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Breach in Security Servers: Wanted Jihadi Terrorist, Shameem Flees Country
18/04/2012 23:17:30  HK

In what can be termed as major breach in the nation’s security systems, the much wanted Thadiyantevide Shameem, who is on the police hit-list, has fled the country. The elusive Shameem has been figuring prominently in the ‘most wanted’ list of Indian Police for his involvement in high profile terror attacks.  He managed to give the slip by tampering with the security servers functioning at Indian Airports. Shameem made his escape to foreign lands via Nedumbassery International Airport. However, both police and defense agencies have adopted a rather impotent attitude to the entire matter.

With the aid of skilled hands, security servers all over the country in Indian Airports were made non-functionary at the same time frame. This helped the culprits leak necessary data and erase vital information pertaining to Shameem. Thus he could flee the country without being subject to the round of emigration check up.  Shameem is said to have taken off on 23 December 2011 via Kochi- Sharjah 9-411 flight via Nedumbassery International Airport.
The Suspect Index Cell functioning under the Intelligence wing from RK Puram, New Delhi had issued directions to airports all over India for the unlocking of security servers, at a specific time, on a daily basis. The directive was issued between December 20 and 26, 2011 to collect vital and confidential data. Even though this happens to be a daily routine on the part of intelligence department, the moment was seized by the masterminds, who successfully deleted all vital information pertaining to Shameem and many others, who figure on the ‘wanted’ list.

The matter came to light on December 27, 2011 following routine investigation rounds, when the squad searched for details related to Shameem. This included a ‘look out’ notice, with LOC number 20111111042. However, by then, Shameem had already made good his escape.

On January 5, 2012, the matter was brought to the notice of the State Secret Investigation Department, Kochi Bureau by the Central Intelligence Bureau, supplemented with all vital information.  Shameem had fled to Sharjah with the passport number F2234899. The easy escape was rendered because Shameem’s details were not present in the server, like other ordinary citizens. In short, Shameem was informed of the coast being clear, for his escape. The episode has shocked all investigating officers alike. They are of the strong view that the entire plot has been well hatched. They also pointed out other instances where similar occurrences have taken place.

On March 15, 2012 the Emigration Department of Kochi International Airport had written a detailed report pertaining to the same to the ADGP of Intelligence Department, Kerala State. The letter includes every single detail pertaining to Shameem, including his ‘look out’ notice. However, the proceedings of the probe have not been made clear yet.

Another baffling aspect is with regard to the place of action, where the entire feat of doing away with the details took place. The District office has categorically explained that this can be executed only from the security servers functioning from Delhi. Following a scrutiny, District Informatics Officer Santhosh Kumar has handed over to the Emigration Department, details related to the place from where the entire episode took place. The National Informatics Centre (NIC), a Central Government Agency controls the Security server. The one functioning in Kochi operates from the District NIC office, Kakkanadu.

Shameem happens to be closely related to Thadiyantevide Naseer, the South Indian Commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba, who masterminded many of the major terror strikes of the country. Naseer is currently lodged in Poojapura Central Prison.

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22/04/2012 17:21:53
Impotent nation
What is the use of launching Agni V ?. As a nation India can't even punish criminals and Jihadis like Shameem , Dawood Ibrahim , Naseer. It is highly laughable that on the throne some rascals are governing the country. Throw impotent MMS out of power. Put Sonia Maino behind bars for playing with the security of the country. The country should take stringent measure to throw these anti-national elements out of power. Jai Hind.
20/04/2012 00:27:35
Breach in Security Servers: Wanted Jihadi Terrorist, Shameem Flees Country
For such acts , the criminals , culprits and anti nationals should be given death sentence with no mercy. Antinationals who helped should given the death sentence as well.
Sicular Indian
19/04/2012 19:46:07
Fingers point at league.
Here the there are 2 key question what one needs to ask which is

1. Which authority in India takes care of passport controls in India?

Ans. We all know its Ministry of External Affairs.

2. Who are the people who head this Ministry, any suspecious characters?

Ans. We actually have a shady character who is from Kerala & someone who is again from Muslim league. Reports are there that he also helped one of his own family members, wanted by NIA; to exit India many years back.

GSK Menon
19/04/2012 02:32:56
Breach in security servers
The best and simple course is to hire Somalia mercenaries and get such scoundrels liquidated, including terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed.



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