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Hindu prayer instead of Christian prayer - SBI Officers Association School suspends teacher
15/04/2012 01:16:17  HK

Chennai: Christian infiltration and their arrogance in each and every field in our day to day life is appalling.

Reports from this school ran by  State Bank of India Officers Association in Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chennai is shocking.   

SBOA School and Junior College, is one of the first and largest school campuses for the SBIOA Education Trust, run by the State Bank of India Officers Association in Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chennai.This school is now under the grip of Christian Missionaries. In this school there runs a unwritten rule that before exams, Teachers and students should jointly recite Christian prayers.

P Abirami, A Chemistry teacher who dared to question this dictum with a prayer invoking the blessings of Hindu, Christian and Muslim Gods have been suspended from the school.

“Usually a Christian prayer is said before we write examinations. But last week a teacher said some Hindu mantras and the other teachers tried to stop her by turning off the microphone,” said a student, reports The Hindu.

As per Asianage Reports -

 “I had been seeking permission to sing a prayer song in front of class 12 students before they board a bus to an examination centre.

But the management did not respond and on March 13, I sang a song on Vinayaka and also mentioned about other two religions. Though vice-principal Jayanthi switched off the mike twice, I continued singing,” said Ms Abirami.

Read full report here


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Anil Balakrishnan
25/04/2012 22:20:19
Reply to Ms Karthika Menon
Dear Ms Menon, You should open your eyes and ears and see and hear what is happening around you . Do u know the plight of close to one million hapless Kashmiri pandits who were forced to live as refugees in delhi and other parts of India ? Do u have any idea about the plight of poor Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh who were raped /killed and forcibily converted . There is not a single muslim country in this world where Non-Muslims enjoy the same status as Muslims whereas in India they enjoy more freedom and right than majority hindus.

Do u know that when one saudi airlines plane was crashed in Nortn India killing all the passengers it was RSS volunteers helped to retrieve the bodies ( or whatever is left ) and this selfless act of RSS workers promted the saudi ambassador to praise and thank the RSS workers .and Do u know that the same saudi govt is spendng millions of dollars to help the muslim terrorist who carried out attacks on innocent people in Mumbai and elsewhere.

You are able to worship Lord Krishna just because this happens to be a hindu majority country-check with the minority Non-muslims the treatement they receive from muslims ( Pakistan/Saudi/Bangaldesh/Kashmir or even certain pockets in India where muslims are in majority ).

Please open your eyes to the realities around you -by simply keeping quiet without reacting to the intolerance will not bring long standing peace.
24/04/2012 00:00:27
Hindu prayer instead
What is Abirami teacher's fate ? Has that convert Vice Principal been taken to task. Please start an online petition to SBI Chairman and CBSE Chairman, and Union Education Minister immediately.
karthika menon
21/04/2012 11:17:58
unity is strenghth
what is religion, what is caste i cant understand, when my family was in a bad financial condition. non of our family members helped us, a neighbour muslim family helped us and they gave a VISA to my brother.how can i hate that lovely grand moher and her son now we live happily. so why we need religion . religion is to get peace of mind and love and help other people. i pray krishna daily same time i respect other religions.when my family was in a critical condition i didnt see any hindu leaders from our locality. all indians are our brothers and sisters. love everyone . we will get peace of mind
Raj Puducode
20/04/2012 08:07:55
Fight till victory, this is Hindustan
It is distressing to read that Abirami, A Chemistry teacher who dared to question this dictum with a prayer invoking the blessings of Hindu, Christian and Muslim Gods have been suspended from the school. I feel I am living in Italy or some other Christian country.Tomorrow Muslims will forcibly ask Hindus to read koran. Who are the officers of State Bank of India Officers Association in Anna Nagar? Just writing in these blogs is not the answer. Local Hindus with spine should demonstrate in front of the school till they change the rules & reinstate that bold teacher. Enough is enough. Unite & fight if not you will be thrown out of your own country.
Rajalakshmi Surendran
20/04/2012 02:30:28
Hindu prayer instead of Christian prayer
It was painful to read this article. Hindus have magnanimously granted these religious minorities a special status and privileges, though in many areas like Kashmir, Lakshadweep, North East, these Minorities are in brute majority. They are enjoying subsidised Haj facilities, now visit to Bethelehem, etc. Inspite of getting such super status and privileges, which is not available to any Minority elsewhere in the world, these people in India are harassing and targeting the Hindus, everywhere and at every oppurtunity. Conversion agenda, love jihad, terrorist activities, the poor Hindu is the target. Is it not time to rewrite our Constitution and do away with all these nonsensical privileges. Like the Americans, we should have a Constitution where all are treated equally and fairly. It is time to tell these Minorities that if you want to enjoy Hindu hospitality and magnanimity and continue to live in India, treat the Hindus with love and respect. Do not try to convert our Hindu brothers and sisters. Hinduism is the best religion in the world and Hindu culture is supreme. If you want to follow Hinduism you are welcome, if you don't want to follow we are not concerned, but do not dare to convert them. Hindus have sufferred for thousands of years because of foreigners and their foreign religions. We obtained Independence from foreign rule i.e. from the tyranny of foreign religions also. Just because some selfish politicans injected the word "secularism" in the Constitution, it does not mean that Hindus have to be still subservient to foreign religions.
19/04/2012 22:44:10
Hindu prayer instead of Christian prayer
What is the fate of the Hindu teacher ? Why don't you publish her photograph ? She has done the entire Hindu of this country proud. My family wants to congratulate her and if necessary financially contribute to help her fight the suspension case in court. Had it been a Christian or a Muslim, that lady would have been the star of the media and TV of this country, but because she happenns to be a Hindu, she is sidelined. Let HK take the lead in publishing her photo and an article about this Hindu champion.
Balaji Thulasidas
19/04/2012 02:05:14
Hindu prayer instead of Christian prayer
The SBI officers who are running this school for the past so many years should be well aware of the malpractice done by this Vice Principal, yet they chose to keep quiet, ultimately a Hindu teacher had the courage to recite her prayer. Had it been a Muslim teacher, there would have been a riot in Anna Nagar, for switching off a mike when Islamic prayers were being said. The Tamilnadu Police and High Court should take notice of this and immediately order a probe and take action, otherwise in future this lady Vice Principal will create serious law and order problems for citizens of Chennai.
I would also like to know if the suspension of that bold Hindu lady teacher has been revoked and whether she has been reposted. HK may please inform us.
Murali Menon
19/04/2012 00:00:24
Hindu prayer instead of Christian prayer
I am surprised to hear this about SBOA school. The SBOA has committed a grave mistake by allowing such communal elements to take control over the school, and use it as a platform for spreading foreign religious propaganda. I am sure not only this Vice Principal but there must be several oyher convert teachers who must be helping this Vice Principal, in this evil task. I request HK to publish the SBOA Chairman/President's e mail id so that we can represent to him
Desert Fox
18/04/2012 23:55:30
Hindu prayer instead of
The SBOA Management should immediately sack this bigoted and mentally deranged convert Vice Principal. She is an insult to the Education Department and SBI of this country.
18/04/2012 04:15:05
Spread this story!
Spread this story. Let the whole of India know this. Somebody get this on Television. Let us see what Barka Dutts and Pseudo secularists have to say!!!
18/04/2012 00:26:45
Hindu prayer instead of christian prayer
This is a very serious violation of the secular principles of the Constitution. The SBI management and office bearers should order a full fledged probe into this poisoning of minds by the Vice Principal.
Hindu Munani leaders in Tamilnadu should investigate this crime and demand reinstatement of that bold and dynamic teacher.
I request HK to keep us osted about the developments in this case. All of us should unite to support this bold teacher
GSK Menon
17/04/2012 02:18:13
Hindu prayer instead of
State Bank of India officers Association should be getting grants from the SBI to run this school, it is they who should be questioned for failing to uphold the secular principles of the Constitution. The Chairman of the school and the Principal and Vice-Principal can be proceeded against, even a CBI complaint can be filed as they are all public servants and they have insulted the Constitution of India. I think the problem is that the SBI management would have outsourced the teaching function to some christian outfit which is misusing the school syllabus and secular ideals. A detailed investigation is needed to expose Hindu name sporting evangelical pigs like Jayanti
an indian
16/04/2012 20:21:18
Mr swaraj why are you reluctant to mention the name of the college?

There are so many Hindu
organisations in Kerala but most of them are good for nothing.

Encroach temple land they do nothing.This one also the same!
The Truth
16/04/2012 11:04:05
Get your right
Take the case to the court. Big chance to win it.
16/04/2012 00:53:53
Call up this submit your opposition and protests...

S.B.O.A. Matriculation Hr. Sec. School,
No.R-9, 17th Street, Anna Nagar West Extn.,
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Pin:600101
Phone: +91 44 26151135.
15/04/2012 23:09:43
hindu college
Don't be surprised.In a famous private college nursing school and college owned by a hindu at Trissur the prayer is christian.The Owner is a hindu but he couldn't be bothered
15/04/2012 03:30:27
SBOA and Christianity
What is going on ?
What is the actual status of christianity in India?
What are the prayers our children sing in schools ?

What SBIOA has to tell ?

There is no language in the world, even Greek, which has the clarity and the philosophical precision of Sanskrit, and this great India is not only at the origin of everything, She is superior in everything, intellectually, religiously or politically and even the Greek heritage seems pale in comparison.

Frederich von Schlegel : Great German writer, critic, philosopher, philologist, the most prominent founder of German Romanticism



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