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Missile Scientist Dr VJ Sundaram Praises RSS at Hindu Shakti Sangama
03/03/2012 10:20:46  VSK

India’s reputed missile scientist VJ Sundaram was presiding over the valedictory ceremony of Hindu Shakti Sangama-2012.

Dr VJ Sundaram, (extreme left) at Valedictory of Hindu Shakti Sangama-2012

Hubli Jan 29:In his presidential speech veteran scientist L.G. Dr V J Sundaram said “India got political freedom in 1947, but it was not economical. We had problem in several sectors, later we successfully achieved green revolution, white revolution and technological revolution. India has proved its potentiality in technology; our missile technology is one of the best on the world. In construction of Pruthvi Missile, I realised the strength of India being its project director”.

“India has made many missiles, army weapons indigenously. We proved our strength capacity in each sector in LAC. Dr Kalam was one of key man in this regard. ” said Dr V J Sundaram.

“I admire the discipline of RSS Swayamsevaks. The need of the hour is a social or public discipline to make our country prosperous. The 3 years working plan of RSS in organising this Hindu Shakti Sangama is executed well here” he added.

The event was presided by scientist L.G. Dr V J Sundaram. Sri Rajayogeendra Mahaswamy, RSS General Secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi, Kshethreeya Sanghachalak Justice Parvat Rao, Pranth Sanghachalak Dr Khageshan Pattana Shetty, President of Working Committee Sathish Jagajinni were present on the dais

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04/03/2012 00:26:42
Pls post this as a main article
Plight of Hindus according to their own newspapers (Pakistani newspapers)

This is from today's newspaper..

And this from yesterday's newspaper..
Venugopal Kaikulath
03/03/2012 13:24:55
Janatten, a Hero.
Janatten was made in the mold of a Hero envisioned in our Sangha prarthana. May our younger generation swayamsevaks follow in his footsteps with a "Veera Vratha".



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