote.
A K 47
23/04/2012 12:15:49
Why to blame Muslims and Christians?
Why to blame Muslims and Christians?
It is all our mistakes; our mentality should change. Even our BJP is running behind Muslims and Christians for getting their support. I do not understand whose idea behind this stupid policy. When Shri.Rajagopal was the central minister he recommended for getting the approval for a Christian medical college in Thiruvanandapuram district in a Christian dominated area. When Shri.Rajagopal stood for the next Lok sabha poll he got only 13 votes from that Panchayath. I do not think our BJP is still realised because they are all busy in forming the ‘Nunapaksha Morcha’ or creating something for the benefit of minorities. Otherwise what action is taken for the Kashiri Pandits by the NDA government? Our beloved Shri.Vajpaiji was busy with writing poems on Pakistan and introducing train service. Now also BJP can voice on our Hindu issues. But our Hindu leaders are taking bribes from this minorities or missionaries and keep mum. This is an example why many central BJP leaders are not ready to accept Shri.Narendra Modi.

In Kerala the NSS and SNDP leaders earned millions from the Muslims and Christians groups for breaking their unity and cursing each other. These leaders cheated the whole Hindu community. K.M.Mani and Fazal Gafoor are the best friends of Vellapally Nadeshan and many Christian missionaries are controlling Sukumaran Nair. So first of all we must control our leaders.

There are hundreds of political parties in our country but we Hindus do not have a political party which is only meant for Hindus. If the BJP is not going to change their attitude then the RSS must assign some Hindu organisations to form a ‘Hindu league’ urgently to save the Hindus. The party should be exclusively for all the Hindu subdivisions. No one can blame ‘Hindu league’ a non-secular party because everyone accepted Muslim league as a secular party.
23/04/2012 03:43:06
Litmus test
Rajettan is a man of impeccable integrity and a known figure for the people of Trivandrum.

This will be litmus test before the 'Hindus' of kerala. If they feel such an identity called 'Hindu' is there or its the caste the determination factor.

Ajith Madathil
22/04/2012 23:13:37
Neyyattinkara Election
good work., but this is not enough. he should get open support from sndp and nss. then only he could win. this is the right time to ask support from them.
Viswajith Nair
22/04/2012 18:46:22
All the best sir!
All the best sir! We will win



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